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  1. mmm...a little bit of the magic is gone. Maybe that's also because I'm not 15 anymore and have heard a lot of heavy stuff by now. But it still rocks so I would like to hear the other new songs too.
  2. The whole UEFA competition was wonderfull. Really good matches, suprising outcomes, lots of young teams...can't wait till 2010. woohoo!
  3. Battalion Wars II for the Wii...nice looking shooter. Not that difficult till now, and it's a challenge to get an A-ranking for every mission.
  4. Looking forward to an orange weekend. I'm so ready for it! And I've put my money on Croatia in the semi-finals. But that was just a tactic move, I like Germany to win.
  5. One of them is a "24-year old homeless guy"....I wonder who the other 16 'fathers' are....
  6. Congratulations, Germany deserved a ticket for the next round.
  7. Your team is playing great JKKDARK.
  8. True. Overhere your team has the reputation of a defensive team, not easy to score a goal against them. And without a goal, you'll never win But I also missed the spirit the last match. We won too easy.
  9. I expected the '2nd team' to play better....They're all players who play at the bigger clubs in Europe...but what the hell, we will face the next country with 9 points And footbal matches on weekdays are no good for your performance at work the next day...
  10. Can't believe Russia won..but on the other hand, with a bit of luck the Dutch have to face them in the quarter finales, when they win over Sweden, but I doubt that... But when you saw Turkey yesterday you see everything can happen. Don't know if I wanted them to win, but it was a great match to watch.
  11. So quiet....has it something to do with me coming around and starting an UEFA topic Note: I have the official member status right now...lol
  12. Cindy

    Wii Fit

    Yes...so? With these innovative game they add a unique part to gaming, and I must say I enjoy it a lot. And it's not too expensive so you van have an other console next to it for the die hard shooters. Don't understand why there always needs to be some negative comment on a topic where's spoken about a brand/console. We have the luck we can choose between so many!
  13. And I believe we're the only country who have a tank to support our team! Sorry for the size, but I think it's worth it
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