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  1. What's he got? I can't really see what he has, except that it looks like a rod.
  2. 2 minutes? That's pretty sorry, unless it's a Japanese car and he's never had experience with Japanese locks. I must be a natural or something.
  3. It's kind of funny, because it leaves him wide open for mean-spirited old people jokes, but really, someone should probably shoot his kneecaps out for wanting to harm something like a monkey.
  4. random guy: Yeah, it is. It came with some other tools. You can do the same thing with a 2-foot length of packing strap. Let the cops charge you with burglary tools with that. Sadly, mine is about to break, so I think I'm just going to get a packing strap and fasten some sandpaper to the middle of it on one side. Note: I think the official name of the tool is a slip jim (Not to be confused with a slim jim), and it's really easy to open older cars that have the rounded off tops (It's like putting the key in the door, honestly). Getting the ones with the straight plastic locks is a bit tougher, but definately possible.
  5. I got a new toy today, and just had to play with it. Basically, it's a 2-foot piece of 10 mil plastic with sand paper in the center. It's used for sliding into the door and popping a lock. I tried it on an 86 box Caprice station wagon and had it opened in less than 5 seconds. The neighbor was weedeating and had his 2-3 year old son out with him. The kid, naturally, made his way towards me, and asked what I was doing, since I was practicing on the box and trying to open it in less than two seconds, so I held class. The look on his face was priceless. So, I guided him in opening the car, and he was still amazed. I really wish I had a camera on me afterwards, because it truly was a Kodak moment. Little kids are the crap, and these radio thieves that like to break and run don't have a motherflocking thing on me.
  6. You guys have to remember that these kids usually stop acting "hard, yo" the first few times they get their asses beaten or get in any real or perceived danger. The dumber ones end up dead, but that's not really a bad thing, since I'm all for natural selection.
  7. Agozer: I was talking about this new game, but I'm sure both will have a huge potential for sucking.
  8. Your "ordinary citizen" isn't even going to buy an AK-47.
  9. That's true but what the gun ban did a lot to stop, and what I'm most concerned about, is gun accidents by ordinary people. I can't remember the statistic exactly, but if you have a gun in your home, you're far more likely to end up accidentally shooting a family member than shooting an intruder. And why the hell do civilians need assault weapons anyway? There is no concievable argument in defence for that question. All the gun ban did was stop regular, law-abiding citizens from obtaining guns unless they knew the loophole. Any asshole could disable the firing pin and legally own most of that stuff, or just strip some of the features off, which were basically window dressing. Any real criminal would roll over a load of arms being transported, or get someone in the military to see to it that a few crates came up missing, and anyone who knew where to look and who to ask could buy basically anything their hearts desired: Flame-throwers, unused rocket launchers, you name it, it's available somewhere, illegal or not. Hell, the Russian military had crooked officials and soldiers who were hustling stuff left and right when the government collapsed. How many anti-tank weapons do you think fell into the wrong hands? How many thousands of crates of AKs probably got bought up and ultimately ended up in the hands of gang members who used them to guard shipments of anything and everything and maybe to execute rivals? All the gun ban did was raise the prices of weapons (After they were modified to be legal, of course) and make people have to go through loopholes or the black market to get what they wanted. It's not like it takes a lot to tap into the black market, even if you live out in the middle of nowhere. As I said, gun control is a noble idea, but it's never going to work. Survivalist nuts will still hoard freeze-dried food and any weapons they can get, and the market will go on.
  10. Hopefully, this will somehow get overturned or something. That or a black market will blossom for this sort of thing. And as for the gun ban: Gun control is a noble idea, and I'd support it, but the real criminals are just going to get their hands on anything they want anyways. All it takes is one crooked person who is over the Armory, and several crates can come up missing easily.
  11. Doubtful. Both of my senators are apparently co-sponsors, and this has wide bi-partisan support. I left a message with one Congressman, saying that I thought it was disgusting that they thought they could pass something that would please their donors without angering the public.
  12. http://www.savebetamax.org/ Call your Senators today! The senate.gov contact info page appears to be down, so just go here to find the phone numbers for your respective senators: I just got done leaving messages for both of mine, stating that I hoped they voted against the Induce Act, and went on the state that I sincerely enjoyed watching them on my TiVo player. By the way, I do not own a TiVo player, but it just sounds good.
