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Whats your favorite rom for CPS1 & 2?

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Street Fighter Alpha 3 (the best street fighter in my opinion)

I dont like this ver. compared to the DC ver. but CPS-2 plays better than the PS1 ver. haha ;)


Anyway my favorite game for CPS-1 is Strider

AND MY CPS2 FAV IS Marvel vs. StreetFighter




( GO Norimaru :blink::lol: )

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My Faves have to be in no particular order:


1. D&D: Shodows Over Mystara.

2. Alien Vs Predator.

3. Final Fight.

4. SF Alpha3

5. Cadilliacs & Dinosaurs

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Capcoms arcade games are for me the best of the best. Reason being is that they mostly stick to the 3 game types I like the best, side-scroller beat-em ups, SF2 style 2D fighters and vertical scrolling shooters.


Favs would be X-Men vs SF, Battle Circuit (excellent), and AvsP.


Dammit they are all good!!!


I LOVE CPS baby!! :D:lol:

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