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  1. Talking about versitic and I? Yes, we were discussing Mortal Kombat, you've made it obvious for the second time that you dislike the franchise, you could have simply ignored our conversation like I was going to do yours.
  2. Here's the design for Johnny Cage in DA. Looks fairly mediocre. I did agree with you sometime ago on how you said that all of the characters look like they have the same skeleton / model with different clothing.
  3. How do you feel about the costume designs in Deception, and Deadly Alliance?
  4. You have to remember that Mortal Kombat is an American fighting game franchise, if that makes a difference. Quite frankly, every other popular fighting game is Japan originated. You seem to have a pretty strong opinion on changing just about everything about Mortal Kombat, I should stop combating with you, right nao.
  5. You're missing my point. Capcom designing MK characters, is like Street Fighter characters being designed using Unreal Engine, it's completely asinine. My point isn't that the fatalities are amazing, my point is that you're towards making Mortal Kombat, no longer Mortal Kombat. Every single Mortal Kombat game since 1992 has had blood (except MK Vs. DC, which proves my point), dismemberment, and without that, it is not Mortal Kombat, it's just a generic fighter with nothing different provided. I don't understand why you accept this, it's a stupid idea that should never come to fruition. It's almost as if you're putting Mortal Kombat characters in a Super Smash Bros. game, the art style for Street Fighter does not match it. To be fair, I'm not saying that I would absolutely loathe the game if it came out, but I'm down with putting two things together that match.
  6. This may be true, but that's taking away from what Mortal Kombat is, I don't like when game developers try to adjust one franchise for the other to be balanced, they would be better off just leaving the idea alone. A more arguable approach would be MK VS KI, but since Killer Instinct has a rather small cult following, not many people would care anyhow.
  7. No, we don't need another sub-par TEEN rated Mortal Kombat game, I disagree.
  8. I still can't beleive that people think that MK VS SF is a good idea, MK has blood, SF does not, I didn't think that it would be placed down any simpler.
  9. Or you can install 26 fans like the wanker who took that picture.
  10. I did fail, I am quite an expert at such a thing. But I wasn't specifically referring to the R4 itself, I was referring to a flash cart in general. Personally I use M3 for my DSi, I have a 16 GB SD card, and the DSi is reasonably sized besides the itchy texture it has. I have around 50 different games, I'm basically telling you that I'm a cheapskate who'd rather save money for other things, than video games that I'm going to beat and never play anymore, if I'm not pirating or using Gamefly, I'm not buying games, what I do is completely wrong and unjustified, however me pirating for so long, made me forget what buying a game actually entailed.
  11. I don't like Amaterasu, at least the idea of the wolf being in this game.
  12. That makes sense. I'm just less inclined to watch something someone recommended to me, than if I were to recommend something to myself, as if, I found something on my own and found it interesting. I see watching something someone else recommended a chore, because it's not something that I particularly wanted to do, its like watching it because it's a direct order, I have no other reason to watch Full Metal Alchemist, (which I found bore-some from too much incessant pointless dialogue), other than, 60% of anime watchers in America rated this anime a #30 out of 9,000 different animes. Nothing about the anime attracts me to it in particular, so on my own I would never watch such a thing. Basically my point is, if I didn't choose to watch it on my own whim, I'm watching it on the simple fact of someone else telling me to watch it, (and I do, so when they ask me again I can say, "Yes, I saw that").
  13. Trish is from Devil May Cry, I don't see the problem of leaving character's movesets alone for the most part.
  14. I can't tell you how much time of my life that I've wasted trying to watch some stuff that someone else recommends, not to mention I waste enough time everyday as it is. I watched Cowboy Bebop, all of it, I forced myself to, and I didn't understand why it was so good. It's an annoying process, to watch all of this unappealing stuff just because everyone else deems it so. The same can be said for any other televsion show / anime / film, that everyone loved, that I forced myself to watch.
  15. I don't personally think that I NEED to see such films / anime / anything that are popular in America, it's just another fashion of being a conformist who can't think for him / herself.
  16. There's already thousands of Anime that I haven't seen, thousands of American Films I haven't seen, and people act like I'm the bane of existence because I haven't seen all of this stuff. Quitting Anime. Once you watch an Anime someone recommends, someone else says, "Have you seen this movie / anime?". My reply: "No" Their reply: "Are you serious? You're a failure". Well played.
  17. Yeah. Yes. I didn't pay attention enough to notice any drastic difference as the game progressed. Thanks for reading my review.
