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  1. im kinda slow..but whats the release dates on these 2 games?
  2. thats ur opinion coz ur only in ep 20 , thou u had ur own comment, got milk dude? ONLY 20 episodes!?!?..if 20 episodes wasnt enough to get me hooked..why should i continue watching? i should've gotten hooked by the 2nd episode at most..and im not saying the producers of naruto owes me anything..im just stating my opinion on what i think about naruto..dont get me wrong, i gave this anime a chance and no i dont understand this "m00n" language..maybe you should not speak "m00n" language to someone who doesnt understand
  3. i've seen it..saw the first 20 episodes(just thought it would pick up sooner or later)..got bored..and AJ sucks and naruto does not make you successful in life kthxbai
  4. well..i bought a ps2 game and ordered the fastest delivery possible and all together it costed 71 dollars..but i didnt order it ot my address..i ordered it to my friend's neighbor lol
  5. if i found a lost credit card somewhere and i tried to buy something online..what would happen if i get caught? and lets say.im under 18
  6. just because you hate a certain kind of people does not mean you lack intelligence(as stated in taratata's post)..do i HAVE to be open to all types of people? everybody has their own opinions. you may ask whats wrong with gay people? but ill ask whats right with them? just because you think gay people should be accepted and treated equally does not mean our reasons for not liking them is wrong
  7. i dont have any insecurities with my sexuality and i am not battling with feelings of being gay. IF i hate black people, would that mean i feel insecure with my race/nationality/ethnicity or am i battling with feelings of being black? no. i have my own reasons to hate gay people and mainly because they crave attention and go around acting like they are better than the majority of people. They think they have better taste than straight men (what? better taste because they have shitake mushrooms in their mouth and ass?lol). And, I have not met a gay person that is not like how i described yet. There are plenty of stuff about gays that makes me hate them but I don't feel like going into it, and it is not because I've run out of reasons. edit: and i also keep these feelings inside and only release it when necessary, on certain gays that piss me off
  8. im not a homophobe but you can say i HATE them..
  9. you can umm..download and burn it =X that way you dont have to import anything
  10. #reload is for ps2..but you ahve to import it
  11. guilty gear xx reload > guilty gear xx
  12. im gonna download it and burn it hohoho..and it looks like some mugen crap to me so far..
  13. just get a saitek p220..its only 10 bucks and unless your a person who uses analog for a fighting game then get p880 which is 20 but if you are a person that wants rumble or analog or both..then get the p2500 rumble i think thats 30 dollars..you can probably buy from your local fry's electronics if not..then you either have to order it online or look for a store around you that sells saitek pc pads
  14. shinobi, revenge of shinobi, shinobi 3, garou, doom or any FPS game that gave me a major headache, and dumbass disney games
  15. wow..they must be rich mofos..how much did it cost them?
  16. how are they ugly?..they just take off the PS2 logo and just give it a plain black case with the flip-top
  17. wtf...i dont want anything destroyed man i think the fliptop is safe enough..the fliptop is just a case where they would have to take off the original case and put on the new one, and only thing that can probably happen is if that person doing it for you or you..accidently spill a drink on it or something and you cant just swap by pressing the eject button and swapping a disc..NO! because sony "tried" to prevent this by making it so the ps2 will detect the drive being opened and when you put in a new disc..it will check the new disc before proceeding
  18. that means you gotta forward a port since its not connecting
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