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  1. press tab, go to dip switches, change arcade to home, press tab again, press shift+f10, then press f3
  2. ever since i got kof..i think all street fighter series are pathetic
  3. i like iori too hes one of my favorites and i think ash is pretty cool too dont know how many would agree with me on ash but yeah
  4. i think iori because when he is standing still he looks normal but when he walks..ugh
  5. i remember back in the days when i had 56k..damn it was hell..using netzero, only 10 hours a month..do you know what that is like?..i used to dream about having cable modem SERIOUSLY!! but now that i do its like a dream come true..i never took my cable modem for granted this was like 4 years ago EDIT: Please stay with topic of this thread James
  6. people go crazy and get orgasms because they are "die-hard fans"
  7. actually its not very new..you can download them at www.kof-manga.com
  8. mukai can crouch its just it doesnt show taht he crouches
  9. Now I leave a warning them of team EFMP: First of all you do not have nor idea of which they have done, first of everything they have leaked material prevailed, and they have robbed people whom money in a ROM invested that has been robbed or leaked. The EFMP has made a decision and is jamas I repeat jamas to put nor a ROM but it publishes all new roms you would seran very controlled and they absolutely did not go to anybody. Agradeceis to the clowns whom they like to filter things. I go to speak with semi and Razoola so that there is a punishment that makes think you just a little bit about respecting to demas and not to be thieves. Teniamos we but roms, new dumpeos and dumpeos nondone of snk, everything it is annulled, you enjoy you a robbed ROM. I hope that snk carge and is fulfilled the threat. The EFMP takes leave for always i just ran this off with babelfish..its kinda hard to make out some words but you can tell they are mad
  10. it doesnt have anything that pops up in your face does it? like one of those sites where it shows you sometihng for awhile then a face pops up and screams OMG!! i went there and i saw the HEAD OF A CORPSE THAT crap FREAKED ME OUT!!
  11. well when im buying a joystick i look for a perfect 360 stick with at least 6-10 buttons but thats just my opinion..but if you want just test it out and see if you like it
  12. yeah i also heard iori yell out "NAKE SAKEBE SOSHITE"
  13. i think its fake..i think they just played the kof03 intro on windows media player or something and fullscreened it
  14. KOF~!!! forget street fighters they already have em, even a live action one
  15. what about ultimame32? i thought ultimame32 was able to run kof2k3 and according to http://www.infinite-emulation.com it says it will be released on march(which is the same time when the AES version comes out march 11).
  16. but if i buy a MAS stick thats compatible with PC it will still work on my PC right? since its not an IBM but a P4
  17. so your saying i have to buy a MAS stick thats for ps or ps2 then buy that adapter for it to work with my PC?
  18. wait a minute..isnt this topic strictly about kof2003 news not "atomiswave" or "sammy" or "guilty gear"? and this one site says kof2003 wont be out until march (i dont wanna post the site because im afraid ill get warned) (Edit: GameCop.. Comment: You were not warned for that, you were warned for.. Do not post spam or obviously fake images to roms or games!) alrighty then heres the site www.infinite-emulation.com
  19. ok thanks alot i've made up my mind..im gonna get a MAS stick btw does a MAS stick work with a Pentium 4 PC? if so what kind of slot is it for? USB? and if i put it in will i be able to use my mouse and keyboard?
  20. hey im wondering..im so hyped up about buying an x-arcade and i was planning to buy it real soon but now that i heard your opinions on the x-arcade im kinda skeptical about getting it now..i was planning to use it for my PC to play kof and stuff, im still kinda confused about why it sucks..does it suck for fighting games like kof? and what about that MAS stick? is that good for kof?
  21. tell me exactly what you want the joystick for and i'll tell you what i think about it ie: fighting games??? which ones and other things you want to use it for yeah fighting games..like kof and stuff
  22. im thinking of buying an x-arcade soon.. so merchant are you saying an x-arcade is no good?
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