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  1. Meh, I guess so, I might review this game after completion.
  2. That's roughly the same quote I've read in many reviews of this game. I'm taking it that you haven't played it? Once I finish it, I'll tell you more about it.
  3. Dante's Inferno (X360) A broken God of War 2, more or less. I could do without the quick time events, especially when these require you to move sometimes both of the analog sticks in certain directions. Within the first hour of playthrough, I fought one of the most pestering bosses since my playthrough of Sonic Unleashed for the PlayStation 2. Along with small bugs and slurred hit detection. Moderately fun otherwise.
  4. I feel as if Darksiders is nothing past plain, good, the puzzles are a bit aggravating, however the combat is pretty enjoyable. some fairly daunting combinations in the heat of battle. Your wording sometimes Agozer is more badass than I can measure. It is, but practically no replay value. Other than, of course, playing through the second time on the hardest difficulty. I liked alot of elements in this game, one was the rail shooter segment. I played a hell of alot of Onimusha Dawn of dreams, and of course Zelda. I remember having an issue with fluidity at first, but you'll get the hang of it. Before long you'll be having satisfying victories where you pulled of 100 different commands. Lock/sidedash while throwing something/ dash in/uppercut move with a landing attack/ popup/ stall attack/ weapon switch/ dash in (again) etc etc. There were a few times I said, out loud "Holy shit! You just got took son!!!" and so on. I agree... its missing the stuff to make it great. But Puzzles? When you say aggravating... do you mean accidently jumping into lava or somesuch? I liked the level design and puzzle style progression. I believe the combination of time tested game elements was great... even though the game isnt... its just short of great. The replay value of this game is 0. Once you beat it that second time through on nightmare or whatever for the achievements/trophies... the games appeal is shot. Aggravating meaning, spending 30 minutes trying to find out how to solve this puzzle, (I wanna obliterate some motherfuckers, but I can't until I get this tedious puzzle completed first.), (Hmmm..what the hell am I supposed to do....?.....Oh, there we go).
  5. I feel as if Darksiders is nothing past plain, good, the puzzles are a bit aggravating, however the combat is pretty enjoyable.
  6. Liking everything about this game, want to have Sektor and Cyrax tag team.
  7. Hahahahahaha, when you critique Mortal Kombat, you critique correct.
  8. Office Space, for the first time. "If you could come in tomorrow, that would be gggrrrreeeeaaaattttt....."
  9. I see, one of my PSPs is teh sucketh, the other isn't, hence my buying a new one.
  10. Thanks veristic. Should be called Kung Fu Kid.
  11. Could you tell me the difference? I'm not joking, please explain. I know there's a difference.
  12. The Karate Kid (2010) Will Smith's boy should stop acting.
  13. Oh my god, like, pics please.
  14. That's why I look for used PSPs.
  15. Dude uh, I bought a 2000 from Gamestop for $110. That's why I was wondering, and even if Trixx purchased a brand new 2000 the firmware would be too high to downgrade.
  16. I for one, would very much like to see Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3, with tons of blood and possible decapitations, since we didn't get that with Sigma 2. Dunno buddy, I love me some persons who have the same interest in Ninja Gaiden as I do. Playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 rocked my world, I appreciate it more than Ninja Gaiden 2, everything seems much smoother and less cluttered. The music brought me back to the Xbox days as well. I don't like playing with Rachel, (except for the insta-kills), she's clunky. Without Itagaki I can't see a real Ninja Gaiden III, one that's hardcore and not toned down with purple blood mist. I need mees some new Ninja Gaiden shit, after 2 games, and 15 re-makes / improvement games, I need something else.
  17. I've beaten Sigma 2, Ninja Gaiden II, Gaiden Black, and Gaiden, I just never played Sigma 1 so I decided to rent it.
  18. Got tired of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, grew tired of playing through the same old stages. Makes me wish a sequel was coming out soon.
  19. Why did you buy a 3000 anyway?
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