  18. * Electronic Arts * Visceral Games * Beat-'Em-Up * Release: Feb 9, 2010 » * ESRB: Mature Dante’s Inferno is a down-right in your face hack and slasher for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PSP. Developed by Visceral Games, the story is labeled from Inferno, the first canticle of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, involving the adventures of a Templar, scythe wielding knight, Dante, as you travel through Hell to obtain the tortured soul of his lover Beatrice from Lucifer. The game tells a story in a matter of in-game cutscenes, along with simple cartoons in-between major events, told from within the sown cross on Dante’s chest. Dante’s Inferno’s lineage is instantly encountered upon the first hour of gameplay. Many reviewers have inevitability compared this game to the God of War series. Bound with a Death Sythe, a Holy Cross, and about four main magic attacks, Dante does not contain much versatility in weapon choice. However, like most hack and slashers, the player has the ability to upgrade his weapon to obtain new combos, health, mana upgrades, and attacks. Revolving around the devil, religion, and repentance, depending on whether or not you decide to either, absolve a withered soul, or punish it, brings your powers into consideration. For instance; you have two vines beside your health bar, one blue, one red. The red vine has around five different thorns, which signifies different unlockable levels of attacks that can be upgraded, and will otherwise show up as faded unobtainable ones. The blue vine does exactly the same. Absolving a soul accrues “holy” (blue), points, which fills your blue vine. The opposite vine, simply the opposite. Most powerups in the Holy category deal with powers that have to do with your Holy Cross, and the red powerups deal with just about everything else. However, absolving or punishing a character more than the other doesn’t necessarily make you evil or good in particular, so there’s absolutely no reason to stay exclusive to any side, since you need both Holy and Undead powers to get the job done at hand. There is no justice system, it is purely experience based. Once an enemy has suffered enough damage, you can press the trigger button to initiate a finisher, similar to just about every other hack and slasher within the last decade. Once this finisher is activated you will have the choice whether to punish or absolve a monster. Absolving involves sending them to Heaven, before this can be achieved, (and everytime you decide to do so), you will have to play a mini-game, where you collect their sins. The more sins you collect, the more soul points you accumulate for your “holy” vine. The mini-game works on a cross which is represented by the four face buttons, once a sin flows over your button, you’ll have to press the button in time to collect that soul, much like the, “Guitar Hero”, system, and once more sins are collected, the faster the sins will move, at the end of sending them to Heaven, the experience points you receive is based on how many sins you collect. Punishing a character just gives you all of the experience points after a gruesome insta-kill. Working more towards describing the gameplay in general, this game borrows just about everything from God of War, whether unintentionally, coincidentally, or intentionally. There is a hit meter that counts the amount of hits you can land without getting hit, or not hitting something for too long before the meter resets. The more combos you can pull off in a chain of dance steps, the more experience points you can gather. The enemies themselves are irritating, seldom challenging, unfair, overpowering, monsters that get in the way most times than not. Much like God of War, some rooms require you to rotate a lever to raise a platform or whatever the case, but you can’t do this while demonic bats, zombie gypsies, and axe wielding minotaurs are trying to attack you. So instead of killing all of the enemies, and then pulling the lever uninterrupted, the game forces you to balance, killing off enemies, and pulling the lever, (in the time that the enemies are re-spawning), which gives you about three seconds of lever pulling. Once the lever is let go, the platform goes back down slowly, so if you try to pull the lever and kill monsters you’ll end up right back to where you were before. It also doesn’t help that the game allows the player to fall in pits of lava that just happen to be around the little land of mud and dirt that combat is taking place on. You can push enemies into the lava to save all of the boundless combat, but sometimes you’ll end up falling in there with them. For some odd reason, while participating in airbone battles, an enemy can barely hit you while in mid-air, you’ll automatically fall in the lava. You don’t even have to be remotely close to it, as the game gravites you towards death. The game strictly operates on cryptic, uninteresting puzzles, at just about every single moment after defeating a mob of enemies. It also incorporates random death traps, and bottomless pits, (this game loves bottomless pits), that you would not otherwise carefully notice without dying in a place more than once. The wall climbing from ropes contains some death traps, like trying to swing a rope to get from point A to point B, while there are fire trappers, blowing fire at you, trying to kill you whilst it happening. Not to mention the random things that happen, the game says, (this platform is going to lower at a fast rate, and without warning you’re going to die). The player will often question, how was I supposed to know this was going to happen? The platforming is abysmal, with Dante’s heavily uncontrollable sporadic jumping animations. In combat the hit detection is slurred, and there’s no camera control at all, (unless I overlooked the options menu). The boss fights have really grotesque character designs, and interesting voice acting, that are all faltered by obscenely repetitive boss battling structures, with unfair instances of, (there’s no way that hit me), because visually it didn’t, the game just said it hit you. Dante is a sentimental warrior who is cascading through undead monsters, and even his relatives, just to get to Beatrice, for of what that seems completely futile. Some parts of the game force you to take control of a gigantic monster, (by impaling it's forehead, another God of War trademark), which is also broken, you have to climb walls and navigate numerous stages with these large incompetent beasts that provide nothing intriguing. The quick time events are the major downfall of this game, they are completely terrible, only considering boss fights. The game requires you to be able to consistently predict when these button prompts are going to appear. Quick time events were never appealing to me, not in Resident Evil 4, not in God of War, not in Uncharted, they do nothing for me except aggravate the suck out of me. This game gives you two seconds to press the right button, or, the right thumbstick direction for this matter, and if you don’t, you’ll die, and instead of coming back to where you were, you go back to the beginning of the boss fights. Some of these boss fights have parts in-between you kicking the actual bosses’ butt, where you fight his or her little minions and these guys have the potential to tear you apart. Blocking and invading are in synchronization, but there’s a delay between evading and blocking, a one second vulnerability that most enemies exploit. Considering most of them have long range attacks, shields, and fast paced dodging the Dante wasn’t built to endure. The graphics themselves are filled with dark brown, fiery red and orange scenery, with extremely disgusting, but also brilliantly created character designs. The structure of this game would stupendous if the God of War series just didn’t exist, but ironically without God of War existing, this wouldn’t either. Dante’s Inferno is God of War’s less attractive, less keen, and less socially engaging brother that not many people tend to prefer. * Story: 7 * Gameplay: 6 * Graphics: 7 * Controls: 7 * Sound: 8 7.23
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