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  1. I dont know I cant help but to be skeptical about the PSP. Yeah the pics look nice but what games will be released with it? They have potential but they also have the big chance of falling flat on their faces.
  2. Well this is the first edition of this thread. Let me introduce myself. I am Testament and I am here to help you find ways to get women using VIDEO GAMES!!!!!! Today I will tell you what you should be playing to impress the opposite sex. I will explain why in a minute. My List of playable genres are as follows. ----------------------------------------------- Racing Fighting RPGs (this one needs to be done correctly.) Party Games (Mario Party is a big hit) Now to explain why I chose these. Racing ~ Well any woman likes to do things with their man and some a very competitive. Also the speed and the spontaneous crashing also will make them laugh. Be sure to let her win a couple times. Fighting ~ Surprisingly enough women like action as much as some guys. Also it is something you both can play and enjoy. I cannot stress it enough let her win. RPGs ~ This is only for pros. In my experience of playing these games around women I have found that most have a fantasy they want to live out. What better to do it in than a fictional life. Let them play and you watch... bet you'll will hear this phrase "Damn I wish I could do that!!!" a couple of times. But mind you this can also be your downfall so tread softly young grasshopper. Party Games ~ Now this includes a lot of games that the both of you will get a kick out of. Whether it is mario party, fusion frenzy, or whacked even girl just like the song "Only wanna have fun". So using this genre is sure to get her smiling and you want that cause that can only lead to good things. But warning stay away from Dance Dance Revolution they will only make you look like a big dork. Well that is my first post if you have any questions or just wanna say something I may have missed give me a IM on AOL or Yahoo Messenger and I will help you out with your women needs. "If you dont like it I got two words for you "su.... wait thats copywright infringement" BG James
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