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  1. Uh, please somebody help me with that.
  2. Hey, I've got problem with Batman & Robin for SEGA CD. Are there any emu that runs that game? I've tried it with ages, but it can't goes with it since the sega logos. Gens runs it, but the screen frozen after the first video animation. Is there any chanches to run that game? Please help me. Thanks!
  3. I think it's downgarded after SS4. No Bust/Slash, Grade Select, fatalityes, etc.
  4. Yeah, after will KOFNW give us nothing, NGBC is our only hope.
  5. I think it's good thing, that playmore doesn't make LB3, after I saw SSV.
  6. OK not NGBC but an SNK realeted question: There will be no KOF2004 in this year, or this is that KOFNeoWave?
  7. Hey, you have made an atomiswave emu? ME TOO! What a surprise!
  8. So, the upper link is a fake or not? I hope they'll put some Last Blade chars into the game, like Kaede or Setsune. Not only neogeo? I hope it means, there will be Waku Waku 7, ROTD & Matremelee chars.
  9. Hmm, it doesnt seems to a fake. My only problem with that: if the game ever realesed I will nevert be able to play with it until the first AtomisWave Emu... EDIT: Who are the other chara names on the screen. Nobody knows?
  10. Uh, I mean Kyo stronger than Terry. Hey, dinowarz was on PC too, and I really enjoyed it long time ago. What's the problem with it?
  11. Ok, it's not will be realesed in neogeo hardware, but it's SNK. I'm heard much about that game, but I'm not really happy with it. 12 teams, Geese Howard as a boss (terry can beat him alone in the story, I don't understand that. Kyo is much stronger fighter than kyo. Why is that week person is the boss?). No any new chars + the system is downgarded. They've removed all of the new additions that they add into kof2003. There's just only few new things: heat mode, just defend (from motw) & hi-res BGs. What do you think?
  12. It's not a problem for me, that the bosses removed. I don't like that think with sankuro, he have striker chars, and I think Yumeji is just an ukyo clone with "transformation" moves. Gaoh was interesting I think, but his morphing technic was looking strange. He would be a nice simple character, but not a boss. So, I really hope SSVS will be better than SSV. I hate that one, because every good & original things are removed form it. FF4 was much better. I dunno why is it good for playmore to remove the good things and make the game much worse. They're acting strangely. For example: KOF Neowave: It will be a new kof with nothing new. All of the KOF03 updates were removed, what I really like. I also dont understand, why there are only 12 teams. Why don't they add teams like USA Sports Team or Ash Team again? Now it's atomiswave, there's enough disk space for all of the prevous kof games chars. But it's a good thing playmore recognized SSV was a s**t and trying to repair it in a Special release.
  13. I've found a full faq about this game at gamefaqs.com, and it wrote, there isn't bust & slash mode again like in SSV. Is it true? It was one of the best additions of the game, I dunno why they have removed them after SS4...
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