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  1. I thought it was awesome! I love the inside joke they put in that new trailer with Ganryu's restaurant Chankho Paradise ad. Tekken Tag 2 wasn't a complete surprise to everyone though; it seems that Namco is staying true to releasing a new Tag Tournament game every 3 Tekken games.
  2. I doubt it unless you're prepared to wait YEARS for the console release. This is an observation made on the site in the opening post up there: Everything is HAND DRAWN so it takes MUCH MORE TIME than the characters from SFIV since those are simply 3D polygons.
  3. There is even a promotional movie for the Biohazard Pachinko machine here: Oh, and in case you missed it; here is an article describing that particular pachinko machine's appeal: Resident Evil Pachinko Shows More Than Jill Sandwiches Now are you hooked?
  4. It CAN be called a parry but I wouldn't call it that because unlike Third Strike's parrying system which MAY give the one parrying an advantage; the critical counter system guarantees an advantage for the one doing the critical counter because it not just stops the attack but it also STUNS the receiving character leaving him/her open for a critical counter combo.
  5. First the cast of characters in KoF XII: Andy Bogard Ash Crimson Athena Asamiya Benimaru Nikaido Clark Steel Chin Gentsai DuoLon Goro Daimon Iori Yagami Joe Higashi Kim Kaphwan Kyo Kusanagi Leona Heidern Raiden Ralf Jones Robert Garcia Ryo Sakazaki Shen Woo Sie Kensou Terry Bogard There will be three new gameplay features in the system: Critical Counter, Double Crush and Guard Attack. KoF Online does the best job of explaining it so here is the link to the Critical Counter feature: KOF XII: Critical Counter The other two are explained briefly in the main page: KOF XII’s Official Website & New Gameplay Systems There you have it! New gameplay features and a small number of characters for a KoF game. What do you think?
  6. There will be twenty in the final arcade release tentatively scheduled for April according to Gamespot. They even did a nice detailed interview for Gamespot back in September. Here it is in case you missed it: SNK's long-overdue revamp of flagship brawler set to arrive in Japanese arcades in April of 2009 Here is video footage that includes the character selection screen in the opening minute and as always you can click on it to view it in full screen (high quality available):
  7. I have mapped my keys but after setting the correct date and time; I can't exit the screen and continue! I've tried pressing all of the buttons including Start when I have Select highlighted but it won't exit the screen and go further! How do I get past the set time and date screen in NullDC?
  8. The funny thing is that I took a second look at MagicIso and I discovered the Make CD image option; it allows converting files to .nrg files! I converted it successfully and I can get NullDC to successfully boot up the image but now it won't let me get past the set date and time step...but that is another problem probably better suited for a new topic. I will check back here if you have answers for this new problem though. Thanks!
  9. Woah! I thought my old Nero 7 was old! The scary part is that I just replaced my old Nero 7 to Nero 8 so there are probably even more differences between our respective Nero software. There is so much software bundled into Nero now that I get lost just looking in the Nero 8 folder: NeroBackItUp, Nero Burning ROM, Nero CoverDesigner, Nero Express, Nero Home, Nero MediaHome, Nero PhotoSnap, Nero PhotoSnap Viewer, Nero Recode, Nero ShowTime, Nero SoundTrax, Nero StartSmart, Nero Vision, and Nero WaveEditor. Which piece of Nero software do you use to get to your "Image Recorder?"
  10. I think KoFXII has already let some people down by featuring the fewest number of fighters in any KoF game. The new sprites do look better in high resolution than the old ones; you can see them in action in this location test footage (HD footage available!): What do you expect from KoF XII?
  11. Oh, really? What source are you basing that conclusion on? Virtua Fighter hasn't been more popular than Tekken since the disaster that was Tekken 4. Virtua Fighter 4 and Evolution proved to be more popular than Tekken 4 because players largely hated how hard it was to launch and the uneven stages. The fact that Sega introduced the customization feature in Evolution also gave their game even more replay value too. Tekken 5.0 and the subsequent Tekken games simply crushed Virtua Fighter because it went back to what made it so popular in Tekken 3 and it introduced its own customization features too. Virtua Fighter's extremely demanding learning curve is what limits its popularity even among the Japanese population. This is why even Banpresto's Gundam vs. Gundam is listed as being more popular than VF5R in December.
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