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  1. I can't seem to find Chankast Utilities .25 anywhere... anyone have a live link? Wanna use speedpig option :/ Thanks
  2. trying running fraps in the background lol.... Or more practically read this: Q: Some games are running too fast! Is there a way to make them run slower? A: Yes! To make the games run at 60fps (which is their normal speed) do the following: Right click to your desktop and click "properties". This will open the Display Properties. From there click the "settings" tab and then click "advanced". This will open a new window. From there choose the "Monitor" tab, set the "monitor refresh rate" to 60 Hertz and then click "Apply". IMPORTANT NOTES: 1: If you have ever changed the settings of your video card drivers you may also need to enable the "wait for Vertical Sync" option from the drivers configuration of your video card. 2: This works only in Fullscreen mode.
  3. Does anyone have a link to .25 utlities? I want to use the speed option for Chankast .25. Thanks
  4. Winmugen's sound is just way too loud in general... is there any effective way to adjust this? This question has been prolly asked many times- I have soundmax device for my labtop I've already tried adjusting the volume settings via notepad/options didnt work
  5. The original link to the everything vs everything screenpack appears to be down. Does anyone have an alternate link? Thanks
  6. Movie had good fight scenes, but not much else... just a lot of graphical fluff & scenes that would make sephiphiles drool... Heres a more vindictive review which I tend to agree with: all action, zero plot, and character exhibitions galore... dont get me wrong, im not totally condemning the movie... just its inner content, even knowing and being a diehard of the content of the game and adding that on, still seems to lack the game's soul... yeah, the cg was amazing... but that was about it... otherwise it was basically a toliet swirl of action... and some things didnt make sense... the music wasn't good either.. adding guitar and rockish beat to sephiroth's music was just plain wrong... it didnt sound cool... it sounded awful >_< There are two types of ff7 fans, those that will defend this movie till the end, looking past its many flaws, and those that will realize it does it no justice... anyways has anyone watched the last order yet? Which film do you guys think is worse, AC or Spirits within? Again I praise the film for its stunning cg and fighting scenes but all in all its sheer graphiical splendor and quite shallow underneath... even if you were some die hard ff7 fanboy.. its hard to not see past the nonsensical nature, the fact that people dont stay dead... and defying the law of physics at every twist and turn.... whats up with *RENO saying yo, all the time? Or did I just get a bad subtitle? really annoying... What had the potential to be a promising movie was nothing more than graphical fluff to keep fanboys oogling at the visual splendors... had they made the movie based on actual unfolding of events of ff7 the game, it would have had far more potential... ====SPOLIER ALERT================ Things that made no sense/bad parts For instance what happened to the fireball that bahamut shot? just cuz shot killed the summon, are we to assume that the shot dissolved with the monster? thats ridicioulous, among other things... Whats up with the baptism allusion scene in the end? what exactly were the kiddies infected with? The other characters didnt get enough air time, and there was virtually no character depth nor development... i.e. Vincent, Yuffie, Red 13 looked like crap.... yah... Whats up with all the cell phones.? was it doing some promotional thing like MIB? cellie infomercial... although the tifa fight with the cellie victory ring town I must admit was pretty good/funny... anyways..albeit heres the reason I came to this forum the first place I have a question for y'alls: Does anyone have a link for Final Fantasy 7:Last Order english subtitles? Thx
  7. Post links to your favorite game midis here... http://www.midishack.net/gamemidi/SMB3lev2.mid Anyone know where to find disgaea midis ?
  8. Just wondering of any of ya have ever had (or known) somebody that got a haircut style modeled after some video game/ anime character. My couz had a dbz hair cut, kinda freaky, wish I had a photo Anyways do share http://members.shaw.ca/mh1/Funny2.jpg just wait to u see #3
  9. http://www.malevole.com/mv/misc/tribute/
  10. What are your impressions after watching the movie? Was it in your opinion/ according to the Bible an accurate depiction of Christ? What was added, changed or skewed in your opinion. Was the overall message of salvation portrayed in a successful way? What struck you the most (emotionally, intellectually, or spiritually) about this film? or.....the more generic question... Did you like the movie? -------------------------------------------------------- http://cagle.slate.msn.com//news/PassionCh...Christ/main.asp Here are some opinions from political cartoons http://donghaeng.net/english/duty.htm
  11. So all goats have "pica" then? For me, just potato bugs (was trying to shoot them out of the straw at my lil sister )
  12. Love is selfless... so instead of moping around feeling self pity I went out to share the love of Christ with others The misconception of the world today is love is self focused on themselves and because of that all is misconshrewed. In addition Valentines day was actually founded by. St. Valentine was throw in prison for his faith and their he preached the love of Christ to others. Just here to encourage that our the true meaning of Valentines day even though it may ignite the flames of dispute, especially because this is a secular forum. My apologies for any "offense" this may have caused but its just what i did for valentines day =)
  13. Is there a way to get full screen mode via netplay for kawaks ? (Besides alt enter, I'm looking for a fixed config)
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