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  1. I've been using that method you posted for burning PSX games with Nero, and the isos work just fine on ePSXe. I shouldn't have any problems when playing them on a Playstation or PS2, should I? By the way, I'm thinking of getting the PS2 Boot Discs/slide card.
  2. Ok, that works. Now, what's the most idiot-proof way to play PSX games? I can use methods for PSXs and PS2s, as I have both. EDIT: Does anyone know how good the boot disc linked below is? http://www.modchipstore.com/product_16136_...XChange_V2.html I am thinking of ordering it, but want to know if it's as good as that site says it is, etc.
  3. Does it matter if the files for my CD are.bin or.iso? Also, does it matter if I use regular CD-Rs or black CD-Rs?
  4. Couldn't I just edit the log of files in use? Oh well, I stopped using DC++ today in favor of ReverseConnect, which is almost the same prog. Thanks for the help.
  5. Sometimes, when I try getting a movie on DC, the person signs off and never comes back. Sometimes, I can delete the partial download, and sometimes, I can't. Do you guys know a way around this? I've gone so far as to reboot and trying to delete the partials before doing anything else, and it still won't work. Off the top o f my head, I would say that I have roughly a gig in partials that just won't go away, so any help will be appreciated.
  6. Oh no, letters from our ISPs! All that means is that Peer Guardian needs to be updated, or that whoever gets the letters needs to lay low until the heat is off. I can't see their effort to subpoena people being destroyed, because of American politics at this point in time, but it would be nice.
  7. I've found that I like Snes9x more simply because it didn't flock with the res on my old computer after I used it. But ZSNES is really going to be your best bet.
  8. If you look at the kid with the light gun, he is holding a controller with 4 buttons. That site wouldn't even qualify as propaganda. Propaganda is at least consistent.
  9. What program would you guys recommend for extracting.7z files? I think I'd rather just play the games with an emulator.
  10. What emulator do I need to play.7z files? Also, if I want to burn these games to CDs, do I need a mod chip to get them to work on a PSX/PS2? EDIT: I just realized that this is in the wrong forum. Can someone move it?
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