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  1. i think im on v1.15 lol .. need to update.. just wondering,does pro support HD?
  2. sorry to bump ... but can someone post a direct link to that dpad addon.. i cant seem to find it.. n this is driving me mad
  3. i 'm about to do this to the pc.. cause it has alot of crap that i dont even know..lol... anyways i have a second HD with my stuff..music/games etc.. do i have to disconnect it b4 doing the recovery n after the recovery its done n i connect it back will it read all of my stuff in there or do i have to reformat it n loose everything or can i leave the hd connected
  4. who cares kof should die already.. those games suck...if it doesnt my grandkids will probably play kof2056... lol..
  5. i think he's done with mame,doesnt plan on updating... wow,surpise you didnt post your cabs... everypost you make here or at x-s you seem to post it.... werent you banned from x-s? i think i saw last week another s/n that loks similar to this
  6. what does " Magic Plus" actually do? what different from actual game?
  7. Tekken just simply sucks, thats all theres to it
  8. i'll be getting my 360 around april, waiting for gr:aw.. n when 360 finally gets modded, i'll buy another one.. but mainly for emus..
  9. woot.. another reason why i'll be getting DS( the Lite version when it hits here in the States)
  10. not another piece of crap film.. 2 was enough
  11. kof2k3up dont work no more.. must find new ok, i just looked at the dat file, i just had to rename the files(takes a load off) but is there a way to make the m1 file smaller,, right now its 512.. need to make 131 or something like that wrong crc on the m1 on rotdnd... doesnt say anything about achangbe on the read me maybe i missed something-fixed
  12. ok, so i got FBEvo, havent used this in a while.. what i want to know is if its possibly to have 3 different control configuration for the games.. I want to have a configuration for all the cps1, cps2 n neo games.. cant seem to figure it out.. inputing the configuration for each will take a crap load of time
  13. just set htem to free play.. works fine for me
  14. is it possible to burn fbaxx pro to dvdr... just wondering
  15. woot got 99.9% of rom set.. just missing the m1_decrytped for mslug5nd.. woot
  16. i renamed my svcplus romit loaded but its all glitched out.. i renamed the C#.rom files to C#.bin i'll check dats later
  17. for me i need the 268-v1cd. bin n v2cd.bin files.. my rom name its mslug5nd ok i actually had them, went through al of the different roms i had.. lol..
  18. woot thanks + T + the sound problem its gone now.... now to look for the missing 2 bin files for slug5
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