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  1. 1.8GB of downloads per week, and a warm fuzzy feeling* Warm fuzzy feeling side effects include a wide variety of potential problems. The less-severe side effects are temporary nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and a rash. The more serious side effects of warm fuzzy feeling include the following (and more): · hypertension · heart problems · gastrointestinal bleeding · kidney failure · nightmares, hallucinations . rectal bleeding · depression · pulmonary embolism · fever, chills . hairy palms · edema (swelling) of the face, lips, neck, or hands
  2. Retromags would like to extend an offer to any Moderators and Administrators of 1Emulation, sign up at the RM site and and you will be granted a Life Time Premium Membership that will give you 1.8GB of bandwidth per week. Just send me a private message over here, with the user name you chose over at Retromags.
  3. Nintendo Power from issue 8 Sega Visions Next Generation EGM Gamepro Oh and as many of you know, I electronically preserve these
  4. Ok so I got to thinking about Nintendo's games and how they were sold..... NES = Games had a black sleeve SNES = Games had a clear sleeve GB = Games had a clear case N64 = Games were sold naked GBA = Games were sold naked (but you can find sleeves) VB = Games were Naked Gamecube = Games had a case Wii = Games had a case So this begs the question, is there anywhere out there that sells a N64 SLEEVE similar to what the SNES had, I don't want big bulky cases.
  5. I would go kidnap Kira Knightly, Natalie Portman, Kate Beckinsale and Haiden Panettiere....and lock them up with me in my basement for the 7 days
  6. We are currently looking for people to donate there old EGM issues, If anyone wants to help below is a list of which issues we are missing. Electronic Gaming Monthly 1989 - Missing All Issues (1-5) 1990 - Missing 10 Issues (6-8, 10-12, 14-17) 1991 - Missing 3 Issues (20, 23, 27) 1992 - Acquired! 1993 - Missing 1 Issue (44) 1994 - Missing 5 Issues (55, 57, 62, 63, 65) 1995 - Missing 3 Issues (67, 68, 77) 1996 - Acquired! 1997 - Missing 1 Issue (95) 1998 - Acquired! 1999 - Missing 4 Issues (114, 120, 121, 122)
  7. I just created my second website, and right now I am laying down the foundations of the website. The one problem I am up against is I need a website logo. Something minimalistic is all I need, In a retro videogame font if possible (or a font that looks like a video game font) Any help is appriciated .....the name of the site is called "VideoGame-Database.com", Not sure how it will look with the ".com" so its fine to leave that part off. If you need to know what size to make the logo's.......take a look at the forum page and the wiki page.....as those are the 2 pages I need logo's for Thanks Again
  8. I dont think Rukia ever had Bankai Powers, They even go over this between Ichigo and Byuaku's (sp?) fight, It takes centuries to aquire bankai, and lots of training, Its only a requirement for becomming a captain, unless you can beat a captain without it like Kenpachi did
  9. Oh snap, the filler is almost over, and it looks like we are in for some awesome crap, cant wait to find out who all those new characters are Oh and am i wrong or does it look like Rukia gets some bankai powers
  10. Well then give me your top 4-5 strongest characters
  11. Well the reason i put him on there ......is because in episode 15 he is a challenge for Renji (Vice Capt) ......and by episode 50 he is on equal footing with a Captain by defeating 2 of them Plus if you go back to the first few episodes ......Rukias brother when informed that Ichigo drove back a Menos ....thought the intellegence department was incorrect
  12. Ok so lets take 4 of the strongest characters in BLEACH and see who we believe is the strongest.......I put mine in order already of Strongest to weakest Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni Sōsuke Aizen Kurosaki, Ichigo Kariya
  13. No way they are ending this fight on Episode 96 .......Remember the fight between Ichigo and Byakuya......those fights were like 4-5 episodes each My Predictions follow at the bottom ....... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Byakuya will be the first to fall in the three way battle (because of his pride) .....then Ichigo will take some major hits from Kariya and turn into Hollow Ichigo .....Kariya surprised by Ichigos increase in power cant keep up ......and possible with the interference of Ishida ......Kariya retreats ..........then we go back to the cat and mouse game of finding the bounto .....and most likely there will be multiple fights between certain captains and bounto.....then around 10-15 episodes from now .....we will get the conclusion to the filler Thats my predictions
  14. Episode 95 is a good episode .....I wont spoil it ....but i really hope that next week they dont go skipping to another part of the story ......i want to see this fight .....of course we know how its gonna turn out
  15. After we come out of Fillers ......how many episodes do we think it will take to catch up to where the manga is now?? Im really curious as to where this series will end .....Im thinking maybe 120-130 episodes total
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