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  1. not here, plays like crap.. *waits for an update to fbaxxx/pro*
  2. it plays like crap for me.. anybody here has it running smooth.. what setting are set in the vm settings?
  3. will this new update have support for the sets pro uses?
  4. we need update since hyper sf2 anny edition works on mame
  5. i have this cd that has Hd adv JP version - USB adv - Ar Max Pal/ntsc - Memory killer - HD loader 7c/8a n PS2 Media Player in i have a 10gig xbox HD just collecting dust.. so what i did was connect it to ps2 n launched either hd adv /hd loader8a .. both ask to reformat b4 use.. question is.. should i do it.. i know its just 10gig might be 8 cant remember right... but which one to choose hd adv or hd loader?
  6. what do you want now? i 'm busy i cant help you out right now
  7. adultswim commercial .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65lg2h58Qe8 first taste of the english voices
  8. im running it at 720p, n did not see any glitches on ESP RaDe + T +
  9. no glitches on mine .. running it at 720p soften off flicker filter set to 1 software set to superscale scanline hardware filter set to anisotropic
  10. ESP Rade plays fine for me on 720p
  11. I think you would just use the "d" sets instead of the "nd" sets. For example, you have mslug5 which is the large parent. Then instead of using mslug5nd you would use mslug5d. Mslug5d still has the same decrypted C ROMS that mslug5nd uses, but still uses the P, V, and M ROMS from mslug5. The C ROMS are where most of the space savings come in when decrypted. thanks for the info, i fixed them.. one thing,i know on some games kof 2001 for example the plus version unlocks the bosses so you can use them.. what about mslug 4 n 5? kof2003d seems glitched out.. lol
  12. i think so, it does it on mine too
  13. it seems to load the site slower for me.. how to i change the look of it, its way to dark
  14. thanks, seems to be running sfa3 at 720 now.. - Removed all fully decrypted NG sets. They serve no purpose in an emulator like Pro where all protection routines are fully emulated. They also offer no significant improvements in zip compression or loading time compared with the decrypted C sets. so now we need to put the 70+mb roms instead of the 40+mb .. ?
  15. cool... hope i can ran it now at 720p
  16. i changed my setting to 720x480 p .. n when i launch sfa3 it seems to load but goes back to rom list.. i launched itr again n it loads but get a black screen .. i press the right thumb stick n go to in game menu n choose reset screen to default.. n it shows the game.. lol....
  17. mine was freezing too, mar vs cap .. running now at 720p with no problems .. software filter set to Scanline (75%) Hardware filter set to Anisotropic soften you can have it on or off (on right now) flicker filter, same as soften (set to 3 right now) also. i did a fresh install of the latest fbaxxx pro emu... n i remember it freezed on 1.17 ... i think when it frooze it was on at 4x hd filter like mentioned above i just tryed sfa3 n it frooze.. lol.. was working b4.. using same settings as above.. mvsc, n vamp sav 2 work fine
  18. it loads fine, but has big graphic glitches.. dont know if its emu or what.. other neo games i tryed with it have it using sengoku3.zip .. i just tryed the other(decrypted C n loads fine)
  19. i just tryed 1.17 n it boots fine on 480p, freezes on 720x480p 16x9 .. deleted everything n uploaded 1.21 again, doesnt run on 480p or any other hd setting..
  20. i guess that problem its still there then,, some of my neo games load fine execpt for sengoku 3 havent tryed others.
  21. well sengoku 3 seems to run fine on 480i .. not on 480p or 720x480p (4x3 or 16x9) or anyother hd setting
  22. 1.20 same thing. have it set to 480p - on filters: the last one 4x for hdtv - and the hardweare to thew last one too forgot name.. lol with out changing video mode they work... n i already did a fresh install seems to be working fine, all i did was set the video mode to 720x480p 16x9(works on 480p too) n left the software/hardware filters on default... i just tryed sengoku 3 with same setting about n it freezes emu
  23. why does the emu freeze when launching some cps2 games? running it on 480p btw i tryed marvel vs capcom n sfa3 n the emu freezes.. alien vs predator loads find .. maybe i'm missing something, but not sure what.. i have the full fbaxx 1.20 set.. so i know they r up to date figured it out.. it was a skin i was using.. damn it.. n i like that skin damn it.. now its doing it again some1 help lol.. this thing works sometimes.
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