  13. Depends on the state law. In some states, that is the case.
  14. Hurray for Hollywood? - Not Quite! Lights, Camera.... Uninsurable Some repossessors say that repossessing a car is an adrenaline rush. That taking a debtor's car in the dark of night...or better yet in broad daylight is a thrill. repossession is an industry that finds the general public's lack of knowledge an asset. Everyone knows, while some don't like to admit it, that when you buy something, you're expected to pay for it. What everyone hasn't known is how the seller goes about getting their property back when it's not paid for. Those days however are quickly coming to an end, ass the least sophisticated buyer learns from nightly television how the process works and more importantly how to stop it. The repossession industry is slowly killing itself. It's bad enough that lenders want companies to work contingent and that lenders dictate how much repossessors can charge for their services; but when repossessors appear on television and explain to a television host and crew that they have to be careful and quiet, not making any noise to bring attention, because if they do all the debtor has to do is say stop and they're supposed to leave, then what do we expect the debtor to do when the next repossessor comes around? But now let's turn out attention to what happens when attention is brought to an industry whose best ally has always been secrecy. Now a television host and crew, who proclaim to be going out on real repossessions, tag along and encounter the debtor...that would be 3rd party discloser (while the debtor's face may have been blocked to the general viewing public the host and camera crew weren't blindfolded). In litigation terms that would be embarrassment (ching) and violations of privacy (ching, ching). Then on most of the segments you find blazing examples of what not to do. And it is these "professionals" that make themselves and anyone else who appears on these shows, uninsurable. There are excerpts that show repossessors breaking into homes, putting padlocks on fences so debtor's can't enter their property, manhandling debots or 3rd parties, brandishing firearms, and deceptive and illegal pretexting; and that's just the tip of the iceberg. While these shows may be momentary entertainment for some, they are evidence or "Exhibit A" for a debtor's attorney. And we all know that attorneys who handle repossession cases like trials by jury. Now what happens when your jury pool has seen what they believe really happens? The repossessor finds himself found guilty and post judgement awards start to skyrocket. But not only has the general public - a/k/a/ possible debtor's seen these series, attorneys who specialize in suing banks and repossession companies are seeing it, and so are insurance underwriters. And while the debtor's attorney is loving it, the latter are not liking what they are seeing, because it makes the entire industry practically uninsurable. You don't have to be the one breaking doors down or showing a gun, it only has to be shown that it is common to the industry, and the likelihood of someone else doing the same thing is dramatically increased. These shows start to show that the "Repo Rambo" is the rule instead of the exception. After seeing the activities of most of the participants on these series, RSIG's board has approved a new membership policy to terminate its relationship with members who choose to participate in these programs. We also will not consider those who apply for membership who have been featured on these programs. For the future of the repossession industry as a whole or on the scale closer to home, to maintain your ability to be defended when sued, we encourage our members not to be tempted by the idea of game and to remember that continued membership will be affect by their participation in these programs. For those who somehow don't understand, this is a Kiss of Death to all companies who have participated in any repo show. Of course, there are 2-3 other big insurance companies, but the fact that they said they wouldn't accept applications for membership from outsiders leads me to believe that Prime and American Lenders have banned the practice, as well. I don't really care, because I've always seen the shows as an overdramatization full of cowboys and cheap pimps. If you'll notice, the recent episode of Stealing for a Living featured nobody from the mainland U.S., and the only white guy on the show didn't have any footage of his repo. TLC is running scared.
  15. The few that hadn't already, sure. Well, I'm talking about the ones who want to abide by the law. It's perfectly legal to buy anything that's banned, as long as the firing pin has been disabled, or in the case of rocket launchers, they've already been used (Since rocket launchers can only be used once).
  16. You guys are forgetting about five finger discounts.
  17. I'm sure that gun nuts who own disabled AK-47s everywhere are re-enabling their firing pins as I type this.
  18. Well, he should still be able to work with it. I have enough legos to build many cases (There is half of a 55 gallon Jack Daniels barrel full of Legos sitting around here), but don't have the dedication for such a project, and besides, the colors of the blocks would be extremely random, as digging through half of an old whiskey barrel is a long and tiresome process.
  19. Well, something about using the old school Legos will add to the integrity of Cinder's little project.
  20. Yeah, you guys are forgetting about the entire nation of Japan, in all its bent glory.
  21. I'd rather slap her in the face with my dick.
  22. Guys, you're forgetting about those base pieces that all the sets are built upon. I'm sure Cinder has one that's big enough laying around.
  23. The crackdown on UDG is a bad joke. They pull numbers out of their collective ass and just flat-out made crap up. But, regardless, I'm sure they'll crucify those 5 hubowners.
  24. This is awesome. You definately need to supply pictures when you get done.
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