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  1. Within the last four years of my life, I have grown into a tall, African American male, who hates the world, and despises reality. Everyday since the first day of High School, I have been met, with constant opposition, and hate. Most people prefer to dislike an African American male, who should be playing Basketball everyday, who should be listening to horrible Rap music, and who should be doing and selling drugs. I don't understand, how amongst everyone else except me, I am stranded in some other world. A high percentage of humans who I have to be around everyday, in my Air Force career, and even in a High School hierarchy, are astoundingly immature, closed minded, pieces of shit covered trash, who persist on insulting me for no apparent reason whatsoever. I'm not good enough for this generic stereotypical society, my views and interests are viewed in disdain. There's no problem with a person hating me, the main problem is that people hate for no reason. How could one evaluate me based off of underdeveloped assumptions? This is sublime, it's fantastically unbelievable. I have been verbally bullied, everyday of my life since I was thirteen years old, a nineteen year old, anti-social, misanthropic, inexperienced, African American, video game enthusiast man, who has encountered, countless, among countless, accounts of verbal hate. Northern America refuses to accept ones who are unique, and the word unique is replaced with weird, and the word weird is placed with, "you do not fit", therefore we will continue to disembowel you verbally until you kill yourself. I've read articles, I've researched websites, I've written expansive excerpts, I've talked to people, I've asked my parents, and apparently, the only method to avoid insults one hundred percent is to not talk. Has anyone encountered such a formality of humans? These Northern American needle nosed hypocrites, have stopped at nothing, at no limit, no boundary, to continuously, call me names, attempt to extrapolate my entire life as, (all he does is play Video Games, in his room), to throw unwarranted racial slurs. I have been insulted because I use words like "cantankerous" in an actual cohesive sentence. No profanity, no word, no action can really express my hatred and intolerance towards people who view themselves as being perfect, and view myself as a misguided, babied, naive virgin who shouldn't have been introduced to what everyone prematurely calls, "life".
  2. The Momiji bosses on Mentor were utterly ridiculous. I sometimes wonder if the game developers really think that someone could defeat such enemies with ease.
  3. Personally, when it comes to Ninja Gaiden, the only worthy weapon is the Dragon Sword. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on Mentor, is Ninja Gaiden 2 on Warrior. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2's difficulty is a step down from the original. Ninja Gaiden 2 is NOT, a button masher, Ninja Gaiden 2 is not a game where forcefulness is a virtue. You need to master the block/evade mechanism, and have patience, there's not anything more helpful than learning an enemy's attacks. Follow what Agozer said for the most part, because, my game systems are not with me in this state.
  4. This is true. Sonic Advance 1,2,3 and Rush, aren't Sonic games, they're just very fast paced running without control, and the camera is zoomed in on Sonic too much. Sonic wasn't always about running 500 miles per hour, it was about having full control over Sonic's speed, Sonic the Hedgehog 1,2,3 didn't have illogically placed loop-de-loops and endless steep hills to make Sonic run uncontrollably. Sonic Advance 1,2,3, and Rush only involved holding the right directional button, the Genesis games weren't all about that.
  5. New trailer: http://uk.gamespot.com/ps3/action/projectn...lot;watchlink;1 Full article: http://sonicstadium.org/news/project-needl...hog-4-episode-1
  6. How do you manage that? XBPartitioner with 64k clusters? Without doing that, you can't possibly use the whole drive...even then you risk corruption. I have a 40GB drive in mine, I'm thinking of taking it out and putting a stock drive in it again...I have no use for 40GB with all my stuff being streamed. Oops, I didn't care to notice that this thread was posted in the XBOX section. In that case, I have two XBOXes. One has, a 120GB, and the other, has a 80GB Maxtor. I was initially thinking the thread was about HDDs in general.
  7. I'm using a 2TB Western Digital that costed me about $300 a few months ago.
  8. I don't know in specific, but I prefer the ones that come un-zipped, so I won't have to spend hours un-zipping 600 roms.
