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  1. i have been surfing the web for defensive strategies and how to execute the nano blitz in madden 2004. gamefaqs and other known gaming sites don't have the information i am looking for, they only cover the basics. i am becomming fustrated with my task at hand. i've gone to madden message boards and asked for help, but all i get are smart mouth remarks and no help what so ever. i am about to spend money on another strategy guide since prima guide doesn't cover the nano blitz. well sorry for my rant, but i am upset. i enjoy the game and would like to become better player...well if anyone had any insight on how to do the nano blitz please can you share!!! thanks n advance
  2. what should i expect on the test.... how long is the test... and would i be better off buying the school book or downloading pdf. files over the internet. future tech.. thanks in advance
  3. where can i get a free copy of my credit report...
  4. i recently used a trial version of spy doctor and found that i have over 120 infections on my pc. which freak me out, i have used adware and i also have norton virus scanner and when used my pc checks out ok. no once i used spy doctor i find out that there indeed potential and big problems on my pc. i only have the trial version and i am unable to remove these problems with spy doctor, so my question what can i use to remove infections found on pc
  5. i know that you can store your games onto a hd and play it on the console. my question what will happen if you install the hd with the backups within the cpu and tried to play it off the emulator.will this increase the fps. or will it simply not work at all.
  6. i have the mame arcade emulator and i enjoy playing pac-man and ms.pac-man. my question can someone give me the link to a site that shows the patterns for ms.pac-man. a co-worker of mine told me that there were patterns for ms.pac-man and pac-man. i no that pac-man has patterns but i wasn't sure about ms.pac-man.
  7. hey thank you.... i can now enjoy the game
  8. no i have not mounted the cd image. the iso image is extracted into a folder created and i am selecting the iso image from the folder.
  9. well thank u but its a no go. i don't know whats wrong. well incase you were wondering i got this iso from supernova...if you can come up some sort of solution to this problem i will appreciate it..
  10. i have tried using p.e.o.p.s soft gpu plugin and pete's d3d plugin setting resolution at 800x600 and i am unable to start the game. the game starts up and takes me to the press start screen, but when start is pressed nothing happens. the game stays on the press start screen.
  11. is the miami dolphins considered to be one of the cheesy teams? i really want to beat this guy who sucks he plays with the dolphins and his def man under or zone. his off is his (te) and slot (wr) my def double (te) or the nickle def the (te) out runs the coverage and slot (wr) and i am not in bump run coverage. off plays that should work against the zone def does not seem to be working for me the dolphins seem to adjust or recover for him there speed on def is crazy. well any advice or good sites that does'nt mind to exchange strategies would be greatly appreciated.
  12. i am having a tough time extracting audio from mkv file with vdub do you know of other programs that will extract the audio from mkv file.
  13. Thanx for info what tool can i use to enhance the quality of a telesync film.
  14. I have a matroska file and i would like to rip the audio from the file. when i play this file it plays with french audio; but when i play the file with media player classic it gives me the option to select audio 1 or 2. audio 2 is the english file. what program can i use to rip the audio that i need. thanx in advance
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