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  1. 1. In Japan, Balrog was named M. Bison, M. Bison was named Vega, and Vega was named Balrog. They thought Mike Tyson would get pissed so they changed the boxer's name to Balrog, and thusly had to change Balrog's name to Vega, and Vega's name to M. Bison, therefore solving the problem. 2. Jumpiness is cheap, which is why newbies do it so much, and the kind of jumping you're talking about doesn't give you an advantage at all. Jumping randomly is the only way you WON'T die like that... because if it's random you're not so predictable, like Guy and ppl that use him. Also, just for the record, anybody who does all that jumping is an idiot anyway, so there is no "jumping around like an idiot"
  2. Speed is an advantage. But "hoppiness" gets you killed a lot. Vega is actually pretty good... he's arguably the best character in alpha 3 just because if you level him up in world tour mode, set his ratio to +4 attack, and give him Guard Crush Plus and Damage Plus, then put him in V mode, activate custom combo with Jab Punch and Short Kick, then just continue doing Fierce Punch Rolling Crystal Flashes, carnage ensues since if they don't block, they're about dead. If they do block, with Damage Plus he can do almost 40% damage even though they blocked, and with guard crush plus, their guard meter will be utterly destroyed unless they're X mode zangief or something. Vega is good, and he can hop just as much as Guy, but Vega doesn't do it as much because he has to charge, which makes him a lot harder to beat and predict. guy's so easy to predict and defend against it's pitiful. I can beat him with Zangief... but then again I use Zangief a lot. I've never seen anybody who actually won by doing all that hopping around, unless they were playing Marvel vs. Capcom or playing against newbies or something. Oh well, new concept 4 me I guess.
  3. Ok, here's a quick question. On the PSX, you can get an alternate 'Arcade' version of Balrog, as opposed to the one available before you unlock the other one. My question is, what's the difference between these two? Plz be as detailed as u can, and thanks for the help.
  4. I leech, but I admit to it. I don't know whether it could be considered an excuse or not... but I'm legally blind. I see things the exact same way normal people do, but things are smaller. So I have to get close to read. I mean in arcades, a lot of times the screens are kind of back in a cbainet and I can't see crap. I'd have to climb up on there to read what the hell was going on. Sure for a game I'm familiar with reading is unnecessary, but on new games I have no clue. I can still see fine to fight, but if I don't have the game at home so i can read and figure out what I'm doing, I'm pretty much screwed. I don't get out to arcades much. Really the closest one I know of is in the lobby of a movie theatre, and most of it's not that good... they have like a dozen old games like Die Hard Arcade and Ms Pac Man, and then they have MK4 and House of the Dead (which rules) and a few Daytona games and one big screen luxury chair, multiple foot wide machine that was playing a first person shooter game I don't remember the name of the last time I was there. Besides, this place is like 30 mins away from me... and because of my vision I can't drive. Anyway, that's just why I don't really play in arcades. Granted I'd love to. I mean I love having competition with my friends. We have LAN parties and bash each other all the time. Really the only memorable experience I had in arcade was one time they had Mortal Kombat 2 in, and this was during the era I had it on Sega Genesis and I knew all the fatalities and everything. I sat there smacking people around for like an hour until we had to leave (I was a kid, I am 17 now I don't remember how old I was). Anyway, I don't think emulation is to blame for the decline of arcades. I think there are several factors, emulation really being one of the least of them. Location: Location is a factor I consider. I mean, for me the nearest arcade is 30 minutes away, but if there was one like 5 minutes away I'd probably be there every time I could get a ride to it. When you have to go a certain distance, it's just not worth going to the arcade very often. I think it would help arcades greatly if they were more numerous, and more extendent into urban areas, but I know that's not economically the best decision. But making them more numerous is... I guess people that live in rural areas (like me) would still just have to suffer. Slackers: When you have arcade managers or workers who are slackers that don't care if the controls for a game are broken, that's bad. Really the only thing that the arcades offer that you can't get at home are competition with strangers and all the good stuff that comes