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  1. Agreed. Could you tell me what you found disappointing? I want to see if anyone else shares my gripes. well I didn't have really high hopes to begin with, but it feels like a spiderman game and a hulk game had a baby and put it up for adoption in Malawi. the story line is OK but the graphics look pretty shit compared to the screenies I remember from last year. The AI is dumber then a bag of hammers. It's a button masher where you really don't have to mash buttons. at least there are no QTEs, that's one saving grace. After playing through Spider Man - WoB, this game feels underwhelming. The missions are outright atrocious, defeat all military tanks, destroy all generators before the time runs out, etc. These missions are obviously recycled from Ultimate Destruction. These New York City/Manhattan games these days are really overrated. Roaming around town and blowing things up gets boring at some point. I felt a bit limited to what I could do. I haven't unlocked many attacks, but Prototype is Ultimate Destruction, it also doesn't stray too far away from the last Hulk game on seventh generation consoles. In my opinion the AI is overwhelming, large doses of constant barrages of missiles and bullets from all directions, this is never a fun experience.
  2. I finished watching the finale of this show a few months ago. I'd recommend it to anyone who's interested in Anime at all.
  3. The last movie I saw was pirated, the movie was Mall Cop, and it wasn't half bad.
  4. I recommend Eternal Sonata. Also, please make sure, when running your Elite, that it's NOT on the carpet, and that it has much space to breathe.
  5. Agreed. Could you tell me what you found disappointing? I want to see if anyone else shares my gripes.
  6. Fable 2, the entire game was disappointing, the ending was even more disappointing, the graphics were disappointing as well.
  7. Hey everyone, I just got my driver's license a few hours ago. Down here in Warner Robins, Georgia, not many people are out in about. The often times stressful and prolonged DMVs were avoided when my older brother took me down to the local DMV, (with me making a phone call appointment before hand, ultimately making the day less of a hassle). It took about 40 minutes total. There were about 5 people in line, but we were able to rightfully jump the line because I had scheduled an appointment weeks ago. I took my sweet time on the parallel parking and in parking overall, I had a few problems but the kind man gave me an 89/100. I swooped in, paid $35 for a 10 year license, (lasting until about 2018), and I'm good to go. PS: 3,100th post
  8. Me and my older brother walked into the movie theater at 12:15, and caught three movies free with the sneaking strategy, all of them being, Star Trek, Wolverine, and Terminator.
  9. I completed X-Men Origins - Wolverine, which is a spectacular game, I'm disappointed that it lacks a multi-player battle mode, similar to that of Marvel Nemesis. I am now playing through Fable II, I would predict that I am about half way through the game, since I am currently trying to recruit the Hero of Skill.
  10. It's surprising how useful XBOX 360 controllers can be with emulators in mind. It matches up perfectly with the PSX button layout, good stuff.
  11. I'm not sure, it's one of the 3.XX CFWs that allows that. It might be 3.90 that enables that feature.
  12. I'm pretty sure that ddddyyyy is a bot.
  13. With 1.50 firmware you should be able to install Custom Firmware without using a Pandora Battery, I believe. Here is 3.71 M33, try putting it on your PSP, try installing it. Get to back to me, I want to know if it works. http://rapidshare.com/files/148927451/release.rar
  14. It is legitimate, but it is fairly outdated. If you need a better guide, PM me.
  15. once you put the stuff on SD card it's all done form the wii. that pack will work but I have found some updated stuff that will make things go smoother. I'll try to get it all together and get you a new link tonight. Are you running Backups or what? I'll put it this way. I do not rent games. I have only bought 3 retail for games for all my systems combined in the last 2 years. take from that what you will. Obvious posts are obvious.
  16. Have you ever tried your ear at Alternative Hip-Hop? There's much more to Hip-Hop then women, clothes, money, cars, drugs, and violence. If you wish to dive into the Underground world of Hip-Hop, where lyrics actually mean something, let me know, and I'll give you a great list of people who aren't rhyming about having sex with strippers.
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