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Whats your favorite rom for CPS1 & 2?

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Capcom Sports Club - I can beat the football and basketball but  I cant even win 1 game at tennis - can anyone else?

I have won a few games at this,

although i used to play virtua tennis a lot so my tennis skills are good B)



1. Marvel vs Capcom

2. Xmen vs Street fighter

3. Xmen C.O.T.A.

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Hi there. check out my poll in Mame section. (sorry, didnt know about this section)


It's a poll to vote for your fave Capcom Fighting Game - Alpha 3, MarvelVsCapcom etc.


Check it out <_<

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This is a toughy...thee are tonnes.....but here goes


1.Marvel Vs Capcom


3.Super Gem Fighter

4.Giga Wing

5.Ghouls & Ghosts (still as hard as nails)



I could list loads, but these are my current favs, though Ghouls & ghosts will always be in there, as i have always loved that game since the day it came out.....and yes i am over 30, but only just...lol....



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gamecop Im suprised you havent played Aliens vs predator yet its one of capcoms best games. Any way I wish I could include MadGear here but I just found out it was on the 68000 hardware.

Super street fighter 2,


Ghouls n ghosts,

Alien vs Predator,


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Marvel versus Capcom...X-men versus Street Fighter...ewwww, yuck!


Anyway, my favourite CPS 2 rom is Vampire Savior, just over SFA3.


My favourite CPS 1 rom is Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, just over King of Dragons.

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