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  1. @Robert - You said you didn't have an Xbox but then went on to describe some of the basics of softmodding. I probably misread your post, but I thought you were interfering that you played CoinOps on your PC. I have zero interest in playing CoinOps on any other system. I still love the big controllers. My first and second post both said that I have already softmodded my Xbox but that I have not delved into installing a custom hard drive. I apologize for saying 'a couple of days ago'. I edit video for a living and have literally been sleeping in my studio finishing projects. So yes, you are spot on and my memory on time is way off. I'm surprised by my own impatience so if you can give me some grace on that it would be cool. I got a pm shortly after joining the other site that explained a bit about all the craziness surrounding CoinOps. Sounds like the Xbox dev world turned into a soap opera. Reminds me of the crazy code stuff that went down when CM was working on hacking the Touchpad. So at this point I guess I just need to install a big harddrive (read about locks last night too) and then download CoinOps. If you have any hd suggestions feel free to let me know. I will do my best to get sleep and be patient.
  2. Wait wait wait... is it possible to play CoinOps outside of the Xbox?? I currently have a softmodded Xbox and am familiar with ftp and all that. Used to have tons of scripts for xmbc. I tried one of the numerous lite versions and loved it so much that I now want to go ahead with installing a larger hd and the latest full version of CoinOps.
  3. I apologize in advance for the question. New to this forum but have been on the Xbox/cm forums for years.. Can someone point me to a good tutorial on doing a complete CoinOps 4 install? I have a softmod but have never installed a custom hd. Feel free to pm me. I am certain that this is a ridiculous question to many of you. This is just new territory to me! Thank you in advance for your help.
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