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  1. Heh. The arcade consumes his internet time. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Um HIS time? Im a chick!
  2. Why doesn't anyone play in the arcade? It's really no fun without competition. We need competition!
  3. There was something else, i just saw it advertised somewhere, and well Brat Camp i cant wait for that to come back on, and umm oh ya America's Next Top Model, The girl who won last year...Niama or how ever you spell it, she was hot, and i have her hair, black of course, but i love it now:) lol i just cant wait til sept shows, then again i hafta go back to college then, but i need my tv:)
  4. did you add enough eggs? my mom showed me how to cook it, but i prefer just to go to her house and eat hers lol, the price of meat has gone up a lot around here, as well as the price of gas LOL it skyrocketed, anywho i just cant get enuf of Zellers restaurant food, i took chef training classes, and all i learned was a loaf of bread lol, very short attention span when i was in love with my teacher:)
  5. stir fry, just throw everything in your pan that you can find in your fridge. done and done!
  6. why is it that chinese food seems to go through you so fast and you're hungry like an hour later? i mean rice always fills me up, so whats the deal.
  7. Yes you are cool! Come one come all welcome to the show. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> aww thats a cute kitty, yours? name? my cat is a blue russian, shes so cute too;) lol
  8. all of my dreams feel so real at the time, and i wish they didnt, so i could do something stupid lol, i like the ones where i can run and jump like 20 feet in the air, aww nice real dreams lol, then i get the ones where i walk into my house and theres tons of doors and rooms ive never seen full of video games lol.
  9. Mmm i love bourbon chicken, they just put in a bourbon chicken restaurant at my mall a while ago, now i purposely walk by there multiple times just to get free samples lol. i duno if i would want to make donuts, i think i would end up 300pounds lol:)
  10. awesome now i cant wait, but by tomorrow i will forget about it lol, so i am excited today!
  11. i wish i hada got a job when i was 16, anything more than a paper route, cuz now it sucks i have no work experience, and im too chicken to work place, either that or im fussy... i dont want factory (too noisy and dirty) i dont want to work with customers (they can be mean) i dont want to work on cash (too much pressure) i dont want to work on phones ( i dont like helping ppl) i dont want to work in fast food (gross) hmm that leaves me with nothing LOL
  12. Minipool 1 and 2 Pool Jam Qbert Tetris (diff types) um a railroad tetrisy type game balloon park drag n' drop hmm i cant think grr. dont forget bowling games, frisbee golf, see im just listing games that im good at LOL. and tons of minigolf:)
  13. While Nintendogs is certainly taking up my time right now, god damn boy. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> how much did you pay for nintendogs? its not out around here til the end of august. okay i change my mind...i love candy, it always makes me sick, but i love candy. but i HATE milk products eww lol.
  14. so where is filmed here? is that the chicks name? i liked their tight white outfits, and that they didnt know was sex was LOL.
  15. I would think that there would have to be something seriously wrong with people who do this lol, i mean i have sat on the computer for 5 hours before, sometimes longer, but i do manage to get up and get food and water lol, my mom heard about this lol and was like dont you ever turn out like these freaks..lol, i said geez mom i havent made it that far yet, lol shes funny. So...I was thinkin...did that man die happy? did he win, or did he even know? lol, Surely he died happy right?
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