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  1. you should watch..Gungrave, Chrno Crusade(Semi-New), GANTZ(New), Tenjou Tenge(New), Kyou Kara Maou(New), Naruto(its ok but im gettin tired of it), and Full Metal Alchemist(Semi-New),
  2. it was this place called Frank & Sons..in california..i forgot what city but its near diamond bar or it is in diamond bar..im not sure, it only took 10 minutes for the guy to put it in you can also do it by taking off the case(leaving the ps2 exposed) of your ps2 also..but you dont want to risk contact with anything in the ps2 do you? espeically the lens..and you dont want the hassle of putting it back in and out after your done yeah and nothing is done to it internally and wont harm your ps2..so if you want to play online games..DNAS wont detect a modchip or anything and will allow you to play try looking around your local chinese game stores..you know, those bootlegging ones, that sell both legit and burned games but if you dont have any near you..i guess you'll have to look for one of those sites that will do it for you when you ship it to them
  3. GryphonKlaw..it had no significance to weirdness..its not like you woke up and you actually did find your HD formatted..but yeah..if that happened to me i would get scared, sometiems dreams do feel real..and do you guys ever wonder why sometimes when you try to get up..but your body doesnt move..but you know your awake, well it has nothing to do with the supernatural..the dumbass VIETS go around saying "omg yesterday a ghost was choking me" yeah right..it actually has somethign to do with your body being awake,but your mind isnt.. i read that in psychology
  4. the swap thing is just cover..where they replace your old ps2 cover with another one that allows a fliptop..just like a ps1..ill try my best to give you an image of it.. but instead they take off the upper part of the case and it looks ilke this You still have the push-button ejecting drive..but now they have taken off the upper part and added a lid of some sort so it will act as a ps1(allowing you to swap)..where my friend got it from..he had his come with a CD swapper and a DVD swapper disc..along with installation(costed him only $45)
  5. chappelle's show is flockin hilarious
  6. that was on ogrish awhile ago
  7. well this one time..i had a dream, about doing something..then as me and my family were going back from somewhere..i noticed this little green house..i dont know why but it attracted my attention..then the following morning..we went to the beach, and as we were coming back..thats when i saw it, it was that green house..i was like wtf? talk about weird deja vu..this was very strange indeed, i'm not lying..this really happened back then i was about the age of 9
  8. the goriest thing i ever seen was when i was checking in my friends profile and he had a link..and i wondered what it was then i clicked on it and it was a clip of a guy getting his head cut off with a knife
  9. yeah..when i play with my friend he would accidently grab me and i would accidently grab him back..and that would be ok..we would say sorry every time we did a grab and im not talking about move grabs like.."hcf+K" NO!
  10. i know you can learn and adapt but..there are those people that are good that still grab..and they will learn to adapt too..it gets annoying after awhile..being grabbed at least 5 times per round, yeah i may sound like im ranting but hey..wouldnt you get annoyed after awhile too? especially when 98% of the people that you play is an excess grabber..i know how to cancel a grab, i know how to press CD after you block an attack, i know how to do reversals/wakeup attacks too..i am NOT a noob, i KNOW how to adapt but if the person your playing is just as persistent and knows some mind tricks with grabs it just ruins the game, i know its not impossible but it get quite annoying after awhile seeing your character being slammed to the floor repeatedly, because you just get tired trying to figure out what button they are gonna use to grab you..is it C? is it D? who knows?..and no i dont blame the people if i lose..i just think its frustrating to go out like that..i would prefer them to do a combo that took half my life than a grab..i just hate grabs..all my friends think grabbing is cheap no matter how "well" you can adapt to it..back when i was still a noob, i went to the arcade to play some kof2k2..when i accidently grabbed this korean guy he literally stood up and started cussing me out
  11. hah! in ggxx a grab/throw can even lead to a combo! talk about cheap
  12. what do you exactly do to "bust a ghost"?
  13. is there really such thing as real life ghostbusters?
  14. i dotn see how these people can hold their heads up high and be proud of beating someone with a grab..one time this guy told me this "dude, would you like me to combo you instead?" then i said "yes i would like that very much" but instead he just stops talking and continues grabbing
  15. i know how to do wakeup/reversal attacks but they dont always work man..that person could be smart enough to just keep running but at hte last moment they'll block and your in the just waiting to get pounded after doing a f, qcf + P move
  16. i also hate turtlers too..but..what i hate more is people that turtle AND grab(excessively)..but i know a great strat against a turtler..TURTLE HIM BACK..i wish the same could be said about grabbing but form e..it just doesnt feel right to switch from playing fairly to sinking to their level and grabbing
  17. yeah..thats right, i said it! GRABBING IS CHEAP!! i was playing a couple games of kof2k3 and like 99% of the players grab like a mofo! i cant stand it! how would you like it if you did a jump D, then as you were going to perform a combo, that person GRABS you EVEN though the jump D CLEARLY hit him, this CANCELS out your combo and causes mad frustration! i try to play fairly against people and yes i do know how to counter a grab but after awhile it just gets tired..all i see is..*the guy rolls* as he is about to get up *grab*..also..heres another situation of a frustrating grab moment.. you just did a combo, causing that person to fall on the floor..then as you run next to his body and prepare to do something..right hwne he gets up he GRABS you..then while your on the ground that leaves you open to some mind games..then next thign you know a full bar goes down to half, and sometimes even death! grabs, although do a moderate amount of damage..they DO add up, especially when its a moment where you and your opponent has a hairline of life, but you coulda had alot more if that person hadnt grabbed you..but considering that you never grabbed the person and probably only grabbed him a few tiems by accident or grabbed him by press C because you thought he was going to grab you, that would mean your the better player..but when that person wins..they act as if they played you on the same condition..a grab is not on the same level as a jab or whatever..its a GRAB..grabs are a biatch to get out of and they do 3 times more damage than a jab..whats so hard about pressing f+C or f+D? a little command that can screw up combos..heres another example of a "biatch" grab.. shen does his qcf+C or qcf+A..you block it then as you try to combo him..he just holds the forward button and continuously taps C or D..wouldnt that piss you off? that was clearly a mistake that shen made and YOU as a player is supposed to punish him for that mistake..but instead he grabs you and gets out of it..and even if you counter that grab he still gets away..like wtf man
  18. black rappers believe in god, and they do lots of mean things, like diss other people lol
  19. infernal affairs is a pretty good chinese mafia movie
  20. the "flaw" in evolution is wrong..read the replies he got
  21. http://www.game-attitude.com/PAGE-Test.php3?N=4269 go to that biohazard 4 trailer link and right click and save target as
  22. well i hope they both lost their virginity before they met their untimely death
  23. what you need is AV not VGA..VGA makes it so you can do normal TV stuff on your computer monitor(which is crap)
  24. yeah what i do is..i make things seem like an accident/im a noob(i may be new to this game, but im a resident evil veteran, and it took me 5 minutes to get the hang of it)
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