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  1. cool, thnx. Ummm, what about all these missing files that I get saying that this and that cant be found in the dynamic link library
  2. Man...so how do you save stuff before deleting everything? Edit: Googleogy?
  3. yep, but again, what about the things I want to save...? And I dont have the XP CD, I think it came preloaded or something. My parents got it as a package deal thing with the comp...Best Buy
  4. ooooh what about the water cooled once. hummm. Anyway I dont know what Im talking about and am jus here cuz I keep getting this error 25: Critical error has occured while initializing Direct3D
  5. Wow that was alot of stuff. First of all, I havnt formated...never have. Second, Im not totally sure what formating is and how to do it. Third, I've never made back up disks so I dont know how or what to back up. Lastly, I have AOL, Dial-Up, Norton Internet Security 2005, Ad-Ware Personal, AOL Spyware Protection, Windows Firewall, Norton Firewall, *AOL Firewall*, I dont use IE, I never go to IE, whats Sandboxing and that other thing, and yeah...all those things/ recommendations, I'll have to look into that. You see, this is really my parents comp but they dont know jack and are prolly the once causing all these problmms. Especially my dad, he's probably using IE himself and visiting porn sites and whatnot. And what's the deal with this weather bug he's installed. I think it uses IE...does it? Oh, someone has helped me out with this before kinda, but like, he said, I'll have to take note on all the programs that might now run properly if and when I uninstall SP2, but there was too many. Anyway it's for these msges I've been getting saying that my comp cant find this one thing for this one place in this dynamil link library deal of jiger.
  6. Can I back up anything I want? Norton Internets Security? the downloaded updates (where can I find these by the way?), Downloaded programs, anything? What classes can I take to learn all this computer stuff. I've heard of IT and IS and A+ but I dont even know what those are or what they teach
  7. All Im worried about is all the updates that took hours upon hours to download with my dial up. This includes the $40 that we paid for Nortons 2005 package majiger. Does reformating/Formating whipe all of thise out?
  8. why shouldnt one run as an administrator, doesnt running as one give you administrative access persay and let you do more things? And another thing, is it okay for windows components to access the web "behind my back."? Sometimes I get this msg that my firewall has dected a windows component trying to connect to the web, is that okay? And if all that internet security is all jus BS and how they dont really address the root of the problem then what does?
  9. lol, no... I didnt do any of those and i dont have kazaa. Anyway I jus quarantined 6000+ malwares/ data miners. Most of 'em was malware...what is malware?
  10. I've ran several check ups on my comp and all seem to be finding "threats/errors" on Windows by the thousands. I've ran Norton 2005, AOL Spyware check, Spybot Seach & Destroy, and Ad-Ware. Norton found some 2000 wierd shiznats, but Ad-Ware...omg. I got this program from one of AOL's recomendations in addition to their own "2 is better than 1" And so I DL'd both of what it showed. Anyway...Ad-Ware. Shiznaits! It's still scanning but as of now, its found some 4,500 "critical" objects. 3 Proccesses Identified 4 Modules Identified 65 Registry Keys Identified 97 Registry Values 7200 + Files Identified! <<< Most from 'C:\Windows\' What could this possibly mean... *It's still scanning and still climbing, I got sick of changing the numbers...
  11. So there's this "new" anime on G4TechTV's Anime Unleash called R.O.D. I like it. It's got comedy, action, and that anime feel...errr yeah. Then last Saturday I was expecting some Saturday night Anime, but got R.O.D. the movie! That was okay too. Do you guys know this anime? Then again, I like pretty much all anime...kinda. Hence, Im that hot anime guy
  12. Sry the topic didnt really have anything to do with this, but oh well. Jus wanted to say that. Anyway I was wondering if anyone knew how to schedule the task of disk defragmenting as you would window's update or Norton Live Update, or if its even possible. I've also been getting error messages lately everytime I logg on. That is as a user, before Im in and after. When I log in, I get this message titled as: "Explorer.EXE- Entry Point Not Found" The procedure entry point mciSendCommandA could not be located in the dynamic link library WINMM.dll. Then when I'm in I get another titled: "ALCXMNTR.EXE- Entry Point Not Found" The position entry point waveInGetPosistion could not be located in the dynamic link library WINMM.dll. I dont know if this maybe have something to do with the drasticly longer user loading time, but loading users getting these messages are taking longer. Anyway, is this jus saying I have those files missing or corrupted or what? If anyone is familiar with this error plz contact me at either my e-mail JRUyson87@aol.com, my IM JRUyson87, or jus reply to this topic. Any help will be appreciated, thnx. Jus wanted to say HI! again Nice to be back in a long while. The new theme isn't bad
  13. Okay, I kinda fixed it, but in order to keep the spaces, I had to replace 'em with dots...AND EVEN THEN, IT STILL DIDNT TURN OUT RIGHT. Oh well. Oh, and I wasnt asking for answers...Im not like that, I know that I need to know HOW to do it and not jus get the answers. Edit: Umm what would be nice is if you guys could jus email me. But here's another one... f(x)={(3,5),(2,4),(1,7)} g(x)=√(x-3) h(x)={(3,2),(5,4),(1,6)} K(x)=x^2 +5 There's 6 but here's one: k^-1(x)= Orrr 1/(f(x))=
  14. waaaiiiit! That was not posted right, I had all the spacing and everything to separate the fractions and the exponents from other terms. And yes this is the basic stuff, but thats not all of it, thats jus that one the types of problems I have to work out. Anyway I SHOULD know this but like I said...I forgot Oh, and the book, yeah, that WOULD help IF I had one with me. Crap, the library...but I dont want to go there...Anyway, here's more problems, -______-; Nevermind, it wont turn up right, the forum will squish everything and so you wont be able to tell apart the terms. Arg, whyyy?!?! Im gonna try to fix it now...
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