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  1. i just bought a copy of RE:O,50$ along with a network adapter,40$ (my god) so thats 90$ total..im having loads of fun interacting with other players online..its so fun because there are stupid people that just do stupid crap to give me a good laugh and sometimes i would even do stuff on purpose as to screw them over and make them get killed(such as boarding up the doorway, lighting the fuel on fire while my teammates were still standing on the gasoline). man you woudlnt believe how fun this game is!
  2. i'd say..dont do it..and even if she was coming onto you..that still doesnt justify anything..you'll feel guilty about it for sure..i guarantee that
  3. in fighting games i usually never let them win and they are okay with that oh and when im at the arcades..they like to watch me play, but i always make sure to ask them if they feel bored and stuff then we'll go somewhere else to hang out and stuff
  4. hehe maybe in the future that virtual Earth is gonna become one of those advanced virtual reality things
  5. well i meant would my video card be able to handle the graphics?
  6. do you think my outdated geforce2 mx400 will be able to handle atomiswave graphics IF its ever emulated?
  7. as a street fighter hater would say..they should stop wasting good plastic on street fighter characters and put them to good use on kof characters
  8. i hope the gameplay for the kof games dont change just because the graphics change..like what cvs and cvs2 did to it
  9. 120..yay im smarter than george bush himself oh and it says im a word warrior
  10. man wtf is that in your avatar AndymaN..it looks creepy like a worm with legs
  11. the easiest boss for me is..the first boss on r-type 3..just charge up your hyper beam then when he comes into the screen just unleash the hyper on his ass and hes dead
  12. you guys should try this Full Metal Alchemist - 1st opening aka Porno Graffiti - Melissa Full Metal Alchemist - 1st ending aka nana kitade - kesenai tsumi Full Metal Alchemist - 2nd opening aka L'Arc~en~Ciel - ready steady go Full Metal Alchemist - 2nd ending aka Tobiru no Mokou e - Yellow Generation all you people that listen to j-music should try these out and good luck finding em
  13. what!? sephiroth is nothing compared to ruby weapon or emerald weapon..but to me the hardest boss ever was probably the last boss from r-type 3 or whatever r-type that game is so flocking hard..you get hit once and you have to either start from the middle of the stage(which is so damn hard to get through) or its game over and you have to start the whole stage over
  14. Desktop heres mine i hope the color doesnt come out wack..and i dontp lay gunbound my little brother does edit: argh i guess the color did come out wack
  15. i tried out the winkawaks 1.48 version of kof2k3 and the picture is HORRIBLE..the picture was so pixelated and blocky
  16. i dont think its hard to configure..in fact when i first had it all i had to know was to download a game put it in the roms folder and play it..unless you mean configuring video and sound and etc(which isnt so hard)
  17. only reason i love mame is because it is more user friendly than kawaks and i like the ability to be able to do dip switches in kaillera..theres also other stuff too but im too lazy to name them..and what do you mean by it lacks macros? you mean being able to have one button set to commands like a+b and c+d? or do you mean 1 button moves? and also..mame also supports cps-1 and 2, neo-geo, and im not sure about zn-1 or 2..and i dont notice my mame hogging up memory either..so i dont see why its so bad..
  18. i prefer mame too..and i still cant find any customizable controls for kawaks like macros and like having one button be a+c or b+d i think mame is more user friendly than kawaks is
  19. why do you guys think kawaks is better than mame?
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