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  1. I still buy games for my NES at a store here called GameCrazy. They have orginal NES' on sale for $50.00, while I boguht a GameCube from there for $30.00 (Used). I am happy that my NES has lasted since '85, although all my games were stolen years ago. But thank god for GameCrazy.
  2. Deffently a fun game but I like to play on high settings but my PC isn't that great at the moment. I might pick this up when it comes out. The SloMo thing was awesome though!
  3. That site reminds me of http://www.stripcreator.com I used to spend horus on taht site in like 2000 I am a horrible writer but here ya go: http://www.gnomz.com/comic-60484-Magic+Socks.html
  4. Man I can't even get 5 hours of sleep. I have terrible insomnia and chronic headaches. It blows but th medication helps once in a while. Lately it has been super hot here even with fans and A/C on. I dunno how my dog sleeps, he's covered in hair, and I'm sweating my ass off! I used to listen to music a lot, but I get sick of most of it pretty fast. Except NES music or any other form of chiptune. I don't usually eat breakfast, I eat breakfast foods, just usually at noon or later.
  5. For me personally, I try to help people as much as I can. Why you ask? Well just returning the favor. Online it is hard to find people to help you since they can be complete jerks hiding behind their monitors without fear of being beaten up. I like it when someone helps me with my questions I ask online. I browse a lot of forums, and I would agree this one has the nicest bunch of people. I once went to a tech forum to ask for some help when I was having problems with my PC, and just about everyone who replied to my post said "GOOGLE." I agree that Google is a great search tool, but if google knew what I was looking for I wouldn't have to ask. This forum is a lot like the Ubuntu Linux forums everyone is nice and they always help you out. And it is hard to find help with emulation other then the usual "where can i find romz" Instead of flaming the people who make the mistake of requesting roms you guys tell them that it's against the TOS/rules. On another emu forum I visit everyone goes "omg n00b!!! u r banned" and they also flame people who don't speak perfect english even when it isn't their native tongue. English is my native language and I can't even speak it properly. =D All I have to say is thanks for having a nice place to hang out and talk about emulation. =) P.S. I failed English class. =)
  6. Except for hiphop. Cos thay will take any publicity thay can get (and no i do not hate hiphop )
  7. MTV has gone from Music Television to Mindless Television.
  8. well it is addicting when you're owning ppl <{POST_SNAPBACK}> heh no wonder i don't play that much i suck at it hardcore. i was really good at RO tho I always do better in games with realistic type weapons then the spage aged ones.
  9. It's balls. I didn't like it. If you're up-to-date with your internet "culture" he was the kid who had a small video clip online singing about how the Superbowl was Gay. If you can recall that video you'll know who he is, and how "gay" his show is. Video cna be viewed here: http://www.milkandcookies.com/article/1677/ All thank Jimmy Kimmel for setting him up with a deal.
  10. Well they were all waiting for WOW to come out. But after playing the multiplayer demo of UT they got hooked. After we got into it (made a clan site even) WoW came out and they all went to go play. I am just poor, since I don't have a full time nor part time job money is tight for me. I usualyl just do some freelance odd-computer jobs for my older brother when he is on tour.
  11. there was a really kick ass dbz mod for quake 3, but FUNimation sued the creators of it and it got shut down. But for the brief time it was around it was awesome. Also red Orc does rule, not to many people seem to play it when I want to, and its not fun playing 1v1. A good game has 32 players on it Some friends and I started a RO clan called "Go Joe" which was based on GI Joes and all of our handles in game were GI Joe/Cobra names the only thing that sucks is that i kind of lost interest with RO when all my clan mates went off to play WoW.
  12. I dunno how but my DC caught on fire. I used to play NES roms on that thing. Was a great system. But my NES has worked since 1985, where as my PS2 has broken many times and its onyl a few years old. Piece of Junk. Dropped the NES dozens of times, still works perfectly. PS2 fell over once and it stopped working. :/
  13. My Nintendo NES! I know I can play NES on my PC and whatnot, but I still rather use the old grey box.
  14. There is a mod for UR2k4 that has melee weapons. But I don't think many people play it. Personally I'd rather play with projectile weapons If I wanna whack something with a sword I'll play a mmorpg or some mame roms
  15. Welcome. It's a great place to be. =)
  16. UT is pretty fun. I used to play the Red Orchestra mod a lot. About 86% of my hours spent playing UT was playin RO. Was in a clan for a while, but all my clan-friends went over to WoW. *sigh* So I pretty much just play an hour or two of ut death match.
  17. i've tried them all. currently i am playing FlyFF ( http://english.flyff.com/ ) it is a lot liek ROSE Online. I haven't gotten into it much though. If you try out FlyFF you can sometiems find me on there as "Rygaar"
  18. some people leave it running! a friend of mine plays that game from the time he gets home from work til the time he goes to sleep. his gf doesnt like it so much i wanted to try WoW but I am to lazy and poor.
  19. Yea. Steam really blows. I never liked it. Online gaming used to be fun and easy. I've had the same ISP for at least 7 years, but I recently moved and the ISP that I had didn't service that area so I had to switch.
  20. I tried that what it does when you put in the cdkey is send an email to the meail the key is registered too.
  21. have you tried sending the pw to your email its easy , unless you have already tried <{POST_SNAPBACK}> the email i used to sign up for is dead, since it was from my old ISP. :/
  22. Mine is 'wangzilla' i used to play ut a lot and cs. i forgot my steam info so i don't play cs anymore. cos no way im gonna pay them 10 bucks to reset my cdkey. i don't play any online games that much, except for random mame games w/ friends. profile link
  23. It looks great! They tore down the arcade in my town last year. Bastards. Can't wait to see this!
  24. Oh I know the program! Was just sayin, shouldn't say "buy it" when it isn't out for sale yet.
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