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  1. UP <{POST_SNAPBACK}> In the directory path options page 1, you can see G is mapped to \device\cdrom0 by default, so use G.
  2. New version out! What's new: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ver 20060505: This is a fixed version of ver20060412. 1. Changed some malloc function to osd_malloc so if there's not enough memory, the emu will warn you instead of a crash. This fixed some crash when decrypting neogeo roms and the gfx error of Power Instinct 2 and Power Instinct Legends on 64m xbox. 2. Rewrote some neogeo gfx rom decrypting code, so it uses only 2K/8M ram instead of 40M/48M/64M to decrypt. Now on 128M xbox it doesnt need vmm to play kog, lans2004, and the svc bootlegs, and less vm is needed for svcpcb and kf2k3pcb. (On 64m xbox less vm is needed too. Some code is converted from iq_132's FBA code, thanks!) 3. Since some encrypted neogeo games need 8m physical memory to decrypt the gfx rom, if the neogeo game need vmm to play, you have to set the threshold value over 8m, or else you will get a crash. So I added a check in the gfx decrypting code, if virtual memory is used, and the threshold value is below 8m, it will warn you instead of a crash. Due to these 3 changes/fixes, there shouldnt be any crash playing the neogeo games, even playing the huge encrypted neogeo games on 64m xbox. 3. If virtual memory is not used (which means, 'force vmm' is set to 'no', AND there is no info in vm.txt for the loaded game), then the xxpagefile.sys file wont be created in the cache drive. 4. Enable the patch to bypass the hardware test of Ghouls'n Ghosts which is tooooo slow. 5. Since many ppl never read the readme, and dont know there is an aspect ratio mode option, and then complain why the game is not in full screen, I have to set 'stretch' instead of 'original' as the default setting for aspect ratio mode... 6. Added new neogeo drivers: ms5pcb (Metal Slug 5 (JAMMA PCB)), ms5pcbd (Metal Slug 5 (JAMMA PCB,decrypted V,decrypted C)), svcpcba (SvC Chaos - SNK vs Capcom (JAMMA PCB, set 2)), mslug3b6 (Metal Slug 6 (Metal Slug 3 bootleg)) 7. Some skin.ini fixes. 8. MAMEoX.xbe is not packed, so it's a bit large. But this will save some byte of memory. If you want to pack it to save some hd space, just use xbepack to pack it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. It's said in the readme: you need a usb keyboard to activate custom buttons.
  4. Arcade veision of street fighter 1 works perfectly on xbox with ram upgraded.
  5. Why not use autofire with custom buttons? Set a extra fire button in the custom buttons menu, and then set it an autofire button, and use the normal button to charge. I think this is better than using a toggle autofire button. Many officially ported shooting game use this way.
  6. + T + have you added iq_132's svcboot_cx_decrypt code and svcpcb_gfx_decrypt code to FBA-XXX pro? These code use only 2k/8m memory to decrypt the c roms instead of 64m. I converted them to MAME code and added them to MAMEoX, works great! I also rewrote neogeo_bootleg_cx_decrypt and kf2k3pcb_gfx_decrypt with the same idea, works great too! Now on 128M xbox it doesnt need vmm to decrypt kog, lans2004, and the svc bootlegs, and less vm is needed for svcpcb and kf2k3pcb. Thanks iq_132!
  7. I think it's due to a failure of mallco function when decrypting V roms. It should be already fixed in my later private version. And will be released soon.
  8. Using command.dat in game will cost too much memory. That's why MAMEoX128 Plus! have history.dat and mameinfo.dat file supported in the interface. And it's not as easy as adding history.dat and mameinfo.dat file support to add command.dat support. If you want to do it, I recommend to use FBA's command files, which should cost less memory and be easier to support.
  9. Well...It's not the fault of the xbox. You just dont really know how to audit your roms. For example, when loading s1945p.zip, the emu will load some files from neogeo.zip. So if you have neogeo.zip on your computer but dont have it on your xbox, xbox emu will show some files are missing but pc emu wont.
  10. Yeah sure I know that, I said "play encrypted neogeo games with vmm on" didnt mean with "force VMM" on. I just want to verify if you need to set threshold value larger than 8M when playing encrypted neogeo games, either with the force vmm option or with vm.txt file.
  11. It seems if you want to play encrypted neogeo games with vmm on, you must set the threshold value over 8m, otherwise you will get a crash. Can anyone do some test to help me verify this?
  12. He must means super bishi BTW +T+, which games were unplayable before but now control almost perfectly? I dont think I changed anything about the analog controls. (except in an earlier version I fixed a bug with analog controls caused by custom buttons)
  13. hmm...I think you can refresh the rom list even if there's no refresh button. Just delete the MAME(d)oX save(exclude the MAMEoX.ini file) after you add roms to it.
  14. Use the dat files included in the release to audit your roms.
  15. Yes you can I often visit this site too. @ Thraxen, you mean you are a mod at xbox-scene right? Yeah I'm interested in geting it submitted to Xbins for ppl to find it easily. I have got some bug reporting, so maybe a fixed version is soon. Plus, I said "It should play more than 1 song now.", what I refer to is the 20060412 version.
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