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  1. Any Wii firmware should be hackable under the bannerbomb method.
  2. Yeah, in one sitting, some random guy had the game, and was planning to leave soon, so I borrowed it an completed it as soon as possible. My finishing time was around 9:23:39.
  3. I'll take your word Agozer, I'll pleasure myself to reading this sometime this weekend, thanks for posting.
  4. Dude, you need to get a USB HDD, it's probably one of the most simple and hassle-free methods.
  5. It's a good game with minor flaws, I found the enemies to come in illogically sized swarms, I completed it in one sitting.
  6. I love the demo, however I only have my DSi and PSP with me, so I can't play the actual game. I've beaten the demo two or three times, and I can't wait to play the actual game, being a hack n' slasher enthusiast and all.
  7. However, the JAP version of the game fails to run on any type of CFW, and only works on OFW 6.60, which is angering me at the moment. I'm waiting for someone to create a patch, it's glorious to have an ISO that you can't play currently.
  8. I Completely slaughtered Crisis Core, enjoyed all cutscenes, completed most of the side missions, (which granted me rare Materia like Graviga and Curaga), I was able to defeat each boss within one try, and I also demolished the final Genesis boss, whose health capacity was considerably infinite.
  9. Sounds exactly like my night...GH/RB right down to the entire living room floor being covered in blanketed bodies when I woke up. Only nobody knocked anything over, and no drinks got spilled. Sounds like one hell of a time.
  10. I completed watching Elfen Lied, from 9PM of Decemeber 31st, to 3AM on Jan 1st.
  11. I installed Ubuntu on this Laptap last night out of curiosity, did a full wipe over Windows 7. The results are confusing, no more using Windows applications, (with the exception of Wine). The navigation is also fairly convoluted but I think I want to get accustomed to Linux.
  12. Yeah bro, I don't know, the game's formula reminds me of how some Video Games just don't eliminate problems that hinder most Video Games in general. At first inFAMOUS was a decent game without many flaws, but after trying to complete the game twice, you really start to realize the game's chinks in it's armor. I don't understand whether or not the reviews for games like these are done after someone plays it half-way, because based on the data I've collected, running around completing repetitive side missions, doing story-mode missions over and over again due to an overwhelming amount of building snipers, and just being totally fed up with the game's lack luster combat and gameplay, makes me regret paying $35 for the game, still knowing that it was a waste of money before putting the game in my console.
  13. * SCEA * Sucker Punch * Modern Action Adventure * Release: May 26, 2009 * ESRB: Teen inFAMOUS is a Sand-Box Action Adventure game exclusive to the PlayStation 3 video game console. Released in 2009 a month before it's primary competitor, Prototype. Many hardcore gamers and gamers in general have debated upon which game is better. inFAMOUS starts the player off with a bald, uninspired looking man named Cole McGrath. Cole is ordered by an anonymous customer to deliver a package, although Cole is unaware that within the package relies the Ray Sphere, an orb of ultimate destruction of some sort, that can easily destroy earthy life. As he opens the package it explodes, causing a devastating explosion that wipes out the residents of the Historic District. Cole survives this blast, and in the process, also, absorbs energy from the Ray Sphere's fantastic aura, granting him powers to discharge and store electricity. The game itself acts on a generic morality system, Cole has the choice to be either a Hero, completely infamous, or somewhere in between. Throughout the game you will be faced with various Karma choices, for example, Would you leave this male to die, or will you save him?, type scenarios. Much like Fable being Evil or Good changes the main protagonist's clothing, body, and electricity color. Both Evil and Good have slight alterations to Cole's powers, for instance, Cole as a Hero contains sticky electricity grenades that increase in explosion radius, Cole as a Villain, contains sticky electricity grenades that splatter into clusters to expand explosion radius. The question is to whether or not something similar to this would entice a player to replay the game for a second time to try out a different Karmic side. The cutscenes consist of comic book like pictures with a grungy art-style, with Cole's dry Dark Knight narration. The game's ending and storyline changes little even with two choices provided every major event. People around the city react to your wickedness or bravery, by trying to fight you, or praising you and taking pictures. inFAMOUS has a very small RPG-like leveling system, instead of acting on numeric leveling, it involves upgrading of certain attacks, with experience points gained by healing, devouring people, or by killing enemies. Certain stages of an attack can only be unlocked by completing Evil or Good missions. Once a Good mission is completed, an Evil mission is locked and deleted, or vice versa, allowing you to clean up the city. Each optional mission that is completed clears up parts of the city, which decides whether enemies will keep appearing, and will open up medical housing to treat you when you die as a wake-up point. There is a variety of optional missions, this fact is clear, but being able to enjoy doing the