  9. The World Ends With You, a Square-Enix hand-held RPG title that took forever to get working perfectly on an emulator.
  10. I enjoyed that as soon as this achievement was documented, people starting discussing and calculating which connections would be the best to download MSG4 with. Don't jump to concloochons people.
  11. Use this emulator. http://psxemulator.gazaxian.com/pSX_linux_1_13.tar.bz2
  12. Uh, Kingdom Hearts: Flames of Judgement? You just got my kind of excited there, until I realized you actually meant Vandal Hearts....
  13. If you are using Firefox, download DownloaderHelper, trust me.
  14. I think so. Yes, currently downloading Cowboy Bebop 5.5 GB.
  15. This changes things, no longer will I have to walk 1 mile down to a building to use internet with sparse bandwidth. Now I have my own internet service, unlimited data, with 1 Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload, with the entire bandwidth to myself. Today has changed my morale.
  16. While it's very true that Bayonetta and Darksiders are definitely shaking up the genre, the "old folks" of the genre still hold up very well. Out of those four you listed, Onimusha is the only one that needs a sequel or on a next-gen console (Nobunaga was dealt with during the course of the first three games, then Hideyoshi in Dawn of Dreams - what's in store for no.5 I wonder?). ... Which reminds me that I have to finish Dawn of Dreams. Damn thing's hard. I never finished Dawn of Dreams.
  17. People have been trying for weeks, apparently the game acts on an awkward new mechanic where the ISO cannot be run from the Memory Stick, because it is deactivated in order for the game to check the PSP's firmware.
  18. I've seen people around here on base play Darksiders, it looks like a very good game, somewhere near the caliber of Uncharted 2, where Darksiders utilizes elements from other games, and makes them generically good, instead of trying something drastically risky. If you were to ask me, these two new Hack and Slashers, are taking on a new formula. The past large Hack and Slashers series from the past decade, God of War, Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, and Onimusha are reaching their rotting point, (or perhaps not).
  19. * Square Enix * h.a.n.d. Inc. * Action Role-Playing * Release: Sep 29, 2009 » * ESRB: Everyone 10+ Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is a side-story iteration of the Kingdom Hearts series. Released for the Nintendo DS portable console, it's a decent adventure for a transportable gaming system. The game itself takes place after Chain of Memories, and before Kingdom Hearts II, while Sora is asleep is his hibernation chamber. The Kingdom Hearts story presents itself to be complex while it is ultimately flawed instead. This game can clear up certain mysteries, such as Xion's true identity, Riku's actions, Namine's decisions, and so on. A player who is unfamiliar with the Kingdom Hearts storyline will be lost, because the game fails at fully explaining anything, using cutscenes with ambiguous messages to create a facade that Xion's past and ambitions are significant in every way. They are made especially for the die hard Kingdom Hearts fans who are aware of the characters. Throughout the entire game, you will play as Roxas, Sora's nobody. All missions are proposed and taken in the main hub, The World That Never Was, the castle owned by Organization XIII, and also, the ending world in Kingdom Hearts II. The game starts off rather rocky, as you will be participating in many simple tutorial missions with surprisingly good writing. Voice overs are only present in certain cutscenes, in real-time scenes, text boxes appear, but the writing style that wonderfully depicts the different characteristics of each Organization member compensates for the lack of actual speech. The story begins from Roxas's birth, and as you progress through the game Roxas becomes more socially experienced and emotionally attached to certain members. The combat system involves the occasional button mash wail around your keyblade malarkey. In this iteration, there aren't certain keyblades to equip, etc. Instead, the game implements the simple "panel" system. As a new mission is a completed, a new box will appear in the grid of the panel system. Certain objects, (Hi-Potion, Blizzara, High Jump, Lvl Up), will take a certain amount of boxes to use. Similar to Tetris, you can customize your panel so that all desired items will be equipped in an orderly fashion. Instead of certain keyblades, there are "Gears", fully customizable groups of boxes that can be filled with, Power, Ability, Guard, or