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  1. Pirates. The dvd isn't out til September.
  2. The manga is good. Yeah you were right about what you said in the spoiler. I am a few chapters behind the current release (online) It's a shame the english version only has a few volumes out.
  3. Interesting news indeed! I am a big Nintendo fan. I hope the Revolution isn't a big bust. Evem if it is Iit will probably be the console I get.
  4. I pretty much only eat ramen and fruity pebbles
  5. Not a good time to be in the UK! That's some harsh stuff.
  6. especially if you're running linux.
  7. Heh my house on the map is just an empty lot. This is a new house (built this year) and the satelite images haven't been updated since around 1997
  8. That's a fun little tool. You also use google maps to do the same. http://maps.google.com/
  9. What about ep 144? That was releasded yesterday. Was a bit dissapointed, but I don't expect much from the fillers. I still love the series though.
  10. The teaser looks good. I think I might get res4 next week.
  11. i just got kof10th to run on a version of fba yesterday. i think i'll stick with that version. thanks for the news.
  12. there were lots of naked people at a block party on the 4th of july crazy people! at least she didn't back down
  13. Looks like an ashtray with some cross stitching in it.
  14. I'm not into the xbox, but this is cool news. Thanks for the info, got some friends who might be interested.
  15. It was pretty fun, but it was a pain in the butt waiting for people to actually start the game. And it took me a long time to get connected to the server.
  16. I usually pass out face down
  17. Hmm I dunno maybe about 3-4 times a week. depends on what I eat really i odn't really eat much but noodles. being poor sucks. most of my money goes to dog food.
  18. Now the real question is, how often do you dudes shave? Cos I personally go months with out shaving. Look like a hobo and no one will give me work. Boy do I hate shaving
  19. A friend of mine said RE4 for GC was the ebst one they ever made thus far. I still haven't picked it up though. I bought a cube recently in wait for the new Zelda game. The pics look good, can't wait for a trailer.
  20. looks interesting. i haven't tried gunz yet. i'm d/ling it now.
  21. Brilliant! Nice work man.
  22. Yeah it wasn't to great IMO either. ROSE Online was fun but I dunno if its still openbeta http://www.roseon.com/index3.asp
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