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  1. This is correct, but in no way has this helped me.
  2. Wizard derailing this thread in four words = epic.
  3. Completed Assassin's Creed II, that's enough of that. Back onto Batman AA.
  4. The same can be said for every game that was fine in the past and did not necessarily need some remake.
  5. The counter system is lame only because everyone loves to spam it.
  6. Assassin's Creed 2, getting a bit too comfortable with the game, time for it to go soon.
  7. Creed 2, this game cannot be completed over a weekend.
  8. I really do like TF mode for T6. Although I missed why they took out the good mini-games, along with being able to play past Tekken games, which is non-nonsensical, since the Blu-Ray would be able to hold T, T2, T3, T4, but then again T4, and T5 are too recent to be featured on a PS3 game.
  9. In other words, See my PSP Go, it's brand new, a lot sleeker, and better than your old PSP systems, you fail.
  10. No one's actually played 3 yet either, you have to play the game first, cock suckers.
  11. I really hate it when I can't appreciate a veteran returning because I'm the new guy.
  12. Both companies making their own version is fair, something that many crossovers in the past neglected to do. But then again Namco and Capcom are two massive game companies considered by Japanese consumers.
  13. The storyline of Tekken started to get less interesting once Tekken 4 was released.
  14. Everyone in Dead or Alive looks like a puppet anyways.
  15. Ah yeah, but then again Liu Kang also comes to mind, hence the Mortal Kombat discussion.
  16. That's the problem, see, Fei Long isn't a worthy Bruce Lee homage character, Marshall is. This is the first step in ruining Tekken's history. >_>
  17. Talking about versitic and I? Yes, we were discussing Mortal Kombat, you've made it obvious for the second time that you dislike the franchise, you could have simply ignored our conversation like I was going to do yours. No, I was talking about everyone who even mentioned MK, who was everyone in this thread. Im not trying to be an ass, I am feeling quirky and somewhat confrontational this past week. Failed attempts to be funny I suppose. I actually agree with you. Your talking about the violence that is the staple of MK. Mortal Kombat is its own thing. If one was to incorporate MK into SF it would fundamentally change what mortal Kombat is. You are correct. It would be Street Fighter characters that have Mortal Kombat looks and moves. But in this respect Tekken and SF are very polar.... That isnt the true Kazuya, where as in the Tekken game, it wouldnt be the true Ryu. But again, you seem to have focused on the violence factor, which is understandable and accurate. I liked the MK vs Killer Instinct Idea though... I hadnt thought of that. Mortal Kombat is probably the worst fighting game amongst all others, but I like it because I grew up playing it, Street Fighter came second, however the sound effects for Mortal Kombat and the atmosphere, especially for Mortal Kombat II had me hooked, it was a fighting game like no other. I don't like the idea because I like Tekken much more than Street Fighter, and to see two fighting games come together that aren't even in the same generation, bothers me. All the nostalgic respect I had for Tekken went down the drain when I heard about this.
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