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  1. iq: I thought the same thing as well, but I'm told that they're legal. If the tips have a blue-ish tint, they're teflon bullets (Which can go through bullet proof vests), and are therefore illegal.
  2. Yeah, we were gonna help ourselves to the system, but the pistol changed all of that. We'll probably go back tonight or something and get his amps/sub/player. It sounded flocking beautiful, by the way.
  3. We repoed a Suburban from some car lot owner for the third time, and this time, I could have sworn it was a dealer's crap. It contained: An expensive CD player (I forget the brand) A 600-watt amp A 500-watt amp A big-ass sub 5-6 knives of various sizes and quality, and one of them had "NRA" on the blade. For the record, I pocketed the NRA one for laughs, and another one because it was good crap. The rest were junk, and so they got bagged. One baseball bat The guy's wallet, which contained nothing but credit cards, his DL and carry permit, and a bunch of business cards. His key ring, along with a duplicate key for the ignition An assload of other people's titles (He used to run a car lot) One rechargable mini flashlight (With charger) A 9mm glock that desperately needed to be clean, complete with a 15-round clip of hollow-tip bullets. Among other things. After bagging that stuff and taking it to the office, I emptied the clip into one of the trash bags, put the clip back in the gun, and put the gun away. This way, when the guy comes to get his property, he can't just pull the gun out and go psycho. For the record, his concealed weapon permit was in the wallet, so the gun probably isn't hot. Ways in which he broke state firearm laws (Applicable to people with carry permits): 1. The chamber in the glock had a bullet in it. 2. The gun was within arm's reach. I swear, this guy must be scared shitless of everything. He had his gun, bat, and knives strategically placed all over the burb, so that he could be within arm's reach of something no matter where he was in the vehicle.
  4. I didn't read all of this, but I don't know anything about fundies celebrating his death. However, I did hear that a bunch of Jewish people were celebrating his death, which is understandable, given the whole Israel/Palestine conflict. The Palestinians would do the same if an important Israeli figure died.
  5. Another bonus to Maxthon is that you can disable ActiveX, Java, or even images. When it wa MyIE2, you could disable/enable something on one tab only, which was cool as hell.
  6. Klaw is right. 50 points is beyond amazing. I already voted. It's going to rain on the junkies standing outside with signs. That's probably why their numbers are so few this year, and would properly explain their little tent. And yes, I'm back, but probably only for today.
  7. You guys should try reading this. That might offer some insight. While the link goes to Rotten, everything on that page is Safe For Work.
  8. Yeah, I remember that as well. They had it on the front page a full 2-3 weeks before the release date, and there was already a working emulator out at the time. Shortly afterwards, PE2000 went down, and I suspect that's why. Man, that site was awesome. Too bad there will never be another one...
  9. It says that the stuff is stored in two different states, so you wouldn't be able to get it all.
  10. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=8137357473 Just.... Wow.
  11. Shiba: Do you have little kid's hands or something? Playing on a keyboard is much easier on my hands.
  12. You can record anything you want. Just to be safe, you should hit the record button and say, "Hey, do you mind if I record this?" If you get the number, run it through whitepages.com's reverse search. If that doesn't work, post the number here, so that A. We can mess with the person, and B. I can spend a quarter to righteously bust it.
  13. You guys are amazingly retarded, and should all be castrated with a blowtorch. It was: "What you say !!" And dolphinsex was cooler than everything else ever written.
  14. You should get it again, so I can pwn you.
  15. Populous: The Beginning, that is. I'm hooked again, and am looking for some people to play against, since I've never gotten to use multiplayer.
  16. Those cartoons were teh sh1tx0r, in all their badness. And to hell with GC's little censor.
  17. Thanks. I'll start reading.
  18. If you apply for a loan on something or even open a bank account, they pull your credit report. You should be able to ask them if you can see it, and they'll let you do so. Also, they take away 5 points from your score for every inquiry, but they wipe each inquiry off your record after a year, so you get those points back. And there actually is a service in my state that some ex-repo men started that helps you clean your credit score (I know it's legit because some people I know used it, and their scores have improved. Besides, these guys have a reputation of being straight). Basically, they pose as you in the mail to everybody listed on your credit record and bombard them and their dog with mail, asking for copies of paperwork on you from companies that have lowered your credit score. If the company fails to comply, the credit bureaus have no choice but to wipe the inquiry from your score, which gives you a boost. Of course, if you got something on credit and just didn't pay for it, consider yourself screwed. They also get all the inquiry deductions wiped, and help you take steps to have the ability to pull your credit report frozen unless you allow someone to check it (Good for curbing identity theft). There's a comprehensive package that explains everything from how to help them keep the momentum going, when you can start making credit purchases again, to what the best percentage of your max should be kept on a credit card at all times. By the way, they promise a 100-200 point boost for most people. As a side note, I heard that their postage bill at one point was over $60,000 a month. EDIT: Broke that in half at no point in particular.
  19. Dude, I was talking about Klaw's links about the history of the debates. I don't care about the debate itself, as I found it to be generally boring. All I care about is what impact, if any, this will have on the numbers. I swear, I'm becoming a numbers fiend, instead of your run of the mill numbers junkie.
  20. But that's my point, it's not in the middle: imagine a fast-food worker gets paid $25,000 a year. That's lower-class. Now, a salesman may get paid $40,000 a year - making him middle class. Now imagine Bill Gates, who makes about $1000 a SECOND. That's upper class. Can you really say that the salesman is in the MIDDLE of that list? If you ignore the numbers, he is the middle. And I don't buy games anymore anyways, nor do I intend to buy any of this next gen stuff. I'll still probably get GTA: San Andreas, but I had been planning on that one.
  21. I like how PBS NEVER works for me. It's just great.
  22. I got Happy and Horny, which is wrong, because I'm a politics junkie at heart.
  23. Or better yet, some redneck that has too much money. It's basically just an International with a truck bed on it, but it looks ugly as hell. Internationals are generally used as rollbacks (flock you if you don't understand it. Do some research).
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