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  1. hentai is not bad..hell, people even blah to hentai..not me though (Edited For Content, Read Board Rules)
  2. i read the death note manga..it's a damn good mystery manga and it's about this guy who gets a death note from a shinigami(god of death), and whoever's name he writes on the death note will die. He decides to rid the world of criminals while police agencies and detectives try to track him down. you can get them here or here.
  3. i'd go with uhh..square-enix since they seem to be rich
  4. why not just take teh HDD out then? and i'm pretty sure the dms3 will work with a HDD
  5. the japanese ps2 import doesn't have a story mode..but i think the korean version does. i like to play as Ky Eddie Dizzy Robo-Ky and sometimes Sol
  6. is chronicles of riddick the prequel or sequel to pitch black?
  7. i've seen it, i think it's a big snore good thing i saved myself 9 bucks by getting it off suprnova lol
  8. wtf, don't use rubbing alcohol, it's not good for your lens...go to your local electronics store, they might have a bottle of those chemicals specifically formulated to clean lenses edit: and use a q-tip to apply it
  9. anyone seen it? it looks pretty good. it's some japanese samurai movie. i've seen trailers and i'm downloading it off suprnova as of now(yeah i'm a pirater). you can get the trailer here click
  10. Specs are P4 1.6ghz processor Asus motherboard(i don't know what model but it's an asus) 256mb ddr ram geforce 2 mx400 video card sound blaster live 5.1 sound card maxtor 37gb harddrive with 11.3gb free space (might help to know) and some other drives i'm running windows xp service pack 2 beta i try to play CS, Starcraft, and Mame games..they all freeze, only programs i have running in the background is AIM, mIRC, and winamp. it freezes and makes some beep that goes on forever.
  11. my computer freezes when i play games..any guesses on what might be the problem?
  12. one day, you should bust down the door with an m16 and unload rounds on them.
  13. how are you able to post here if your computer is broken?
  14. animenfo sucks..they are so late to update their database..instead you should try anidb.net
  15. does the dreamcast emulator let you play sf3 3rd strike?
  16. i don't think you can get any better than not missing one at all..lol
  17. i'm really disappointed with the sprites..
  18. guilty gear xx and reload..I-No just pissed the crap out of me on maniac mode, especially when i was barely learning how to play
  19. speaking of haunts, do you guys believe ghosts are real? i kinda tend to not believe these things because most of the stories like..they don't have any support or evidence, who knows..that person that said they saw a ghost could just be paranoid or was hallucinating due to paranoia (your mind can play tricks on you ya know) and you can't trust these pictures because these "orbs" that can't be seen with the naked eye could just be something wrong with the camera.
  20. if your getting a dvd-r/+r get one from pioneer or LG
  21. i have a friend who has a PC without a case..lol
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