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  1. The one that costs $999.99 at CompUSA. My only concern is about the keyboard encoder. That DOES go into the computer itself, correct?
  2. Quick question: Are the Shuttle X computers worth fooling with? I want to be sure I have room in this cabinet, since the change doors are a bit strange. It's gonna cost me a grand if I go this route, but maybe I can find a local builder who can cut me a better deal.
  3. Am I the only one who, by reading the thread title, thought that oral sex was going to be incorporated into the link?
  4. I hope you aren't in the U.S., because copiers are only legal if you built them yourself, to the best of my understanding.
  5. To keep things coherent, this is the basic control panel set-up I'm considering right now: http://arcade.home.mindspring.com/arcade17.jpg
  6. Basically, it really looks like I'm going to end up with an arcade cabinet. The logical thing, I thought, would be to convert it into a MAME cabinet. If any of you have experience with this sort of thing, where's the cheapest place to get all the accessories I need? I am aware of happ, but would like to cut my cost on things like the trackball, and I am also aware of Hagstrom, and will be buying their keyboard encoder unless I can find one that does the same thing for less money. Any and all help and advice is appreciated.
  7. I stopped reading after this reply, because nothing could possibly top this response. If you seriously did something like that and stated, "Well, that dog gets to piss wherever, so I thought it worked both ways," you have a chance of being submitted to Fark if it ever makes the news.
  8. K is the only person who replied to this thread who I don't want to immediately stab in the face, and the jury is still out on him.
  9. Christmas: Probably repo somebody's crap while they're eating Christmas dinner. New Year's: Hopefully, some bikers that do tow-offs will have the contract for some property surrounding a bar with no parking locked down. If that's the case, I suspect that they will get something like 200 cars in one night, if they hustle it. I'll get to help, if they have that deal set.
  10. I think he's asking if any of you have an old copy of the PC version, and are willing to sell it.
  11. $300 sounds like a suitable price. Jump to $350 if you want to gouge somebody, or $250 if you want to dump and run.
  12. Jackie Chan was also an extra who gets his neck broken in (I think) Enter The Dragon. You guys need to watch Jackie Chan's Project A. That movie is all kinds of badassed.
  13. None of this directly phases me, because I registered like I was supposed to, even though I wouldn't be drafted because I'm an only child (Although my mom had some other kids after her and my dad split up, I am still the only son, so if she has another kid I'm going to kill her).
  14. The thing is, rich and politically-connected people have always controlled the country. It's just that they had to come up with an entire government. And I'd be interested in reading more similarities.
  15. Well, if that's true, then my business should boom out of control...
  16. I didn't participate either, partly due to sickness, and partly due to the fact that I already have 500 DVD-Rs and cases that I need a good excuse to use.
  17. This isn't really all that surprising. The adstinence-only program has been in effect for a while now. It was part of my Wellness class as a freshman (Which was basically P.E., sex ed, and a bunch of other related stuff rolled into one class). After the dyke gym teacher got done showing us slides and preaching abstinence in the auditorium, we went back to the gym, the other teacher (An old black man who was so cool that you literally had to be a terrorist in order to dislike him) told us about the only sex ed that he ever got as a kid: "My father took me aside when I was about 15 years old and said, 'Put a cap on it.' That was it." I think that his approach was more effective, and it didn't require any government funding or any sizable amount of class time. Sure, the slides grossed out everyone but me (Because, at the time, I was a regular viewer of Rotten, among other things), but I think more people had followed his advice by the time we were all seniors.
  18. I'll wait for a fully working emulator.
  19. All he really needs for entry is a length of packing tape, a wedge, and a rod. For the rod, you could use basically anything. Most importantly, and this is something money can't buy, K would need a ghetto pass, which he'd have to either earn the hard way or to let someone who already has a pass to take you under their wing. Also, move out of Louisiana. Their repo laws suck, and really need to be altered.
  20. See, you have to be selective about what you swipe. The guy can't get his car back because of some agreement, and the sound system is attached to the burb. Therefore, he will not be able to get any of that back. Of his actual property, I only took two knives, which he probably won't notice immediately.
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