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  1. Has anyone built their own intel nuc KODI box. I need to be schooled, what should I get, what shouldn't I get and openelec setup. I'm looking for a powerful machine, so I won't have to keep buying a new device every year.
  2. Thanks, can't wait to try this out. Nice to see its still going strong.
  3. New update available 0.9.8 OpenGL ES 3 detection bug on Xperia devices fixed, graphics work again.More accurate audio mixing and emulationSoftware rendering and display list performance improvementsWorkaround for timing issue hanging Crash Tag Team RacingGalician languageBuilt-in ARM disassembler improvements (dev feature)Fix for immersive mode volume key issue on Android KitkatAnd more minor tweaks and fixes as always. http://www.ppsspp.org/
  4. Yeah, people are having good success with it on their Ouya's. I'll try it out in the next day or two. I see it working pretty well in some youtube videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fc5zThOetCw. Whats Dreamcast top 10 games?
  5. I have a 350GB hdd, when it fails it doesn't give me a reason, like the name of the file is too long ect. I've tries it 4 times now and I don't get it. I have used flash fxp and file zilla and nothing. I do try to put it on the F patition, I'm thinking of putting it on the E. On my last atempt all folders transfered while all files failed, mostly xbe's.
  6. Trying to ftp Coinops 5 over to my xbox, the past couple of days now, I've tryed differen't ftp app and nothing seems to work. It works for about 25% of it then fails. I don't get what I'm doing wrong.
  7. Forgot about The Killing it is awesome. Watched first two seasons have not watched 3rd one. Guess have to download me some. Copper is good not great, from all the other show's you watch I would think you would like it.
  8. Just tried Falling Skies, I'll have to pass. The acting was a little rough, the premise was good. But at the same time I just watched an episode of three women who are suppose to be witches doing karate, who dont know karate and looked good doing it. I hated everything about it, but then I watched the following show.... Shameful, I don't even know what the show was called. Started Mad Men. Thumbs up on that one.
  9. Under the dome is on during wwe raw here in canada so I never see it, is it worth a download Jitway? What channel is hell on wheels on? Finishing Fringe, good show can't believe it was cancled. The Killing is good, I like the characters. Thinking about starting Mad Men and Under the Dome. Has anyone seen Nip/Tuck?
  10. I just started Prison Break the other day and I love it. What are some of the best TV shows to catch up on. I Have Seen. Breaking Bad Battlestar Galactica The Walking Dead Sparticus
  11. The Imposter, a good unexpected mind freak. A Place Beyond the Pines. It was good.
  12. Junk over at THE ISO ZONE made an auto installer for XBMC4XBOX (3.3) and emu's. http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/xbox/homebrew-apps/xbmc-installer-deluxe-junk-edition/
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