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  1. They sure did (well technically the British did because they weren't Australians yet) - and it's one of the darkest and most disguisting periods in our brief history. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Our Prime Minister has said this before. Europeans are the world greatest criminals and warmongers. And he classified Americans as Europeans too since they are from Europe (British ot be exact). Look at how many countries they have invade! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Technically, I believe that's your ex-PM. I can't remember Badawi having said anything like that.
  2. We will only get to see the Hardys again when WWE release Matt and he goes to TNA TNA start to gain some popularity now that they are doing what WWE does in the past, hardcore, non-stop wrestling action! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not the Hardys, something better. WWE has released Billy Gunn. The handwriting's on the wall for an Outlaw reunion. TNA would be stupid not to see it.
  3. Jeff has a good storyline involving Trish before he was fired I was waiting to see what development from there. And yes, the should bring back the Rock <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The Crock will be back once his Hollywood career bombs. Vinnie Mac would welcome him back with open arms and legs. As for the WWF thing, forget it. Last I heard, the case isn't totally close yet. Those treehugging hippies apparently still have some issues they want resolved.
  4. If you know how to hack your kbd driver, reprogram it to ignore the scan code for the cap key.
  5. or an old school final 2.9x release. open-source route would be better though in my opinion. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Give me 5 anyday. 3 was disastrous, few people would disagree. But in classic-skin mode, I don't honestly see any difference significant. between 2 and 5.
  6. They're not exactly decaps. Just one huge slash in slow-mo with a big blood splot then your opponent slouches over.
  7. Whatdya mean nobody uses Winamp? Everybody uses Winamp! I use Winamp, my mum uses it, my friend's mum uses Winamp, hell even her dog uses Winamp. You don't know what you're talking abt.
  8. The judge, at least, did the right thing by reconciling the mother and the boy. Wonder how the US courts would react to a similar suit.
  9. I think the least they should do to give it an horourable death is to opensource it. It might revive the whole project.
  10. I think that's the wrong URL. Here's the right one... http://www.opera.com/
  11. Well those sort patches will not be allowed IPS patches are ok.Now are you trying to get patches banned on here as well ? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Just asking, James. Settle down
  12. That's if you generated the patch against the ROM. I'm talking about when you generate the patch against command.com or something else available on all Windows PCs.
  13. the idea is simply not to take the risk of being sued / shutdown or any crap like those by helping in distribution of copyrighted ROM images. patches alone are useless without the ROMs to begin with. they are simply considered tools and are as legit as other ROM utilties on the internet (ROMBuild, MGD -> MVS converter, etc.) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You don't get the point. The originals are not needed if you generate an IPS against some known file on the OS. Afterall, a patch is really just the diff between ANY 2 files. eg. i generate an IPS between m1 and command.com and distribute that "patch", anyone with the same command.com can apply this IPS and it gives back the m1.
  14. I remembered Raven best as Johnny Flamingo in WCW and Johnny Polo in WWF.
  15. I've been wondering about how this patch business might be able to be used as a loophole. Distributing roms are against the rules, period. But distributing patches seems to be ok. So what's to stop somebody from generating a patch for a romset against any arbitry known file (eg command.com) and posting that? All the user has to do is apply this patch on the known file, and he'll get the rom.
  16. Yep, but his finisher...Super Kick?!? Come on, he needs a beeter one! I hope he find a new finisher! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, if Shawn Michaels can, I don't see why he can't. I think he could use the kick as a secondary finisher. He needs to find a way to use his Tarantula w/o the ropes as a submission finisher.
  17. I was never an ECW fan, so RVD never had much appeal to me. Yoshi Tajiri is the only ECW alumni member I find watchable.
  18. I too agree abt Jericho, although I dont think he's the only person. Christian too is a potential main eventer, so is Edge if pushed correctly (I like his heel turn). And they should really use Kane properly. He has had idiotic angle after angle shoved up his ass for too long, he really deserves a reign as World champ after all the sacrifices he's made. Of all the Attitude-era wrestlers still with the company today, Triple H is the one who has lost the most "shine". Just look at the shape he's in. His ring skills are no longer what they were during his DX days. And his "game" gimmick is getting stale. The only thing going for him (sadly, which is the most important) is that he has Stephanie in his bed, which isn't saying much.
  19. She's currently in this love-triangle angle with Ms Jackie and Charlie Haas.
  20. Ep 1 IMO has the best lightsaber duel, although the rest of the movie did suck. The dating scene in ep 2 was hilarious. It reminded me of those Bollywood Hindi movies. Although esp 2 has the lamest sith villian in the series. Count Dooku...wtf.
  21. That will never happen because he is married to Stephanie McMahon. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, Triple H will never be cut because he is the biggest star in the WWE at the moment. Ugenn was daft for even thinking they would cut Trippsky. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> His backstate politics are also the biggest stumbling block for new talent to grow. His hogging the lime light is what is killing WWE today. Only the truly daft would think he's good for the company.
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