missions themselves is non-existent. The game's navigation is fairly sparse and unexciting. You're able to grind power lines, and use static electricity to glide certain distances, there's no way to fly, or run extremely fast, fully utilizing your electricity. The powers themselves are also unimaginative, except for a few. You have the sticky grenade, the electrici missile, the electric sniper ability, basic electrocution, a few others to spare a full spoil. The game's combat also includes melee without any depth whatsoever. Overall the combat makes the character feel underdeveloped and less spectacular and flashy as the game presents him to be. The entire Sand-Box genre has been dieing for quite sometime, roaming around New York city and making things go boom has been overdone to a tee, and inFAMOUS keeps up the annoying streak, of generic buildings, cars, people, and missions. The enemies are buggy and overly aggressive, unrelentingly savage. It makes the game extremely frustrating, more than any other game I've played in years. Imaging trying to do a mission of any fashion, while enemies are shooting at you from every other angle possible, Cole's defense can only be upgraded three times, and the health bar remains small and unreliable. As your health decreases you can stop by nearby light posts, generators, cars, or any other object that contains electricity, to recharge your batteries. It heals you, and also restores your electricity. Once again, the enemies makes the game overall a more irritating experience than an enjoyable one. The graphics show nothing impressive, the environments spouts out nothing audible, as it has modeled itself after countless Sand-Box titles before it, games like Spiderman, the Hulk, the millions of Grand Theft Auto games, True Crime, and the list goes on. I am baffled that gamers or even developers today still think that New York City or a city modeled after such is an astronomical selection for a map for integrated interaction. If you were to take out Spiderman out of the Spiderman games, and throw in the most generic Electric super-hero, you would have inFAMOUS, a fairly decent or even mediocre game, where it's mediocrity is maltreated by the games repetitiveness, cheap difficulty, and unoriginality. This game along with Prototype is overhyped, dubiously average titles that look great from the outside but play not so well. The major verdict of this title suggests that the game does not deserve a rent, it's an 8-hour dose of average agitation. It is a mystery as to why these games get such high reviews, because personally, I felt this game was a waste of money, and all jokes aside, I was one time almost near breaking the game itself out of sheer anger. Overall: 7
  14. I got nothing this Christmas, because I'm getting my own paycheck now. Have e Happe New Year.
  15. I thought Laughing Octopus was a joke, no pun intended.
  16. I'm not sure if the PSP Go has been broken yet.
  17. Rostir LittleBigPlanet Tekken 6 Killzone 2 Resistance 2 Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Metal Gear Solid 4
  18. inFamous is slightly, (slightly, only slightly) disappointing, especially after completing Prototype. The powers are fascinating, but in the beginning of the game, you don't have many capabilities. The characters themselves are sub-par, missions are repetitive, but not the irritating repetitive, if that makes any sense. At a price of $30, I couldn't really argue, you can be either evil, or good, it's somewhat similar to Spiderman: Web of Shadows. The climbing of buildings is almost exactly like Assassin's Creed's system, and the attacks and lighting/electric based abilities you gain throughout the game maintained my interest. The main character also sounds like Batman from the Dark Knight film, just don't play Prototype before playing this game. Try renting it first. Heavenly Sword is a very odd game. Playing this game in the year of 2009, you can really spot how premature this game is. The graphics do not utilize the PS3's full capabilities by no means, the game, ALMOST looks like it could be on the Wii, but enough about the graphics. The combat is enjoyable, the animations are elegant, the story is, involving, the main character, looks beautiful, and the game is a button masher, whilst playing the game, (the game's narrator tells you to button mash), the irony is dumb founding. The voice acting, is spectacular, just outstanding, it's decent, although I've only played through one boss. Try renting that as well, even though I purchased both games conveniently at a Black Friday sale. The combat is separated between different weapons, and you're able to switch weapons, mid-combo, there's more to it, but a bit much to be considered a spoiler.
  19. Tekken 6 Resistance 2 Killzone 2 Metal Gear Solid 4 Heavenly Sword Little Big Planet Infamous Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
  20. Not a bad catalog, I still haven't played Ninja Gaiden Sigma, although I do have Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Haven't played Prince of Persia, but have beaten DMC4, hence my review. MGS4 is outstanding, the first game I purchased when I got my slim. Have you heard of any of the earlier RPGs for the PS3? Like Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea 3, or Demon Souls?
  21. I picked up Infamous, Little Big Planet, and Heavenly Sword from Gamestop used, all for $81, utilizing that get two get one free deal. Although the Infamous game came without a cover, and booklet. Might have to print one out from VGBA.
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