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  1. For some reason, I can almost see a future Chapelle skit where he screams, "I'm dead, biatch!" while dressed as Rick James.
  2. Last night, someone in Asia's hub said that the PS3 wouldn't be backwards compatible, and I don't remember if they gave a link or not.
  3. I don't know about the PS3 games, but all the Blue Ray movies are going to have a new content scrambling system, called ACSS. I expect that it will be cracked within the first year or two of the blue ray discs becoming mainstream. I wouldn't be surprised if Jon Johansen did it (He's the one who cracked CSS when he was 15 years old).
  4. The only thing I've seen on SA in recent months that made me laugh was the article about the guy's experiences in the mental hospital. I usually don't browse SA a lot, but from what I've seen, it's usually the same stale brand of humor that I've been seeing for years (Which they started but everyone else ruined for me).
  5. Not really. You just have to read the book 6 times within a two-week time frame, then rent the movie. Reading the book first makes you appreciate the movie more, but it's really one of those things that doesn't work nearly as well on the big screen.
  6. I don't take him seriously. He's just not funny. It's like SomethingAwful, only different. SA isn't funny at all anymore.
  7. But Maddoz is overrated. He's funny for maybe the first couple of articles, but after that, everything of his just becomes stale.
  8. Media Player Classic is the crap. It plays basically everything, and it's what I use exclusively.
  9. It's been forever since I checked out The Phobia List. You guys have to admit, there's some classic stuff at that site. Here's some of the ones that made me chuckle: Bums or beggars- Hobophobia. Dreams, wet- Oneirogmophobia. Englishness- Anglophobia. Erect censor- Medorthophobia. Erection, losing an- Medomalacuphobia. Everything- Panophobia, Panphobia, Pamphobia, or Pantophobia. France or French culture- Francophobia, Gallophobia or Galiphobia. Learning- Sophophobia. Looking up- Anablephobia or Anablepophobia. Money- Chrometophobia or Chrematophobia. People in general or society- Sociophobia. Politicians- Politicophobia. Pope- Papaphobia. Self, being oneself- Autophobia. Thinking- Phronemophobia. Virgins or young girls- Parthenophobia. Yellow color- Xanthophobia. Of course, those are just a few of the highlights.
  10. I don't like dogs when I'm out working, because they tend to want to bite people. I used to have this big thing about spiders, and still kind of do, but then I started just killing them in my insomnia days, and now that's the conditioned response.
  11. Diso: Contact me on AIM and I'll get you in the clan.
  12. It's sad when the admins don't even recognize spam.
  13. http://www.kingdomofloathing.com I'm sure that some of you have heard of it, but for those who haven't, it's a comical browser-based RPG. For those of you who get to level 3 and want to keep playing the game: Contact me and I'll get you in a clan.
  14. Or do you want to fill her garbage with your junk?
  15. There was an auction for a CD full of pics of an armless midget. It went for a dollar. Oh, and I can't forget the inflatable church. Then there was the one with the guy in the wedding dress, that made national news. Finally, there was an old Hummer with a 50 cal gun mounted to it that went through. Of course, the firing pin was disabled (Therefore making it legal), but anyone who knows what they're doing can easily fix that.
  16. FuKu: Yeah, I'm notorious for carrying my folding knife at all times. I've had to pull it out a few times, but everybody's backed up and magically changed their minds before I've gotten to use it, so far. Speaking of which, I need to sharpen mine (I took it from a Mexican gentleman's truck, after repoing it. He had used it to sharpen carpenter's pencils).
  17. The bad thing about IRC, after you learn it, is that you can only start one download at a time. Also, XDCC bots will sometimes cut you off if your download speed drops below a certain level (I encountered one that refused to send to anyone below 30 KB/s). After you fool with IRC, DC is the next logical step. I like to think of DC as a more user-friendly, (intentionally) warez-oriented version of IRC.
  18. The World's Largest Adult Bookstore, complete with glory holes (This has insane kill scene potential), during the middle of a tornado (Therefore trapping everyone in the building), with some nuke-proof psycho wandering around and killing people with items found in the store.
  19. "The baseball bat isn't wide enough." - Dig's mom (You guys wouldn't understand unless I took the time to explain it, and that might piss off GameCop).
  20. Well, I think it's kind of ridiculous to have threads stuck that have been dead since April. I don't think anyone is going to review the site anytime soon, nor do I think that anyone is going to announce that they just bought the latest 1emulation thong. The point I'm trying to get across is, unless it's earth-shattering, the thread should be left to survive on its own merits.
  21. Well, I have this thing against basically all abbreviations, except for a handful that didn't originate on the internet. Smilies are terrorist propaganda, and the guy who came up with the idea should be forced to undergo some torture that is too brutal to even think about.
  22. I'd introduce my old elementary/middle school to a couple of suitcase nukes or something. That, and smilies/stupid abbreviations such as "LOL."
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