Magic, more than one can be equipped in one Gear, or vice versa. Other groups include Double Cast, or Level Up Doubler, which are used to be filled with their specific counter-parts. The Level Up Doubler, doubles one Level Up box, if it has four open slots, four Level Up boxes can be inserted, making you level 8 instead of four, multiple Level Up Doublers and Triplers do stack up. The same applies to magic, and the system is better understood while in-game. Momentarily after certain missions are completed, a special cut-scene will trigger, 90% of the time, having to do with the Clock Tower of Twilight Town, whilst Roxas, Axel, and sometimes Xion will sit with each other, discuss wonders and feelings, and consume sea-salt ice-cream. The worlds are taken directly from Kingdom Hearts 1, and instead of having Donald and Goofy accompany you throughout missions, you will be assigned certain Organization members to fight along side you instead. This is where Roxas will engage in conversation with said members, and trigger some rather interesting dialouge, mostly involving an Organization member insulting Roxas upon his feeble skills, or his stupidity. The missions are unsurprisingly repetitive, on seldom times, you will fight alongside two other Organization members simultaneously instead of one, but more frequently one is tagging along. All worlds are empty of Sora, Donald, and Goofy, considering the time-line. The Disney characters are indirectly and directly involved with Roxas's main objective. Nine times out of ten, you'll be completing objectives entailing, "Seek and destroy the Giant Heartless", or, "Kill all Heartless, Collect Hearts", and so on. After each mission is completed, depending on how many Heartless you've killed, and how many points you've gained, you will receive a Level Up block instead of physically leveling up, where the Level Up block can be equipped or un-equipped at will. The Moogle has made a return, coming back with the Synthesizing system, Level Up blocks can be bought or synthesized, every item mentioned above and even more can be created through the synthesizing process, including more. Items can be bought with money gathered, and ranking up will allow you to synthesize more powerful or complex items. Different keyblade gears comprise of distinctive combos and abilities, provide a somewhat fresh vibe to the standard one-two-three flip in mid air combos. A new limit ability has been implemented. On a certain section of your health bar, an orange overlay of color indicates that your Limit can be activated. After a certain amount of damage is taken, holding the attack button repetitively will unleashed a many rapid blows with the Keyblade, and only lasts for around seven seconds, Organization members also have this ability. As you engage in memorable Disney worlds, on the bottom screen of the DS, will be Sora also doing the same action as Roxas on the above screen, in a faded Television screen filter, of one needing better reception. Characters such as DiZ, Namine, Riku, make countless appearances, virtually no one is excluded from the story. Ties between Roxas, Xion, and Axel keeps the player considerably interested in progressing through the game. The gameplay is conspicuously repetitive, but to any Kingdom Hearts fan, this is of minor concern. The cut scenes are compressed videos using the PlayStation 2 graphics engine, and the graphics themselves are reasonably decent. Considering the cartridge size, the music is also slightly above mediocre, only because they are dumbed down versions of Yoko Shimomura's original compositions for Kingdom Hearts II. The game's multiplayer involves a Mission Mode where characters who aren't playable in the main game can be controlled. They are direct imitations, with exception of the music for Castle Oblivion and other dungeons not seen in any other installations. With no surprise, the time is constructed in days, obviously leading up to the 358th work day of Roxas. Roxas's boss Saix refers to your missions as work, and not 358 days are actually witnessed, sometimes the game skips 20 or 30 days, indicating that those days were insignificant and best omitted or skipped. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days isn't right for a person who loves games with good stories, especially when the story can only be understood by playing the other main titles first. It can be picked up and played by any Action-RPG enthusiast, and is a game barely woth indulging in for the Nintendo DS, clocking in around 20-30 hours of gameplay. Overall: 7.7
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