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  1. Seeing how Gwen Stacy(Along with her father) is confirmed, along with Venom and The Sandman... Oh you know where I'm going with this... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hm... This is certainly interesting. I didn't think we would see Gwen in the Spider-Man movies, since a lot of what made her character so emotional was how close she was to Peter and what happened to her... She certainly can't be his first love in the movie, since, well... you know. BUT, I have yet to be dissapointed by anything that happened in the Spider-Man movies. It's had it good share of the original story elements along with some good changes that made it fit into a movie format quiet well, without ruining the integrity of the story. Yeah, It makes you really want him to be happy. I've been reading the comics for around 10 years. I remember the days when he was so happy and when he used to crack jokes when he was fighting the latest villians... But jesus, how he suffers... I remember the issue when he finaly broke down, when he had his hole life taken from him... It's just been a great story (to a certain point anyways, I haven't read the latest, latest stuff).
  2. Spidey looks so sad... I hope nothing bad happens to him.
  3. Man, are these problems common? I've heard them before... But I'm still on my original PS2. The only problem I had with it, was a couple of years ago. The screen next to the fan got clogged with dust and the PS2 overheated after awhile. I took it off and it's been working perfectly ever since.
  4. Well, I personaly buy a handheld to play new and interesting games. Not to own yet another copy of games I already own... I have Guilty Gear XX reload, I have Tales of Eternia (Destiny II), I have Street Fight Alpha 3...
  5. Right, all it has now is it's vast array of original and innovative games...
  6. Not only that, but homebrews and junk already run on the DS I think.
  7. ePSXe runs this game great. Using the OGL2 plugin, you can get a much more smooth looking game. I only remember playing the PC version way back in the days, but I say the quality is similar. The only downside is the fact that the emulator, emulates the PSXs slowdowns... I'm sure the PC version didn't have that problem.
  8. Yeah, honestly... What's with all the hype around DNF? Was Duke Nukem every anything but a generic shoot-em-up?
  9. I'm glad both those shows are gone. Both have gotten incredibly stupid. Oh yeah, Futurama is back, yeah!
  10. When is this going to be released? I plan on getting one, with all the wicked games coming on the DS and all (Xenosaga DS XD).
  11. I read the comics, they are funny sometimes. I do think the guy is an idiot though, and by the way he rants and raves about MS and the Xbox, I'd say he works for them.
  12. All right, so I've gone ahead and read it. Did I like, miss the point? I see absolutely nothing good, or any logic at all in this new law.
  13. I completely agree. Persona 2, Xenogears, Legend of Mana (I know i'm probably alone here)...
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