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  1. Yeah. that's really awsome, Rumble/R3/L3 buttons for this realese is legendary.
  2. @Disoblige I had the same expirience, someone on my buddy list that I never talked to, told to check out this pic of me, then I clicked on it, nothing happened, then out of nowhere, all the people on my buddy list started messaging me saying, Hey what do you want or...???, Then I said what? you messaged me out of nowhere what do you want? Then my buddies said, you just said something about a pic of you, Then I was like 0_o it's a virus!!
  3. Why woud'nt it work? Isn't it a valid Flash Card?
  4. Eternal Champions is on Sega CD?? Sonic CD if you enjoy Sonic 2D games.
  5. Personally I would mix up DragonBall with Street Fighter / Capcom games.
  6. Nes just doesn't give up, ZnesxBox FTW.
  7. I don't like people who claim they have something that they don't have, " Ohh my cousin works for GameStop so he gets any game that comes out" that's such BS, I've asked an employee that question and they told me that they don't get anything free.
  8. Chrono Trigger Breath Of Fire 4 FFVII FFVIII Mario RPG
  9. Meta Knight isn't in Melee, If I remeberd correctly, and I never remember being able to play with Giga Bowser.
  10. A mod chip isn't nessecary to mod a xbox, but it can be used.
  11. My favorite character is Samus, *Looks at his sig*.
  12. Your not going to get a free Wii.
  13. Lol I have no clue how the RPG works in these forums.
  14. Hey sup guys, Ive been into emulators for about 4 years now. This is what you should know about me. Name: Devia Eleven Age: 15 Gender: Male From: Dallas TX Interests: Games/Sports/Computers Address: Nice Try ohmy.gif I hope this is a cool place to post n stuff.
  15. That would be kinda cool, M.U.G.E.N. owns fighting against the computer, it would be even better with online play.
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