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  1. http://screwattack.com/videos/TGO-Episode-...-to-Roger-Ebert
  2. How far along are you, exactly? I'm almost done with Hard Mode (Chapter 12 is an absolute bitch) and trying to get my Normal time under 3 hours, which seems easier said than done. I'm right after the cut-scene where we meet the character "Luka".
  3. I'm having trouble with Driver Detective. I need to get some stuff done driver wise, but Driver Detective is not allowing me to do so unless I purchase the software. That's the problem, I'm not paying for it. I've downloaded three different cracks with many different registration keys and none of them work. I'm looking for a absolutely free software that will do exactly what Driver Detective does, no trial versions, no bullshit, free, fully working driver updating software.
  4. This game might work. Perfect analysis, perfect.
  5. 4WD. The parking lot is in....Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico.
  6. Bought it off an old lad for $3100, this is my first, I'm very proud of it.
  7. The funniest shit I've read all week.
  8. I'm not sure, see, this whole Mainsteam Hip-Hop thing about people caring about the Rap artist's life is pretty asinine. Eminem lost his spark so long ago that I just don't care about his music anymore, I don't really think he cares either. He's recycling struggles from a long time ago, he's outlived his welcome IMO. Eminem believe it or not is a grown man, who has money and success, for him to still be talking about this crap is amazing in itself, you had a good run Eminem.
  9. I L0Led loudly but man... That was mean. To hell with celebrities in general, I have nothing against sir Hopper.
  10. We need one of those ol' good n' fun old fashioned involved discussions about cool stuff.
  11. At the moment no, because I'm the new guy, everyone picks on the new guy. I'm considered a baby until I've been working for about two years or more. If we're working on an aircraft, I'm the "tool bitch", the tool bitch is the new guy who is ordered to go fetch different tools for the higher uppers to work with. Life however, is much better, than before. Being paid to be the tool bitch ATM is decent.
  12. Sorry I haven't been around, but I finally graduated from Tech School, (almost got kicked out of the Air Force for good, for failing three too many tests), and now I'm finally employed. Everyday of my job, I working on and walking around C-130 aircraft on the flightline, huge things. I haven't been able to enjoy life, (yes, I am a shallow person), because I don't have internet, I can't get internet because I don't have a mailbox, I can't get a mailbox until I move into a different dormitory, (it's full, I'll have to wait until a slot is open). Until then, expect me not to show up too often. Life at the moment is satisfying yet completely uneventful. I haven't seen my kin in almost a year, I have contacts, (that of which I'd rather not pester), no video games, and I can't get video games sent here because I don't have a mailbox yet, that mailbox is preventing me from doing many different things. I'm Outie dudes. If anyone's wondering, I'm living at this base. http://www.kirtland.af.mil/
  13. This actually made me kind of angry and it made me laugh as well, but seriously, this has to be addressed. I hate when teenagers use these completely meaningless, (supposedly whimsical, supposedly) phrases like, "Because I can", or "Shut up". Phrases like these mean absolutely nothing. Hey, why did you just call that guy a dufus? Because I can. Dude, why did you wake me up at 3 AM? Because I can. It would have to be the most atrocious, immature, middle school, numb-nut phrase I have ever heard, it's a petty justification. Hey, is Devia gonna go kill that guy over there because he can? Am I gonna go kiss that girl randomly because I can? How is having the ability to do something justify that action in any tangible sense? I feel like grabbing the head of a person and bashing it into the concrete, when they say things like, "Because I can", some shallow, stupid fuck up of a phrase developed by some snarly thirteen year old stereotypical bully. And what's with this, "Shut up", business? Devia: Hey dude, don't you think that was a little harsh? Shut up. What? Shut up? Can you at least tell me why I need to "Shut up"? Are you implying that your words have more significance than mine? How about you backup your statements with actual cohesive reasoning, and stop telling people to randomly "Shut up", making them appear as lonesome numb-skulls, that of which have no potent say in anything. I've ripped a couple of my "friends", and some of my fellow teenager acquaintances that these phrases should be banished from the English language, along with the word, "l8ter", that was originally spelled with the number 8, and not the letter a. And that the letter "u" is not a word.
  14. Chris Redfield? What the fuck can he do?
  15. Darksiders, good, but I'm stuck at a point where I don't know what the fuck to do quite frankly.
  16. Damn you, I'm envying your joyous times with your PS3. Why did I want my 360 shipped here instead of my PS "Trizzle"?
  17. I hate when sequels are announced for games I haven't even played yet.
  18. Ninja Assassin. Absurd story, gratuitous bloody fighting, amazing fight scenes nevertheless.
  19. How about we get a real-time strategy RPG Pokemon game for the Wii and not this Pokemon Teal and Cyan deals.
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