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  1. Hello there Saiyaman23! Thanks for joining us. We encourage you to post to your heart's content and make a positive impact on our community. We're happy to have you here.
  2. I was thinking the other day of how much emulation is popular in other tech areas such as music production. There are so many famous hardware synthesizers that are emulated in software or plugin form for the most powerful DAWs (digital audio workstations as FL Studio, Logic, Ableton, etc.). How many of you guys produce music too? What would you think if 1Emulation started covering music production software that does the very thing I described?
  3. Sorry for the ridiculous delay. I haven't had much time to dedicate to this site. Regardless, we have some new features built in now (you'll notice a new ranking system) as part of some upgrades. I'll check with Invision to see if there's a dark theme option. I can't see why they wouldn't have it built in at this point, especially since both Windows/Mac have built in dark modes now.
  4. 16 years later... holy shit man. Welcome back. But your site is back online! We just forgot to renew the domain in time. Anyway, since this thread is locked... would love if you could send me a PM. Been too long old friend!
  5. Sorry we were down for a little bit. We had some server issues but thankfully our server admin was able to fix it. Welcome back
  6. Hi Mer-curious. Thanks for the feedback. We are definitely going to make some revisions to the design, as well as perhaps provide a darker theme. Will keep you all updated.
  7. Hi Agard. These are all great suggestions. Would you be interested in contributing these suggestions to 1emulation? If so, please feel free to message me. Since we've started the site, our staffing has changed considerably in order to implement some of these ideas you've mentioned.
  8. Hey everybody. Thanks for the feedback. I'll be looking for a new dark theme for everyone to be able to choose from in the coming week. Unfortunately I can't bring back the old theme due to an incompatibility issue.
  9. Huge news in the emulation and XBOX 360 scene in the last 24 hours! The Goldeneye 007 XBLA Arcade version has been leaked. Due to various licensing issues, the remastered XBOX 360 version of the original Goldeneye 007 for Nintendo 64 was locked away for 13 years. People who have played this version of the game have indicated that it appears near completion at 85-90%. Currently people are playing the game on Xlink using an RGH or JTAG'd XBOX 360 as well. ** The game is fully playable on the Xenia 360 emulator and has been tested to work "out of the box" with a Sony PS4 controller (plugged in via USB with no keymapping required). This is super cool for anyone who loved this game back in the day. ** Our favorite YouTube'er, MVG, has released an amazing video describing the leak below: You can also watch people playing Goldeneye 007 XBLA right now (multiplayer using xlink!) on YouTube live below:
  10. Hey ya'll. It dawned on me today that I recall using Raine in the late 90s (aging myself here lol). The question is, how? Are you the original author, Tux? And I'm curious how has the emulator changed (majorly) since then? If I'm not mistaken, I ran it on MS-DOS. 🤨
  11. LOL, just went through this thread after several years. Is it just me or has porn only got worse (as in how much porn does the human race actually need LMAO) in the last 6 years? Seems like guys have given up on the prospect of real women and have elected for the latest VR Porn and whatnot. It's honestly sad.
  12. I realized I'm having a hard time keeping up with the emulation scene these days. I was wondering if anyone has been keeping track in the last year or two and can provide an update? So far I'm aware of emulators now that are working quite well for the latest Nintendo consoles, as well as PS3, PSP, XBOX, not sure about XBOX 360, and not sure about Vita. And I'm probably missing a bunch of other stuff. It's also beautiful to see that there hasn't been any lost interest in the emulation scene at all. In fact, it seems to be only increasing with every new generation of consoles. Anyway, if anyone can fill me in, I'm all ears.
  13. Thanks for sharing, dude! This is a cool channel you have. So it looks like you're doing walk-throughs in these games? Do you usually finish the whole game and what consoles do you prefer? Love the logo too, btw!
  14. Nice to see you, Superman! How's life? I agree! How have you been Rikki? How is the rest of the emulation message board fam doing (e.g., ngemu)?
  15. Hey ya'll. I kind of wish our YouTube channel was alive right now 😅! Lately, I've become a big fan of Modern Vintage Gamer. Have any of you watched his stuff? Apparently he coded quite a few emulators that you likely have already used. He now has half a million subscribers! He's a great historian not only for general gaming and hacking, but the emulation scene as well. Anyone have any favorite youtube channels you'd like to share? Modern Vintage Gamer: https://www.youtube.com/user/jimako123 Here's his latest video:
  16. Hey everyone, welcome to 2021! Hope you're all safe and healthy in this crazy world. That said, we're glad we are still alive and kicking in the emulation sphere. To commemorate nearly 2 decades now being in the scene, we have changed the site design, as well as incorporated a logo we used back in 2003! Enjoy and welcome to our community.
  17. A month later... How are you all doing? I hope some of you have taken this time to learn some new stuff! I know I have a lot more free time now myself.
  18. Hahaha, so tp or t-shirts! 😂 Right now it seems being a hospital worker is by far the scariest job to have in the world! I guess people in Poland won't have to worry about trying to socially isolate due to the weather keeping you guys in.
  19. Well, how Trump deals with this situation will inform if he gets elected again or not. I think that maybe him not taking responsibility actually makes his base like him more (which you would never think with presidents before him). It seems that everything Trump does appears ironic at first, but only ends up strengthening his base. I think how he deals with people who lose their jobs from this will be pivotal.
  20. This is definitely an interesting theory! I do sometimes wonder if the reports in China are true or not, and if they actually have stopped new infections? It's almost hard to believe considering how much the rest of the world is just beginning to deal with this, but then again I feel most of the world didn't take it seriously. I am, however, doubtful that China intended for the virus to be spread. I am inclined to believe that this was an accident and that it did start in a "wet market," as researchers have pointed out to wet markets in the past as a possible origin point to new viruses. I really recommend watching this interview (the first 20 minutes are the most informative):
  21. Wow, that's insane! Can't believe your city is deserted with only 1 confirmed sick. That's paranoia at its finest. But anyway, you didn't answer my question! What about the bidets? Do you guys prefer the water washing or the toilet paper?
  22. That's a good point. I don't know anyone personally, but I do feel it would be hard to fake at this point as so many celebrities and doctors are also coming out and saying they have it. It would definitely be insane if we all found out it was fake... can't imagine what that would do to people's minds. There would be zero trust left in the world. 😂
  23. That's the nice thing about this virus. Work from home, less driving, more time to think, or drive yourself crazy! 🤣
  24. Curious, do people in Poland use bidets more than toilet paper? If I had to make a guess, toilet paper is probably only prevalent in countries where it's the common method to clean the butt.
  25. The panic buying is something I haven't quite understood. This is a virus -- not a fire, earthquake, or actual war. One can go to the grocery store and wear a mask if they are too paranoid. I also agree and it doesn't seem like America is taking it seriously. They currently have the highest growth rate of people getting infected, but this also may have to do with increased testing. What are the conspiracy theories?
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