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  1. GTA3 with the Pedestrians Are Armed and Pedestrians Are Rioting turned on. 20 minutes of that will turn any day into a good day.
  2. That's the best way to deal with it. It works wonders on canines, too (Even though they're generally smarter).
  3. If I'm not mistaken, didn't The Pirate Bay take measures to have the site mirrored in several dozen countries after the Swedish police kicked their door in a few years ago? I seem to remember something like that. If that's the case, TPB is probably too big to fall, but it'll be interesting to see how things shake out since the site's future is so questionable right now. I can personally remember back when the entire site and almost all of the comments to the torrents were in Swedish, so I would personally feel sad to see them go.
  4. Yeah, it's me. Didn't you run JEG back in the day? That whole time period is a blur. Who else from back then is still around? I saw Weirdy lurking around the other day, and I can only assume that the current iceman is not the same one we came up with. To stay on-topic: Another good thing that everybody missed (In the case of movies) is going to the rental store and getting them. If it's some place like Hollywood Video that has "guaranteed in stock" new releases, you can even get it for free if they run out. There's also your local library, assuming you're not in some podunk town whose librar
  5. Don't use tor. Tor isn't meant for p2p, and you'll just piss people off by doing that. Maybe in a few years, using tor for p2p will be doable, but right now, you are NOT the target audience. Like several people said above, ease off for a bit. I got 2 take-down notices back in 04, and the day I got the first one in the mail, the download that trigged the 2nd one was started. You definitely want to wait 2-3 weeks before doing much else, just to make sure no more take down notices are in the pipeline. Read the notice carefully, and figure out what tracker you were using when you got the notice.
  6. Ice-T is awesome. People need to donate their old computers to him just so he can creatively destroy them and film it. This video reminded me of old gem.
  7. Snow Patr0l: I think it's safe to say that both of them deserve that. Thankfully, this video is the only time I've ever seen someone (much less two people) acting that retarded in an arcade setting. I thought this kind of behavior was reserved for small children and apes, but I guess not. Hera: You at least got to dispense some justice. It's not every day that you find an opportunity to pistol-whip somebody, even if it is with a plastic lightgun.
  8. Times New Roman is not a good font for websites, either. You generally want a sans serif font, and Times New Roman doesn't fit the bill. As for layouts, I've grown to like light ones more over the years. They don't rape my eyes nearly as much as dark ones do.
  9. I bought one of these off ebay this week, because A. Adaptoids are too expensive, and B. It has two controller ports, so if I ever play against someone, I only have to tie up one USB port. I got it with no packaging other than the bubble-wrap envelope it came in, and no documentation at all. So, after playing around a bit (Google didn't have any real answers for me), I figured I'd at least post a topic here explaining how to set it up properly. As far as I could find, this adapter is fairly new to the scene, and so it appears that nobody has actually sat down and used one until now. Hopefully,
  10. I'm going to confess: The only reason I resurfaced was to see K's response. Anyway: Obviously, he screwed up. If he had stopped at the "fork" line, he would have been alright. The audience was laughing, and he seemed to be firmly in control, but then he just started dropping N-bombs left and right. It was like watching a video of someone committing suicide, without all the blood and guts. Basically, George Lopez was right: His lack of experience doing stand-up is what cost him. If he knew how to straighten a heckler, this wouldn't have gone nearly as far as it has.
  11. I hope I don't get accused of necroposting, but I had an idea years ago: Have forums for each major company, like Nintendo, Sega, Sony, etc to cover the main consoles. Then you could do a catch-all forum for say, the Ataris and some of the other stuff like that. You could throw in an arcade forum and realistcally cover the whole spectrum in five forums. It might look something like this. Nintendo Sony Sega MAME Other I'd also consider lumping all the next gen console into one forum, but that's just me.
  12. Does anyone remember dolphinsex.org? That page always got me so hot, and then I finally got sandwiched between a male and female dolphin one day, and was glad that I read it. Man, the memories.
  13. Is jiggz a replacment for fatal for the time being? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, I am just recommending The Fonz, because The Fonz had all the answers.
  14. Yeah, FFVII's sound effects are all messed up. I got to the Shinra tower with my emulator (I was using the copy I bought from the store, because ePSXe allows you to play original discs), and the sound distortions forced me to put it down. Try Final Fantasy Anthology, if you absolutely must go for FF games. While I couldn't input the blitz attack against Vargas with my FFVI disc, (A friend, who had beaten the PSX version and laughed at my seeming inability to do the attack, which he said was simple, was unable to do it, either), FFV is a blast. If you're one of those stupid fanboys who thinks
  15. Yeah, very good times. I still have that very same ROM image. Damn, PE2000 was teh shiz. Z-neo: Yup, NESticle isn't much when compared to newer emulators, and is faulty in many aspects... but it still emulates. Hell, I even completed Kirby on it. Best damn game on the NES by far, IMO. Kirby that is. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You mean "eur.maus.gba?" I still have it, too!
  16. It's also funny how they bought a stake in Immersion at the same time. There are times when I'm glad I have my launch date PS2 that still works, and this is one of them.
  17. Fixed. I'd just catch fists, move in close as not to get kicked as easily, and hope I didn't get bitten or head-butted. Or, pretend that the media is chasing me, and RUN!
  18. That's a bunch of ignorant bullshiτ. Basically everything in Weekly World News is interesting. Besides, check-out lines are always fast when I go to the store, because I'm not stupid enough to go during peak hours.
  19. It doesn't really fascinate me anymore, but neither does the idea of copying a DVD I just bought (You know, because Fair Use is still ok). Does anyone still remember PE2000. That was the ROMs site to end all ROMs sites. They literally hosted each individual ROM. I remember that they went down shortly after Ruckus posted a link to the Super Mario Advance ROM about 2 weeks before the GBA even launched. Good times.
  20. I once saw my dad making out with a girlfriend on the couch one time (Both were fully clothed, thankfully), and that was bad enough. Also, I buy Weekly World News whenever I can. It's excellent, and you should all be ashamed for not reading it.
  21. There are two options: Grab them by the shirt with my left hand (Or arm, if they aren't wearing a shirt), and do one of two things: 1. Use my right hand to hammer them in the face repeatedly, kick them when they're down, and then laugh about skullflocking their mother. 2. If the situation is somehow more serious, do all of the above, and stick them in the ribs either just before or just after the punching. If, for some reason, they ran away right afterwards but I knew who it was, I'd simply go about ruining their day in another fashion. In case you guys haven't figured it out yet, pe
  22. Guys, you're all retarded. That was in this week's Weekly World News. Pick it up at a grocery store sometime. This week's issue has a front cover story that deals with a CIA-trained cat which can speak multiple languages and is going to be used to fight terrorists. Also, GC: Single kids aren't the only porn watchers, you know. They're actually the relatively harmless ones. You have all sorts of people in various stages of relationships, who will still watch everything from solo masturbation to needles and golden showers, or even balloons. You can't put pornoholics in a little box, and you sh
  23. There is only one logical solution to this, and do not let these other douchebags fool you. You simply need to watch Happy Days re-runs, and pay close attention to the character with the leather jacket, who everyone calls "The Fonz." Study his motions and words carefully, and you will never go wrong again.
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