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    Man i love games, old, new, but loving Neo Geo at the mo.<br>Music is my first love, all kinds but mainly of the alternative rock variety.<br>Meeting new cool people with the same interests, so aim me if ya like to talk. later!!
  1. Hey guys. Not posted for a long time. But you can get a version changer. goto WAB and download the version changer. Follow the instsructions and it tricks your 1.5 psp to thinking its running version 2.00. It works, as i used it after i downgraded my 2.00 version. So you can enjoy all the latest releases and still emu's and homebrew.
  2. Hi guys not been here for a while but have a ? and know that you are the people to give me the answer. Is it possible to run emulators on xbox without chipping? I play alot of live and don't want to get banned. I remember playing megadrive games on my dreamcast without modding just using a boot disk and was wondering if there was anything similar for xbox????? Thanks in advance!
  3. It has been announeced that RE4 is def for PS2. So i would think the rest will go too.
  4. Well I got Halo 2 today and here sre my thoughts. Single Player : Not played much but seems a bit dissapointing. Not really much different from the first game. So Far. I hope it proves me wrong. Live Multi Player : The overall exeperience is pretty good. No lag, glitches etc. Communication is easy. However, i think the live interface needs some work. If you opti match you have to wait for 7 other players, then u play the game. Whats the problem? Well at the end of the game the room is destroyed, all players are ejected and its a case of entering opti match again. Waiting for more players etc. I can't believe that it isn't possible to keep the room alive and hust to replay!! Overall not deserving of 10/10 (so far).
  5. To all who looked but did not answer, i have found out that the Supergun can run Atomiswave.
  6. Check out Lik Sang they have a number of USB converters for neraly all pads. They are a great supplier and pretty reasonable.
  7. I have just seen that UK Official Xbox Magazine has rated Halo 2, 10 out of 10!!! Now i don't really trust official mags as they are always biased, but it is the first time they have ever awarded top marks. Well roll on November 11th ( i know you guys tin the US get ii on the 8th, which suxs) when i can form my own opinion and begin kicking ass on live!!
  8. Not sure where to put this so i put it here. I'm thinking about the purchase of a Supergun as i love arcade games but have no room for a cab. Does anybody know if u can run Atomiswave through it? If you can i think i'll be sold. I have emailed various suppliers but they are taking ages to answer my query!!
  9. I found Zinc very user friendly. Just Search on google and the rom sites will appear.
  10. that looks so cool. I wonder if any more games are on the way. Maybe Resident Evil, Halo that would be amazing!!
  11. Oh man, all complaining about the price. Remember us poor old Brits we are always getting screwed with the price of hardware and games. Whenever a new console is released we never get an equivalent price but the same price in $ only in pounds. e.g. if an xbox is $100 then we have to pay £100, rather than say £66 whch would be the same price. BASTARDS!!
  12. completing Goldeneye 100% and unlocking all cheats. ( man that took me a long time) Finshing Halo on Legendary without Dying. ( my eyes burn). Finishing Ikaruga in 3 credits.( my upmost respect to kaioshade).
  13. i have no trouble when i have not used Shareaza, it only occurs when downloading for a long time with Shareaza.
  14. thanks for the help. Yep it definatley freezes. Waited ages. Oh well, it's no hardship just thought i may have set something wrong.
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