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  1. Nevermind, it seems official now. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Jackson
  2. It seemed much shorter than 10 minutes when I watched it.
  3. He hasn't died, people around the world are now stating he's in a coma. Stay tuned until it's officially confirmed.
  4. The white font on a black background was easier to read Agreed. On 2Emulation I was killing the boards, that skin contributed to the overall reason why.
  5. I prefer City of Heroes over WoW, I remember playing WoW for a few minutes, not long enough to get into it, right about now I'm glad I didn't. But then again I didn't have money to pay monthly, or whatever the financial commitment is. Let alone my computer was trash.
  6. You hurt my feelings, because your opinion doesn't match mine. Ahh... and we agree on so many other things... I see. I never liked the stiffness and aquardness of the characters. Block button... Really, it's all the stiffness of the characters. Thats when turns me off. Nah it's cool, I was making fun of people who instantly dislike a person because they see things differently.
  7. "Mom cancels kids WoW account, lulz ensue." Best thread title, this year.
  8. And I HATE Mortal Kombat... MK sucks, case closed You hurt my feelings, because your opinion doesn't match mine.
  9. quote for truth. I don't see the draw of those games. They grow on you, at least the first one does.
  10. More than anything I was wondering how they were going to do Appa, I would imagine computer animation. Also, if they mess up Sokka they mess up the movie. Sokka is one hilarious chap, he needs to have the right actior who will match his personality. Wind is pretty much invisible, but I guess visually, steam fits the bill, otherwise it would look awkward, it looks like a Dragon Ball blast that would be invisible.
  11. I have very low anticipations for this movie. Might I add that his air bending looks like steam or smoke, rather than just pure wind. The trailer looks decent, but I want the movie to completely impress me, I'm a little disgruntled about what happened to Dragon Ball, then again that's an anime, The Avatar is a western series, not to mention two different people are directing both movies.
  12. I would prefer a dark skin, but preferably not the one we had before. Ordinarily, I prefer dark skins on every forum I visit. A bright skin actually encourages me not to post as often. I would also guess more people are online because 1Emu is back in action after a rather long hiatus.
  13. Prototype Playthrough = End Not because of completion, but for two seasons. I won't be able to play Video Games or do much of anything for the next 14 weeks or so. Two: The game's missions are extremely uninspired, repetitive, and an overall extremely frustrating experience, I cannot put myself through it any longer, the game goes back to the rental shop.
  14. Well respected comment. I might try to re-watch them, I can do so without having to wait weeks and months between seasons and episodes.
  15. The Avatar doesn't need a live action film.
  16. Pretty impressive, I have no complaints with your routine, you seem to be holding up just fine.
  17. Hold your applause, they break God's laws and who pays? The taxpayer that's who Catch a rapper by his toe and smack off his tattoos That's gonna leave a bruise Leave 'em grievin blues like believin in evening news They must be eatin glue Heave it all back, and we even Steven Sue Sprinkle lyrics like seasoning beef stew and sneezin all in it after breathin in the flu Get a clue, his reasoning is askew As to all the feverin and heavin up goo Either that or... dude Leave your girl around this man whore and she's too screwed Just in case she's in a "what you wanna do" mood Bring your plate to the Metal Face and get your food chewed ... tastes like chicken He wastes no time like the bassline kickin in
  18. Your supposed to be running............... I ran this evening after eating pancakes, bad idea.
  19. I really wish it was longer, man I tell you, I use to check for updates on torrents and anime sites daily for new episodes. I remember there being a stall somewhere in Season 3, some kind of mishap with writers which delayed the series for about a month or so. There are some really funny moments in the anime, the voice acting is spectacular, the characters are excellent, everything about it was satisfying, the only downside is how long you had to wait for each episode to be released. Then once you watch the new episode, you have to wait longer for the next.
  20. Just been packing for the military, mostly slacking off when it comes to exercising, and other mundane things.
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