with the social aspect of that. Normally when I've seen broken controls, one player's controls worked and the other side was broken. That's not quite as bad as if both of them were broken, but either way it eliminates the possibility for two people to wage war against each other, and that's really the only thing people can get out of arcades that they can't get at home. Game Companies: The REAL reason to blame, is the behavior of the game companies. For several reasons... one of them being a lack of originality. We see this in SNK A LOT. I mean lately, they haven't made many changes, and most of the changes they've made sucked. Not only that, it' sjust little things, like not ever giving people new outfits, even the chief characters (like Iori) and creating redundant characters, like Ash. K' was kind of pressing the envelope, but K's cool enough. Anyway, 3 is ok, 4 is just running it into the ground. (Flamers is what I mean.) Also, like somebody earlier said, giving up, feeling they've lost to consoles. That's stupid on their part. If they had half a brain they'd know that. I mean, hell... what has Capcom been doing? They put out one of the best games of all time, Capcom vs. SNK 2, and they turned that over to Sega, which would have been a good thing porting it to the Dreamcast, but turning it over to Sega for marketing was very stupid. Anyway, I haven't seen a fighting game from Capcom since. I mean what the hell happened to street fighter? By what happened, I mean where did it go... I haven't seen a new street fighter game in years. But even Street Fighter 3 was declined. I mean the parry system was great and all, but they made some mistakes... like getting rid of some of the classic characters, like Zangief and Chun-Li. (If Chun-Li was in SF3 I'm going to feel realy stupid... but I know Hugo replaced Zangief, which is an utter travesty.) New blood is important, but jesus you don't need to get rid of all the good old characters. And I know damn well that they had room on the boards. I mean, on the CPS-2 board for example, street fighter alpha 3 had a large number of characters... and the CPS-3 board is far superior, I know it could have just as many and still have better graphics. Arcade Owners:Another aspect is overcharging. I mean, the way I see it, no game should cost a dollar to play unless it's one of those sit in cabinets with a big screen. I think 50 cents is plenty for a new game. I mean, at least twice as many people would play it that way, and they'd play it more often. Not so new games should be a quarter. Also, I think Arcade owners should realize that the chief benefit of arcade gaming as opposed to console gaming is the social experience, and I think they should support that more. Like holding public street fighter tournaments on the local level... I mean I'm sure they do, but they should hold more. I've never heard of one in my area... lol. People that live back in the boonies need arcades too!
  5. Hey ppl. Plz help me on this, I'm gonna start using a rom manager, and I don't know which one to get. I think Romcenter is better based on the amoutn of ppl i've seen using it, but you can't get it in zip format, only in exe... bah.
  6. The beginning of nothing else matters is just a series of open strings in this order. Note I'll use a capital E when i mean the low E string, and a lowercase e when I mean the High E string. E G B e B G Then just keep repeating that over until the part the difficult part starts... you have to do it fingerstyle without a pick. I can tab it out for you if you want, I have the actual sheet music for it in a book.
  7. Claiming that MAME is superior because it supports those old games... would be like saying that a beat up chevy blazer is superior to a Lambourghini Diablo because it holds more people. That's obviously BS, and it's a fitting analogy. [Edit] Switch out a beat up chevy blazer with a nursing home bus... because it carries more people, and most of them are old. That's a better analogy.
  8. Connery. Definitely. "It'sh no big deal. I jusht getsh a little Connery in my voish when I get exceptionally randy, that'sh all. And I'll thank you to shtay out of my pershonal affairsh!"
  9. My PC can handle MAME fine. But it doesn't look as good as Nebula for one thing... and has about half the features for another. I'm bandwidth challenged myself. MAME doesn't have emulation that's any more accurate than the other emus... in any aspect other than the fact that MAME runs pacman and the games that weren't on systems (i.e. CPS-x etc.).
  10. I are a tightwad... lol. Besides, my monitor is a 19" flat panel... and it's a lot easier on my eyes than the T.V... which is good for me because I'm visually handicapped. If I felt like it I'd go to blockbuster and rent the thing to make an ISO out of it, but I'm lazeh.
