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  1. 1. Go to http://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=8372518 after you read the rest of the instructions and decide if you want to complete the requirements for the free iPod. 2. Enter your email address and create a password. 3. Now you need to complete one of the offers they have listed. I did the free AOL trial and quit after 3 days before I was charged anything. They also have video professor, petcare, a credit card, and a couple of other offers. 4. Finally, you need to get five of your friends to sign up and complete an offer. This is the hard part, but if you have some friends or family who will help you get a free iPod then you're set. 5. After five of your friends have completed their offer, you're done. They will send you out a free iPod This take a little work, but hey, a free iPod's worth it. I hope this is usefull to someone and will hopefully save some people some money.
  2. i'll check it out from suprnova
  3. i would like to play a bit of kof2k3 on kaillera, but i use mame emusocrax
  4. this 3d game is gonna kick tekken's ass on so many levels..speaking of tekken, read this http://maddox.xmission.com/c.cgi?u=ikaruga
  5. mm homemade beverages such as molotov cocktails?
  6. what's the difference between a pizza and a jew? pizza's don't scream when they are thrown into the oven LOLOLOL!!!111!!one!!one!
  7. lol DBZ, the basic pattern it has was.. 1. Power up for 30 episodes 2. Enemy is kamehameha'd to death
  8. the gungrave game was boring, short, repetitive, and the Grave in the game acts nothing like the Grave in the anime, especially with that dumbass taunt or pose he does when you press L2 or R2(although i have nothing against the anime)..you should try real action games like DMC1 or Bujingai
  9. you should watch Kono Minikukumo Utsukushii Sekai or just Konomini for short.. too lazy to give details try www.anidb.net hellsing was probably the worst anime i have ever seen, the whole point of it all was to demonstrate how powerful Arikado or Alucard or Arucard is also try GANTZ and the GANTZ manga
  10. i don't think there's really that much games worth renting..unless you just want to burn them and keep them for novelty or soemthing
  11. Gackt - mizerable as well as other great songs of his
  12. lol, when i first saw this topic i thought it meant..some jerk decided to put snake venom into this kid's diaper
  13. you should! devil may cry is such a great game but devil may cry 2 just blows hard..devil may cry 2's dante must die! mode was easier than devil may cry 1's normal mode
  14. i got bored and had nothing to do til the newer games arrive so i decided to play devil may cry all over again..but last time i didn't accomplish super dante so then i decided to beat dante must die! mode..and i tell you, it is no cake walk, bosses like nightmare and griffon that never used to piss me off during normal or hard makes you just wanna give up all hope, but i persisted and finally found perfect strategies in beating em! then when i finally got to Mundus, i just raped him with all my items and escaped the island and boom! i was home free..whew! what a day!(although many of you might not care or think so) p.s. i'm having a blast slaughtering demons with infinite devil trigger
  15. i own one of those imaginary phones where i clench my fist while extending my thumb and pinky
  16. there's no such thing as "cheap" shots when you're serving justice!
  17. square-enix is rich man!! what other gaming company can invest over 100million on a movie(ff spirits within)..although it wasn't good..
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