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Whats your favorite rom for CPS1 & 2?

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Mine would have to be: Xmen Vs. Street Fighter!


The music is great, the characters are great (more characters than Marvel Vs. Capcom), plus the specials are awesome.


How about you? :wink:

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For me its alien vs predator(i dont know if this is CPS but i play it with mame :wink: ) i can play it thru so many times and not get bored. my fav fighting 1s would be Marvel vs capcom and marvel vs street fighter. i love the octopus thingy :D

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Alien vs Predator


Is this Alien vs Predator the same as the one for PC version? Or is it way different? :wink:


way different. it like final fight or punisher where u can b one of 2 humans or 2 predators and u have to kill hundreds of aliens.

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