  11. Kawaks doesn't support different control configs for each game, (as far as I know, I really haven't used it except the 1.48 dev to play kof2k3) but Nebula does quite nicely. You make one file for a specific config. My nickname is Fuzzy... so I make one called Fuzzy's King of Fighters (1) and another one called Fuzzy's King of Fighters (2)... and at the control config screen I can select what config I want (for any game, I could load my KOF controls up for street fighter games if I wanted to, but that would suck.) and then just hit load. I really only use this when I get a new game, because I set up a set of controls and stick with them. As far as different video configs go, you can't beat Nebula. Nebula supports a lot more video features, I mean I have it set to use my video card, but sometimes I use the HQ2x plugin or one of the others. I really have no use for the Direct 3D one because my video card looks better anyway. I keep all my Emulators in one folder on my desktop called "Emulators", and on my desktop I have shortcuts to most of the Emulators I use. It doesn't get at all cluttered... as you can see... http://angelfire.com/extreme3/uda/shot.jpg http://angelfire.com/extreme3/uda/shot2.jpg I've used Nebula, Kawaks, NeoRageX and MAME. I don't like Kawaks much, the graphics aren't nearly as good as Nebula, it has much less video plugins and such. The sound gets fuzzy a lot (as well as the graphics) and you hav eto pause the emulation every time you exit it, which gets really annoying. As far as MAME goes, I'd keep it around if I ever played pong and crap like that... but I don't, so I don't need it. EDIT Next time resize your pics so they are smaller in file and frame size. James
  12. Of course it's Mai, I would know that ass anywhere. God... reminds me of the Fatal Fury animes. Jesus H. Christ what I wouldn't give for that woman to be a real person. I'm not obsessed, Mai is just that damn hot. lol.
  13. Yea, awesome song. Minus Human was such an awesome song from that album, and it's so simple it's probably the first "whole song" that I learned to play. I mean, my progression on the guitar was like this: Intro riff to Unforgiven Intro riff to Enter Sandman Unforgiven verse riff Intro riff to Nothing Else Matters Felt like I sucked and put my guitar down to collect dust for a year In August of 2003, took Jazz Band because I had nothing else to fill an elective. Austin Powers Theme James Bond Theme Secret Agent Man Learning those, especially Secret Agent Man, taught me the basic chords and got me used to switching between them. Intro to One Intro to Turn the Page Minus Human For Whom the Bell Tolls Intro to Wherever I May Roam Outside Lead to outside (I normally play Rhythm) Low Man's Lyric Mama Said The rest of Enter Sandman The complete intro riff to Nothing Else Matters (before I just played the open string part) Outlaw Torn The intro to Sad but True Tuesday's Gone The intro to No Leaf Clover Hero of the Day Fade to Black Until it Sleeps Fixxxer I'm still working on The Unforgiven II Seek and Destroy Intro to Harvester of Sorrow Phew, that's all I can think of right now... probabluy not in the right order, but you get what I mean, I learned one riff at a time, usually really scattered like.
  14. Again, nobody is giving much of a reason for liking MAME... so I'm just sticking with my assumption that most people used it first and stuck with it... later becoming stubborn to the prospect of switching. It's really not right to say that Nebula and Kawaks wouldn't have existed without MAME. For one most obvious reason, Nebula and Kawaks were both done in Visual C++ instead of mingw. That means the only thing they would have taken from MAME would have been the drivers, and as much as you want to disagree, they would have figured out the drivers in time just like the MAME guy did. Hell, even if no emulator had been invented up to this point, someone would make one in the future. There will always be somebody to figure something out if no one else does... so you can't assume things like that. Although I think it would be safe to assume there'd be no Nebula or Kawaks if people weren't able to dump arcade boards .
  15. Lol. Well, I knew there were some errors in translation, but that's where everywhere calls it so what was I to do? Anyway, one thing about Gen is that he definitely uses Mantis and Crane fighting styles. Sakura and the lesser... um... antatsutos? are still in the same category. A friend and I have this inside joke where we call Sakura Matt Puckett... because this guy we know with the same hair style dressed up like a cherrleader one day for a pep rally stunt, and sakura looks just like him... lol. Yea, I saw Alpha 3 for the PSX. That looks like it would have been very awesome gameplay. I looked high and low for an ISO of it but I can't find one. Blah. The arcade Alpha 3 pretty much sucks.
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