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  1. It's a shame that most of these CoinOPS users are probably totally unaware of the awesome work madmab has done in improving PSX emulation on the Xbox. I'm sure even mentioning it over there warrants an instant ban. Funny how, despite all the releases, CoinOPS is just getting more and more dated. As I recall, BP used to compare himself to Einstein (), so I guess comparisons with Steve Jobs, Da Vinci, Jesus etc. are pretty inevitable with this kind of neurosis.
  2. This mentality of competition is the single most pathetic thing about BP and CoinOPS. No other developer sees things this way; it's laughable. And yet there are still those that say BP isn't the reason the scene is split. That's all I'm going to say. I'll now leave those who wish to discuss this release to do so.
  3. I wasn't suggesting that BP put you up to it. I simply mentioned that to highlight the kind of person we're talking about.
  4. I remember when BP threatened to ban gamez fan from his site unless he came on here and posted almost exactly this ^^. And now you seem to have members being banned out of paranoia in case they may have something to do with this forum or any of the many others that BP has been kicked out of. In fact, if the old rules are still in force, I believe you are risking a ban yourself by even sharing your views here. That's your community. You may not have fallen foul of it yourself yet, but give it time. It would take more than a magic wand to bring the scene together, because no Xbox developer that I'm aware of would have anything to do with BP or CoinOPS. This is on account of his behaviour and attitudes, both past and present. I won't blame you if you don't want to trawl through the sad history of this whole affair to familiarise yourself with it, but for those of us who actually care about the integrity of the scene and respect for the work of others, the fact that CoinOPS may make gaming easier for our kids is of little consolation.
  5. It's not hard for a project to be popular when it's the only thing you're allowed to talk about . Elsewhere in the scene, there is genuine development and innovation happening; the Saturn and Jaguar are now emulated for the first time on the Xbox, madmab's releases continue to add new core features to existing emulators, and his huge improvements to the PSX and SNES emulators deserve mention alone. But you won't hear about of any of this over on the CoinOPS forum. Because CoinOPS will never come close to this; it's just a big con job with a bunch of old outdated emulators hacked together under a fancy UI designed to make it appear as if it's something new and innovative. The last time I looked at the CoinOPS site (which was some time ago) it was exactly as Robert described, a bunch of 2-post nobodies all begging and clamouring for the next minor release. This is not a community. The Xbox scene outside of CoinOPS may or may not be smaller in number but those of us here and at emuxtras with a genuine interest in emulation and in contributing to those projects that are still pushing the boundaries of the platform are worth ten-fold more than a whole forum of CoinOPS leeches and beggars.
  6. What a great community.
  7. Those aren't new games; they're just hacks of existing games. You could add literally hundreds of these ROM hacks if you took the time to track them all down on the internet. I never bothered with them in FBL unless the set was from an actual bootleg board - which I doubt these are (though feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).
  8. Ah yes, I'd forgotten that this dail... fellow is also helping to develop CoinOPS now. Perhaps BP should let him do all the public speaking as well.
  9. He's probably been kicked out of half the internet by now.
  10. No, I certainly don't want to ban or silence anything that people are interested in. I wasn't suggesting for a moment that we stop all talk of CoinOPS; I was just starting to get that 'old days' vibe from all the rambling "replies" that were being quoted. But my suggestion was only to see if others felt the same. I can always ignore them after all, so everybody post as you wish.
  11. I believe the Xbox is the only emulation platform where these lesser-known systems get so much care and attention. Many thanks to madmab.
  12. Hi waal. It's good to see you here again. I wouldn't worry about being banned from there, destronger. The thing is, for all that BP trashes this site and others, the fact remains that on the very day he decides to stop updating CoinOPS then his forum is dead. The dogs won't stick around once the master stops throwing scraps from the table. There won't be a community of friendly people there chatting about all the good stuff and helping each other out, and there certainly won't be a community of developers sharing ideas and supporting each other. Even with madmab taking a break and your own hiatus from FBL, emuxtras is still going strong and the 1emulation community (while not the busiest site for Xbox activity) will exist as long as emulation exists. BP only has a forum as long as he keeps churning out releases. Once he stops, the hangers on will drop off, leaving nothing. And he's just sealed it's ultimate fate by banning all the members of this scene that contribute to and support it the most.
  13. For. Providing it isn't just spamming I don't think there should be restrictions on linking. We shouldn't project the same fear and paranoia you find elsewhere. Contrary to the beliefs of the ignorant, this isn't a competition, it's a community.
  14. It's the same endless BP trash. He talks a lot, but says absolutely nothing. The only people that put up with his attitude are those desperate for another release of his hack-job project because they can't be bothered to learn how real emulators work (even BP himself does not seem to understand what the word "emulator" means). If you design a program for 4-year-olds then don't be surprised that that's the mentality of your user base. The fact that he has to control his own forum in this way shows that his members clearly aren't racing to his defence when someone posts criticism. Where is this community he keeps talking about? Why is it only ever him defending himself? What a wretched and miserable place his dictatorship forum must be, and how any of you guys have the strength or patience to endure it, even briefly, I will never know. I'm going to suggest (and a suggestion is all it is) that we don't quote anymore BP posts. I don't know about you, but many of us pushed pretty hard to get rid of him and one of the main reasons, for me at least, was because I was sick and tired of reading his drivel and watching him pedal his cheap frontend. If this thread has shown anything, it's that he's still a liar, still a thief, still a charlatan of the most pathetic and contemptible kind, and above all, still not worth the time or the attention of the genuinely productive members of this community.
  15. Interesting to note how nes6502 was able to sum up the point in a single line whereas, with BP, it's always a small novel's worth of verbal diarrhea. It just screams the defensiveness and insecurity of someone who's been hit pretty close to the mark. That being said, it's just the same old stuff he's been repeating for years again and again and again; same old BP, same old CoinOPS.
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