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  1. Mooney posted not too long ago as well.
  2. Hope that paycheck I got yesterday was real and not some h0ax.
  3. Inuyasha final act? I still have to finish the tedious original.
  4. I was actually surprised about how buggy 1.0 RC was, really disappointing. Some of the mugen hi-res releases were more reliable.
  5. This 2 TB external was a beast in size, and the desk wasn't very high at all, but it was knocked off while in use.
  6. Here's a specific detail I didn't note. It didn't fail. I got up, started to walk, knocked it off the desk, kaput. Plugged it back in, HDD started spinning, I put my hand on the HDD, sounded like a failing car engine.. I felt the heat, turned it off. Looked around on the ground, saw unintelligible bits and pieces, looked at the ceiling in despair.
  7. No, there comes a time in every nerd's life when he or she, himself or herself, breaks his or her own HDD, and can't do anything about it. My, my.., 2, TB HDD gone, all of that data, those torrents, those animes, television series, full rom sets! Wii ISOs, No! AHHH!!!
  8. I'm liking the game a little bit more now, liking the Fang and Lightning party, two strong and quick physical attackers. Currently in Chapter 7.
  9. Emulation is dead therefore Emulation based forums are dead more so, what we have here is a forum without much to cover, so instead of a hustle and bustle news website, we have an extremely close nit community whom of which focus on a few different popular threads a day. I'd rather have a forum full of a small amount of mature wise guys than a forum with snot nosed pompous teenagers who don't know any better.
  10. I can't help but notice that playing with people like Hope, Sazh, and Vanille, without the help of Snow or Lightning, is unfair. These characters seem very weak, I might have not have the best equipment, so that might be an issue. I don't like this leveling system, it takes 300 points to get to a HP+10, it's ridiculous, I would rather have a standard leveling system and not this upgraded Final Fantasy X system. My characters seem very weak, and the enemies in this game have to have at least over 30,000 HP, because my attacks range from about 200-700, including Lightning's attacks, her Str is 120 or so. Why do I need to switch characters every chapter? Why can't I have a consistent party with the same characters from beginning to end? Just when I became acclimated to Lightning's paradigms and such, they switch me back to Sazh and Vanille. Are these two unable to use physical attacks and only magic?
  11. Yeah, exactly my sentiments. The boss was quite unfair, like when you needed to make Constantly sure to switch into a Paradigm with a Synergist in it, just so that you'd survive the attacks, then switch back and forth between Medic and Commando/Ravager. Took me something like three retries to finally beat the damn thing. That's absolutely what happened to me, spot on description.
  12. Someone guide me through the Operation Nora boss please, Phoenix Downs are expensive, Hope is weak, help. Nvm, put him down after 1,000 paradigm shifts and massive patience.
  13. I hate you assholes, (get to play FFXIII and enjoy it's awesomeness), you guys just wait and see! This weekend I'm gonna play this damn game like my life depended on it! And study..
  14. It's pretty fun studying everyday instead of playing Final Fantasy XIII.
  15. Question. Lightning - Commando? Hope - Synergist? Give me suggestions!
  16. Vanille is one perfectly attractive woman. And what the hell? How long am I going to play this game without leveling up at all?
  17. You're going real big bro, I commend you for that shit. I went over to Gamestop for the supposed "Midnight sale", didn't get off until 1AM, son of a bitches were closed. I'll have to wait until 10 AM. You're food selection is hearty, tasty, and just plain careless, kudos to you. I'll have about 2.5 hours to play the game today.
  18. Blood Storm was my ultimate Mortal Kombat dream, MK Project is a mediocre MK title with millions of pointless clone characters, (a cyborg version of Reptile), stupid.
  19. That's very disappointing, to visit the same YouTube page one time in over a year and a half and see no progress. At this point they should probably go ahead and close down the channel so people can stop wasting their time, constantly questioning the progress of the mugen mod.
  20. I think maybe instead of ALL of them being assholes, which isn't even remotely true, I should reevaluate myself, is everyone really out to get or is it me who's playing the victim?
  21. you sound just as judgemental and closed minded as those you are complaining against. I have many family members who served in all branches of the military and find your generalizing comments despicable. If this is how you interact with those around you, bitter and disrespectful I can understand why you are having a hard time. Very well said, this is mostly the problem that I realized within my everyday methods. This is the main dilemma, I have an undesirable trait that not many can relate to, and I can easily tell myself why my life is the way it is. I am unintentionally and illogically prejudice against people for their accounts of ignorance, I over-analyze small quips made towards me that have no significance, I care about other people's opinions, generally, more than the task at hand, I care about other people's thoughts about me to the point where I can go physiologically unstable, resulting in me not being able to study material, and not being able to mentally pinpoint attention of what actually matters. I am a very pedantic individual.
  22. I read every single post, interestingly enough. The United States Air Force Technical Training, (Tech School), is filled with (6-9 month in service), recruits from all around the country. The majority of these recruits, are 18-22 year old, immature, males and females with Middle School mannerisms and customs. Tech School is not college, but our troops treat it like it is. For instance, on the weekends, a large percentage of people housed in my squadron, look forward to the weekends, to drink underage, drive while under the influence, and have sex. Our entire squadron gets restricted or gets punished due to the despicable choices of a small group of people. I've been in the Air Force for seven months, you have to understand, people in the Air Force are indeed worse than the average civilian, 90% of Air Force recruits join the Air Force because their far too lazy to live real life, so they use this service as a crutch to skip the proverbial, (live in your mother's house, work, get loans, and go to college deal). This is why many of us, (not including myself), are scum of the earth, dick in the dirt feeble-minded.
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