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  1. this is awesome, something like ClrMamePro is what i had in mind. however, im sure a program like this is bound to slip up at some point, so its good to have the know how to get in there and adjust things manually. ive had some experience renaming roms and such for Kawaks and Neorage, but i barely knew what i was doing. so agozer, robert, thanks again. i can always come here for some help!
  2. I use Mame32FX. I used to use Mame32 Plus!, but for some reason the GUI on Mame32FX loads faster on my computer.
  3. thanks for replying. yeah i didnt think anyone actually does what i did, it really is a pain to go through of all of it. so i googled 'mameinfo', and im looking at "mash's mameinfo" at mameworld. is this what youre referring to? also, when exactly do you know when to rename or re-download with the info given? sorry if im drawing this out too much, i just want to understand you completely.
  4. personal favorites: KOF 98 Garou Mark of the Wolves Blazing Star Shock Troopers Viewpoint id like to throw a metal slug in the list, but i really cant decide which one i like best. honestly though, the SNK game i might have enjoyed the most ever is SNK vs. Capcom Match of the Millenium for the NGPC.
  5. a while back, i used mame32 plus! (.107 i believe) and started to collect a lot of roms... i piled close to 40-50 games or so, thinking it would be my "end all" solution for arcade emulation. but now with the arrival of cps3 emulation and such, most of my old roms don't work with .117 or .118, which forced me to delete and re-download a majority of my library. with all these mame releases coming and going so fast, do all of you delete and re-download your roms with each major release? i cant think of everyone going through the same trouble, since i imagine some of you might have massive rom collections. please tell me theres an easier way to do this! oh btw, im currently using Mame32FX .117, if that changes your responses at all. thanks again RJ
  6. thats something i would have never noticed. i was never under the impression that the DC port was arcade perfect, i used it more of a point a reference - a point which would imply that the game is playable. but now that you mention it, i'm certain the DC port isnt at all arcade perfect. agozer - great suggestion. i had a "DUH" mement when i read your reply, maws totally slipped my mind. although im not sure if i understand what is discussed on the driver page, but its informative... thanks dude
  7. Hey all, its been a while. anyways, like most of you, ive been enjoying SFIII on the latest version of mame (Mame32FX .117), and while it plays beautifully, i have to wonder: what exactly about the video emulation is inaccurate? i have 3rd Strike for DC and granted, i havent connected my DC in a while, i dont notice any major discrepancies between the my DC or Mame other than the audio quality of the music. anyone care to grace me with their knowledge? -RJ
  8. that would be very unfortunate, but i have reason to believe ppl on that site are joking, or misinformed. if anything, wouldnt this news be posted here?
  9. hey guys. yeah a day ago i was playing around with the sound settings, and it seems that none of them will remedy my problem. i did, however, play around with the graphical settings like agoozer suggested and i noticed some changes. the sounds actually worsened when i changed it to Direct3D8, and improved as i changed it to DirectDraw. so i assume my problem is graphical. is there anything i can play around with there? much appreciated
  10. yeah, loud enough for the sound to break up and have some static. since i have a separate set of speakers from my comp, i can adjust the volume so it isnt so loud. but even when i turn it down, i can hear static and the sound break up. ive tried lowering the volume in the default game options, but nothing worked. i also tried to change the sample rate as well. any suggestions?
  11. hey yall, i just downloaded Mame32 Plus! .109 today since the regular mame32 is pretty slow on my comp. while the speed is greatly improved, the sound is still quite blaring and breaks up at certain points (in all games). is there anything i can do in the options to fix this? thanks again, rj
  12. sorry for asking, i edited it. yeah, usually the results on google return a set of roms bundled with neo rage x. im gonna start searching. so which MAME is the one to use for neo geo games?
  13. thanks for the replies. dangit, just as soon was a thought i had an emulator for all my neo geo roms, this comes up. yeah i'd really like to use a version of mame, but i always have problems finding romsets that are compatible with mame. i found a fairly decent source for roms, but they use neorageX. most places i download from dont have any of the newer neo geo roms for mame, like kof2003 or samurai shodown 5 EDIT: nevermind. thanks again!
  14. ive been playing with NeoRageX 4.8 and 5.0 and while its been great, i noticed that Super Sidekicks 2-4 do not work correctly. it appears that there is some weird scaling error when i play. i cant ever tell if i'm out of bounds or not. does anyone have any info on this error? thanks, arjay
  15. well i got it to work, i tried out suikoden II and it seems like everything is in working order: graphics, sound etc. thanks for all the help. some quick questions: -im currently running.BIN files. suikoden II is just about 500 megs...i was wondering if there was a way to run games in a smaller, condensed format? -i have my ipod on disk mode and i stored the BIN file in there. im assuming my ipod is just acting like an external hard drive, but i just want to make sure its safe to run the BIN files from my ipod. i am i doing anything wrong? once again, THANK YOU!
  16. i have to agree....ive had FCE Ultra for a few years now and i havent run into any trouble
  17. yeah i knew that graphics card would run me into some trouble. ah well...suikoden is probably top on my priority list. i havent played suikoden II yet, but am i right in assuming that it'll run in a similar way on my machine? one more question - you said my machine wouldnt handle full 3D games- does FF7 count? i know it uses 3D models on prerendered backgrounds...but i would assume i'd run into problems. what do you think? thanks again for the input
  18. sweet...i want to play suikoden first and foremost. how does that run on your computer? edit: i forgot to ask....what plugins do you use?
  19. i ran the emu on my desktop pretty easily, but id like to play it on my laptop. my laptop is essentially stronger than my desktop pc, except im a bit worried about my graphics card not being able to handle the ps graphics. under my device manager, it displays Mobile IntelĀ® 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset Family twice for my display adapters. so, can i run ePSXe smoothly? also, my laptop is a pentium M 1.7 ghz 512MB ram...if theres anything else you need to know about my machine let me know. thanks for any input
  20. oh...ill see what i can do. thanks!
  21. ok...ive just downloaded them all: file 1 - a SUB file and a CCD file files 2-9 - IMG files and CCD files... all the same size (48,829 KB) file 10 - a IMG file and a CCD file...(30,256 KB) thank you again!
  22. im downloading an Ehrgeiz iso from www.***********.com (dont know if im supposed to let people know where im getting it, i can PM you the URL) and its been separated into 10 different files. ive downloaded 5 so far, one seems to be a SUB file, and the rest are IMG files. i will let you know what the other five are once im done DLing them. any clue on how to burn this? again, thanks a whole bunch
  23. it worked great. SOTN is awesome! thanks.
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