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  1. Like the title in one of 2Pac's songs, The Good Die Young. He lied, cheated, and stole all out hearts away when he performed. He will be missed.
  2. Actually the songs are compressed in an afs file. I extracted the file, replaced the songs, but I want to compress it into the afs file that is necessary to play the tracks.
  3. - Jason-chan Box art is fucking amazing. For all you suckers, it's coming on Xbox with online play in U.S. Just as good seeing as how the PS2 is offically on life support now in North America (Xbox sweep is coming soon, so life support is on). Worth importing now. Release date of 6/23 (JAPAN) the "around" release date as no offical-offical one is out, but seeing it at or around 6/23 is good enough. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The box art is the ONLY good thing. It's a shame that they really didn't make an effort to fully utilize Sammy's Atomiswave system. This game wasn't bad, but it seems like we're still playing on the MVS system.
  4. Do you know where to get a No-CD Patch for Shikigami no Shiro EX?
  5. I have Shikigami no Shiro 2. Agozer, I have a problem while running the game. The title logo will be all streched out, is there any way to fix that?
  6. There has been a version of CVS2 for the Dreamcast with DDR music on it. I also have this game on my XBox (in my HDD). I want to know if the music files on both games are the same. I want to replace the original music files on the XBox version with files on the DC version (DDR music). I have the Japan version of CVS2 for Dreamcast and the PAL version for XBox. Is it even possible to accomplish? If so, which are the audio files I need to copy?
  7. It worked for all, but one game since the disc is messed up. Thanks anyways.
  8. I was just wondering if there is a way that I can copy my original XBox games directly to the hard drive? If so, what program would I use to achieve this. I have attempted to copy it with dvd2xbox but that doesn't work.
  9. I know Metal Slug 4 and King Of Fighters 2002 were released for the XBox in Japan recently, but does anyone know if these games will fit on a CD-R?
  10. All I have 2 say is sweet!!!
  11. I was wondering if there's a list of the XBox games that will fit on an ordinary CD-R? I am not requesting any games, only a list of games that can fit on a 700MB CD.
  12. It's the new phone company that is taking the nation by storm. It uses VOIP (Voice Over IP) technology. My question is before I make the switch, what should I know about this service? I'm hoping that there are a few customers on these forums.
  13. Believe it or not, this game was released on the PC back in Spetember. It was only released in Japan so there's no English in it. Is there a patch available that will will display pretty much evrything in English? Your help is greatly appricated.
  14. That was before, you should read the current reviews. http://www.webhostingjury.com/reviews/Canaca
  15. Canaca OMG, I've never seen prices this low. For $16.95 a month, you can have up to 30 GB of storage space and 600 GB of Bandwidth Traffic!!! I was wondering if any of you guys have heard of this host before? They allow streaming radio and.htaccess and everything else. People that want to start a new website might be insterested in this plan, it's a dream come true.
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