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  1. FF9 never particularly caught my eye, never did have any major problems either. Seemed bland, but I remember getting about 7 hours in before.
  2. Resident Evil 4 forced me to get used to the way the game was, and I liked the challenge. Resident Evil 5 is too straight forward and provides nothing different.
  3. Just found Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 in the mail, playing this now.
  4. Double Post I went there. I beat Uncharted 2, RE5 here I come.
  5. Heh, nothing like a good Steel Fist combo after a long firefight. Ah, I love running up on an oblivious motherfucker and snapping his fucking neck like a twig, I'm starting to perfect it.
  6. To piggy back on the former, the voice acting is top notch, the animations are smooth, the characters are absolutely colorful, and the cover system is rich. Also, the hand-to-hand combat rocks my socks.
  7. Gears is fucking slow, Uncharted is completely the opposite.
  8. As long as I'm pressin' the circle button in-between transitions, I don't have any problems.
  9. Guys, I can honestly say, out of the 3 years of me being here, this is the only forum I've been to, (1 of several), that is filled with mature members, and not 17 year old shit heads.
  10. I got to the part where I meet some girl in a white suit, and she's all, "That door is locked, let me bypass the security system". So I have to kill these aliens before they try to kill her. It was too much, it pissed me off, I couldn't take it. I'm focused on protecting her, then two fuckers come over the rail, and try to kill me. How in the fuck am I supposed to protect her whilst protecting myself? It was bullshit.
  11. I quit Dead Space, I sent it back to Gamefly, I failed. Wouldn't be the first time.
  12. Touche' Agozer, it's time for me to stop being a pussy. I'm goin' back in!
  13. Not sure why, but once I do it, I feel like a piece of shit afterwards.
  14. Dead Space, this game is hard, in an unfair way. The supply of ammo and health packets are adequate, however I have no idea how to increase the capacity of how many items I can hold. Is there a way to upgrade it? If not, that is the main problem with this game, you come across all times of ammo, small and medium health packs, that you can't pick up. Dead Space is a good game that has good ideas, the only thing bringing it down, are those rooms full of 7-8 different aliens, who pop up behind you, while you're trying to kill another alien. Where's the Resident Evil 4 instant turn around button when you need it?
  15. World's Greatest Disciple Kenichi is the anime for you.
  16. I've spent years trying to analyze this. Because of insults, humans are the cause of most psychological frustration. I don't insult people, because I generally find no reason to. I find the "act" of insulting another person a waste of time, and it's disrespectful, plain and simple. I get verbally picked on every single day, and it doesn't bother me as much as it use to. What bothered me the most was that I moved to three different states, met knew people, didn't talk much, and people still found a way to verbally belittle me. It's wordwide, it doesn't matter the person, it happens everywhere. No matter if you undisclose everything you like, if you remain silent, it still doesn't work. It has something to do with human insecurity, modern day crisis forming itself into every human being on Earth. Instead of dealing with problems, a more important notion for a person would be to pick on someone else to make themselves feel better. It's a sad concept, I just can't find any joy in making fun of anyone else. This might sound odd, but I lack the need to, in my opinion, instead of insulting another person, I just know for a fact that all of us have flaws, whether we display them or not. I'd rather seek out my flaws, and kill them, instead of put them to the side and make another feel devastated because of my own problems. I think if everyone was nice to everyone else, people would commit suicide out of boredom, I feel that, insulting people, is completely unnecessary.
  17. Motion control is dumb, I refuse to think that it's something amazing. It is unnecessary, a controller suffices just well, this is why this year's E3 was mostly unappealing. If I could play the Nintendo Wii with a controller for every game I've played and beaten for it, I would.
  18. I was actually not impressed with Nintendo at all, the new Zelda looks like every other Zelda game that's been released in the past, not necessarily a minus, but even Zelda is running it's course by this point. The only reason why Mario is still intact is because it's doing innovating things with platforming. I don't know how much longer a young boy in a green suit can hold my attention. Then instead of creating an actually 3-dimensional Donkey Kong game after 10 years, that re-make Donkey Kong Country, if I wanted to play that I would break out the SNES. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is not different from it's 8-bit counterpart except for the fact that it had co-op in which I had to play.
  19. I didn't get no Shemue III, Pikmin III, Ninja Gaiden III, or Jet Set Radio III, so E3 can suck a fat one.
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